Volante Technologies has been Awarded The Best Payments & Financial Messaging Solutions Global Award for 2021

Volante Technologies | April 06, 2021

Volante Technologies, the international pioneer in cloud payments and financial messaging, reported today that it has received the Cfi. co Global Award for Best Payments & Financial Messaging Solutions for 2021.

The awards program aims to recognize and honor excellence in individuals and organizations, as well as to promote innovative fintech solutions and consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

Volante's emphasis on cloud-native solutions to optimize and automate complex processes in payments and financial messaging, along with the firm's customer-centric style, was one of the main differentiating factors in the award win.

The below are some of the highlights of the panel's final report:

Customers of Volante account for 40% of all commercial bank deposits in the United States and 70% of global card traffic.

Volante has a footprint in 35 countries and a sizable share of the financial sector, with four of the world's top five corporate banks as clients.

Volante has over 100 clients worldwide, all of which have seen project cost savings of almost 62 percent and a 70 percent reduction in the time taken to complete the project.

Volante Technologies CEO Vijay Oddiraju said, "Our goal has always been to provide our customers with innovative and transformative solutions. We work with them to accelerate their modernization journeys, from real-time payments to ISO 20022 migration to cloud payments. In recognition of our achievements, we are honored to have received the Cfi. co Best Payments & Financial Messaging Solutions Global Award for 2021."

About Volante Technologies
Volante Technologies is the world's leading provider of cloud payments and financial messaging solutions to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation. In 35 nations, they are a trusted partner of over 100 banks, financial institutions, market infrastructures, clearinghouses, and corporate treasuries. Every day, their solutions and services process millions of transactions and trillions in value, powering four of the top five multinational banks, 40 percent of all commercial bank deposits in the United States, and 70 percent of global card traffic. As a result of their continuous innovation, their clients can stay ahead of new trends, become more competitive, have better client experiences, and expand their businesses.


The Banking and Financial Service sectors provide significant opportunities for Document Imaging software and hardware including document scanners as this market is currently paper driven and prospects are looking for ways to improve their existing manual processes...

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ZIL MONEY | March 11, 2022

Zil Money Corporation announces its partnership with Fiserv, a global technology provider of financial service solutions. Zil Money, the parent company of, will now offer the lowest cost credit card processing in the industry using Clover Connect. CEO and Founder of Zil Money, Sabeer Nelli states "We will meet or beat any price" when it comes to customers receiving payments using Fiserv solutions. Clover Connect is Fiserv's integration portal that will enable Zil Money customers to transform their software into an ultimate business management tool. Point of Sale systems will be made available to Zil customers to accept payments at lower costs to the business owner and seamlessly track sales with integration to their existing reports all in one place. Clover Connect cleverly uses its slogan "Powerful alone, better together" to emphasize the streamlined businesses' successes with their partners. This integrated payments approach as a solution to better serve Zil Money's current customers creates a more powerful union. Fiserv is one of the largest payments processors worldwide, moving money and information for thousands of financial institutions and millions of individuals and businesses, the company says. Fiserv helps more than 12,000 banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and leasing companies, investment firms, and other business clients deliver financial services. According to their website, they have 1.4 billion accounts on file, working with six million merchant locations, and enable 100 million digital banking users. is a B2B account payable and receivable platform that offers integration with your bank or to open a FDIC insured bank account using their cloud banking options or through their platform. Zil Money offers expense cards, vendor management, cloud-based approval flow, auto reconcile, positive pay, and more. Since 2019, Zil Money has acquired more than 390,000 customers into their platform and processed over $27 billion in transactions. One million beneficiaries of their system stand to gain from their new credit card processing partnership. The partnership between Zil Money and Fiserv will strengthen the platform enabling businesses to process payments using credit solutions that drive sales faster and more efficiently. By adding this new tool, the Company's flagship platform, Online Check Writer, continues to underscore its all-in-one approach for small to medium-sized businesses.

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ixFintech Group Limited Announces Launch of ixWallet 2.0 and Plans to Launch New Asset-backed TeaCoin

ixFintech | December 22, 2021

IX Fintech Group Limited (ixFintech) is honoured to announce the successful integration of privacy identity authentication and post quantum computing security into ixWallet to safeguard users' identity against cybersecurity risk. In Q1 2022, the company also aims to launch ixPoint, the company's first-ever reward point scheme, as well as the first asset-backed TeaCoin. The new version of ixWallet comes with two new indexes: ixBitcoin and ixEthereum. These indexes in combination with ixCrypto Index facilitate easy comparison of the performance of the whole Crypto market versus the performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum. ixWallet 2.0 offers more efficient and flexible KYC (Know Your Customer) processes depending on the users’ needs and usage. “The ixWallet 2.0 marks a momentous milestone in our development journey to provide enhanced protection for our customers’ valuable digital assets. In addition to serving users who want anonymity while satisfying regulators’ requirements on KYC and security, ixWallet 2.0 allows users to choose whether they want to conduct full KYC for regulated activities through its settings,” said Irene Wong, the founder and CEO of ixFintech. This launching event also records a successful collaboration with Polydigi Tech Ltd for its pending patent on the world’s first Anti-Authorised Push Payment (Anti-App) scams and phishing Digital ID authentication s-Factr™ solution and IronCAP, a code-based cryptographic technology by 01 Communique Laboratory Inc as announced in Q2 2021. These technologies are likely to make ixWallet 2.0 the safest digital wallet in the world. The company is also excited to announce the successful completion of the Proof-Of-Concept Project (PoC Project) on the world’s first audited Tea Cake Tokenisation. The Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (FSTB) launched the Fintech Proof-of-Concept Subsidy Scheme (the “PoC Scheme”) aiming to encourage traditional financial institutions (the “FIs”) to partner up with Fintech companies to conduct the PoC Project on innovative financial service products. An asset-backed token is a digital token based on blockchain technology that derives its value based on the underlying asset. Coin holders may benefit from the liquidity and price performance of the token in the secondary market. The TeaCoin was designed with the traditional tea cake in mind and is available on ixWallet 2.0 for users to understand asset tokenisation. In the future, investors can store TeaCoins on ixWallet and this will allow them to safeguard their assets until they need to transfer such assets to another party or use them to redeem a real physical tea cake from the tea company. About IX Fintech IX Fintech Group is a Hong Kong based digital assets award winning company, including HK FinTech Awards, HK FinTech Impetus Awards, IFTA Awards and TADS Awards. The company’s mission is to bridge the traditional finance and new digital finance in a secured and compliant way. In the past 3 years, the Group won awards in different areas including cross boarder payment solution, blockchain technology, wealth management and trading platform etc. IX Fintech Group created a DEFI machine, DAEM (Digital Asset Exchange Machine) and ixWallet both installed with post quantum computing security, and the Bitcoin Lei see, all world’s first in the market. The whole system is truly decentralized, to provide users an “instant trading- instant settled” into clients’ unique wallet new and better experience, eliminating all middle parties default risk. ixWallet 2.0 newly released is a truly distributed ledger wallet that enables users to manage not only cryptos but other kinds of digital assets. Transactions are transparent and can be checked from public proven websites. ixWallet2.0 is protected from phishing. It is equipped with the next generation OTP solution. IX Asia Indexes Company Limited (“IX Asia Indexes”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IX Fintech Group. Aiming to become one of the leading index compilers in Asia, its services in the areas of both real and digital assets cover index consultancy, index design, index calculation and dissemination, and index education. It is missioned to bring transparency and standardization to the digital asset and tokenisation world through building an investment-grade and rules-based benchmarks. IX Asia Indexes launched the award winning ixCrypto Index (IXCI) in 2018, followed by two new Indexes ixBitcoin (IXBI) and ixEthereum (IXEI) Index to complete the ixCrypto Index Series in early 2021. They are currently available in 85 countries via Nasdaq and IX Asia Indexes Company data feed to Bloomberg, Reuters, banks institutions and information vendors. Real time index is disseminated every 15 second interval from Hong Kong Time 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.. An index advisory committee with representation from different industries to ensure the professionality and impartiality of the index methodologies and operations. About Polydigi Tech Following an invitation from the United Kingdom Department of International Trade, Polydigi Tech established its Headquarter in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2019. Polydigi Tech is an innovative cybersecurity company that specialises in cutting-edge identity verification technologies. To counter the ever-growing risk of cyber-threats, Polydigi Tech has developed various patented and patent-pending innovative solutions including mobile phone based multi-factor authentication, biometric authentication, and hardware protection for IoT devices and networks. About 01 Communique Established in 1992, 01 Communique (TSX-V: ONE; OTCQB: OONEF) has always been at the forefront of technology. The Company’s cyber security business unit focuses on post-quantum cybersecurity with the development of its IronCAP™ technology. IronCAP™’s patent-pending cryptographic system is an advanced Goppa code-based post-quantum cryptographic technology that can be implemented on classical computer systems as we know them today while at the same time can also safeguard against attacks in the future post-quantum world of computing. The Company’s remote access business unit provides its customers with a suite of secure remote access services and products under its I’m InTouch and I’m OnCall product offerings.

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DR Bank | May 23, 2022

DR Bank is proud to partner with premium basics brand Bombas through their internal Giving Initiative program by donating 1,000 pairs of Bombas donation socks. Bombas is a comfort-focused, digitally native brand that provides elevated basics and helps those in need. The company was originally founded in 2013 because socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. For every item purchased, a specially designed item is donated to the homeless community. DR Bank chose to donate these socks to two local organizations, Person to Person and New Covenant Center. Person to Person is a Darien, CT based organization that serves lower Fairfield County providing groceries, clothing, care programs, emergency assistance, and more to anyone in need. We are so grateful to DR Bank and Bombas for this wonderful donation. These are beautiful, good quality socks and the people we serve will be so grateful to have them. We applaud this company and all others who commit themselves to giving back to the community." Nancy Coughlin, Chief Executive Officer. The New Covenant Center is a Stamford, CT based organization that provides food and services to the local homeless population. "New Covenant Center is grateful to accept the 500 adult-sized pairs of socks donation from DR Bank and the partnership they have with NYC apparel company, Bombas. DR Bank has been a longtime supporter of New Covenant and we're excited to have them onboard - focusing on our Toiletry Program for our Café clients." John Gutman, Executive Director. To be able to partner with such a socially conscious organization like Bombas to benefit two great local charities, is a wonderful opportunity for the Bank! DR Bank has been giving back to local charities throughout Fairfield County since we opened our doors in 2006 We hope to do much more of this in 2022 and years to come!" John Barbalaco, EVP & Chief Banking Officer. DR Bank DR Bank is headquartered in Darien with a branch in Rowayton. They offer the same customer service and attentiveness of a community bank with the financial services and technology of a larger bank. Whether you're stopping by, or banking on the go, their team of experts are there to help. They are committed to long-term relationships and offer the conveniences and financial services you expect from a larger bank, with the incredible rates, safety, and personal attention you won't find anywhere but home.

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SoFi Launches No-Fee Cryptocurrency Purchases for Direct Deposit Members

SoFi | March 25, 2022

SoFi Technologies, Inc. (“SoFi”), the digital personal finance company, today announced members will now be able to invest part of every direct deposit into cryptocurrency¹ with zero fees². This feature builds on SoFi’s robust offerings for Checking and Savings³ accounts, which already includes no account or overdraft fees, up to two-day early paycheck⁴ and an industry-leading 1.00% annual percentage yield (APY).⁵ Members will be able to set a recurring purchase⁶ for the cryptocurrency of their choice with each paycheck for no purchase fee, investing either by dollar amount or percentage of their deposit, into one of 30 coins. This feature is currently live to all members with both a SoFi Invest®⁷ crypto account and SoFi Checking and Savings account. Crypto investing is rising rapidly. In the last year alone, SoFi doubled the number of investors setting up automatic, recurring crypto purchases, By adding the ability for members to automate crypto purchases right from their paycheck, we’re making it easier than ever for our members to customize how they manage their spending, saving, and investing all in one place to help them get their money right.” Anthony Noto, CEO of SoFi. Alongside no-fee crypto purchasing, SoFi has launched a new online educational center to explain the ins and outs of cryptocurrency to investors. The new center is an ongoing resource to both crypto newbies and seasoned veterans alike throughout their investing journey. This product is the latest expansion of SoFi’s offerings to make it simpler to get started with cryptocurrency investing, including its offering to redeem SoFi Credit Card⁸ points directly into cryptocurrency. These features were created to allow SoFi members to invest when and how they want, all in the same app they can manage their credit card, bank accounts and investments. About SoFi SoFi helps people achieve financial independence to realize their ambitions. Our products for borrowing, saving, spending, investing and protecting give our over three and a half million members fast access to tools to get their money right. SoFi membership comes with the key essentials for getting ahead, including career advisors and connection to a thriving community of ambitious people. SoFi is also the naming rights partner of SoFi Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams.

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The Banking and Financial Service sectors provide significant opportunities for Document Imaging software and hardware including document scanners as this market is currently paper driven and prospects are looking for ways to improve their existing manual processes...