Airbase Announces Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

Airbase, the leading spend management platform for companies from founding to IPO, today announces a native integration with Intuit QuickBooks Desktop. The combination delivers a seamless, automated connection between company spend and the general ledger. This announcement adds to the expanding list of popular GL integrations available with Airbase, including QuickBooks Online and Xero, plus NetSuite and Sage Intacct ERPs.

Airbase’s integrations are native, rather than “indirect” integrations that require a CSV download and upload tool that lengthens the time-to-close and introduces manual processes that can lead to error. This makes Airbase the only spend management company to integrate deeply with all five of the most popular general ledgers.

“Developing deep and fully automated integrations with accounting and workplace software is one of the many things that differentiates Airbase from its competitors. QuickBooks Desktop is one more example of our commitment to creating an excellent user experience for all small to mid-market companies,” said Airbase Founder and CEO, Thejo Kote.

Spend management provides the visibility and control needed to efficiently and safely empower employees to grow their companies. Airbase is the only platform that combines three products — comprehensive bill payments, software-enabled corporate cards, and employee expense reimbursements — and supports them with advanced approval workflows, robust accounting automation, and real-time reporting. This means that with Airbase, every dollar a company spends is captured, accounted for, and managed.

With this new integration, QuickBooks Desktop customers using Airbase can:

  • Shorten their month-end close by handling all AP from one platform with automatic transaction syncing to the GL in real time, including refunds from vendors and cash back generated from virtual cards.
  • Boost efficiency by using reports built on real-time data and optionally generating amortization schedules.
  • Save time and minimize errors by reducing the need for manual data entry, spreadsheets, expense reports, reconciliations, and multiple AP tools.

“Allowing our users to fully and easily customize QuickBooks Desktop with Airbase gives them a superior spend management solution and lets them focus on growing their business instead of chasing transaction details and approvals,” said Kote.

“We know that few vendors have integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, which has left QuickBooks Desktop customers having to make do with workarounds, homegrown solutions, and import/export headaches. We think it's time that changed — at Airbase we’re not going to leave QuickBooks Desktop users behind.”

About Airbase
Airbase is the only comprehensive spend management platform for growing and mid-market companies. It combines all-inclusive accounts payable automation, software-enabled corporate cards, and simplified employee expense reimbursements. Airbase applies consistent approval workflows across all areas, automates accounting, and provides real-time reporting for all non-payroll spend. Innovative accounting automation results in a faster close, better visibility, and true control. Most companies rely on a combination of siloed software products, spreadsheets, and manual workarounds to pay vendors and reimburse employees. Airbase eliminates the resulting messy tech-stack and inefficient processes by replacing products like Expensify and Airbase empowers employees with a uniform approach to spending money, whether that involves corporate card spend, raising a PO, or requesting reimbursement.


For companies doing business globally, there are over 19,000 taxing jurisdictions with different rates, regulations, and requirements. It’s up to businesses to keep up with the latest tax rates and requirements to calculate sales, use, and value added tax (VAT) accurately on every transaction. That’s why many companies solve the

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Digital Banking

Bankjoy Partners with Panacea Financial for Digital Banking Services

Bankjoy | September 13, 2023

Bankjoy, a prominent provider of digital banking services, has officially announced its collaboration with Panacea Financial, a specialized digital financial services firm tailored to medical professionals' banking requirements. With this collaboration, Panacea Financial will enhance the capabilities of its growing clientele, which includes dentists, physicians, and veterinarians, by integrating Bankjoy's advanced digital banking solutions. Tyler Stafford, CFA, CEO and Co-Founder of Panacea Financial, expressed that physicians, whether during their education, training, or active practice, contend with unique financial challenges. The core mission of Panacea Financial is to alleviate the financial stress experienced by doctors, dentists, and veterinarians while managing their finances, and their partnership with Bankjoy is a pivotal component in achieving this goal. Bankjoy's digital platform will enable Panacea's clients to easily manage their personal and practice finances anytime, anywhere. This partnership offers tailored financial support throughout their careers, from education to professional practice. Bankjoy's integration with Panacea's core system via Fiserv Communicator's open, user-friendly interface and ability to integrate with various banking platforms make it an excellent fit for neobanks like Panacea. Michael Duncan, CEO of Bankjoy, highlighted the robust growth in the neobank sector, with transactions expected to hit $4.74 trillion in 2023 and a projected customer base of nearly 377 million by 2027. Panacea Financial is focused on a critical market sector, serving the unique financial needs of healthcare professionals. Bankjoy is proud to partner with them, offering digital banking technology to empower clients to manage their finances and focus on their vital patient care responsibilities. Panacea operates on a national scale as a digital neobank, offering specialized banking services tailored to the distinct requirements of healthcare practitioners. It functions as a subsidiary of Primis, a publicly traded financial institution chartered by the state and affiliated with the FDIC, ranking among the largest banks in Virginia. About Bankjoy Bankjoy, headquartered in Detroit, is a FinTech firm that specializes in providing state-of-the-art banking technology, encompassing mobile banking, online banking, and a banking API, catering to financial institutions of varying sizes, from central banks to credit unions. The company prioritizes crafting aesthetically pleasing products with advanced functionalities, intuitive navigation, a contemporary aesthetic, and world-class user experiences, all meticulously designed through extensive user feedback and interaction. About Panacea Financial Panacea Financial, a subsidiary of Primis Financial Corp., operates as a comprehensive financial services firm serving clients in every U.S. state, including Washington, D.C. Panacea specializes in delivering an extensive range of banking solutions designed to cater exclusively to the unique financial needs of medical professionals, an initiative conceived and developed by individuals with medical expertise themselves.

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CapIntel Introduces OMNI, a Comprehensive Digital Wealth Solution

CapIntel | September 07, 2023

CapIntel has introduced a comprehensive digital wealth management platform called OMNI. This platform's capacity to provide a complete, all-encompassing perspective on their investments makes it easier for financial advisors to offer comprehensive guidance to their clients. OMNI has been created to empower financial advisors, augmenting their client rapport. It is an interactive, user-friendly presentation generation tool that seamlessly incorporates compliance measures and secure sharing protocols. This integration facilitates the simplification of financial discussions, thereby fostering improved decision-making processes for advisors and investors. James Rockwood, Founder and CEO of CapIntel, said, With an ongoing commitment to advancing technology in the financial industry, OMNI sets the stage for a transformational shift in advisor-client and advisor-asset manager conversations. By providing advisors with a comprehensive and interactive presentation tool, OMNI aims to elevate the value proposition of advisors and create an impeccable digital experience for clients. [Source: Cision PR Newswire] He believes the introduction of OMNI would further strengthen the bond between advisors and their clients, ultimately improving their financial outcomes. He emphasized that this release marked a significant milestone in CapIntel's vision to reshape the financial industry and assist advisors in their digital transformation endeavors. The CapIntel platform is centered around creating contemporary, easily accessible, trustworthy, enlightening, and personalized financial presentations. These presentations serve a dual purpose - enabling advisors to demonstrate the significance of human relationships and expertise while enhancing their comprehension of financial objectives and their attainability for retail investors. The forthcoming launch of OMNI represents an occasion for North American advisors to encounter this pioneering platform's capabilities and possibilities directly. About CapIntel CapIntel enhances the overall experience of wealth management professionals and investors through its user-friendly, web-based applications. At the core of the company's mission is elevating personal finance, with a significant focus on nurturing wealth growth through strategic investments while fostering meaningful dialogues between advisors and their clients. CapIntel's platform empowers financial experts to provide transparent, data-driven, and personalized information to their clients, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their investment portfolios and find reassurance in the security of their financial futures.

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Security and Compliance

Opus Partners with Checkmarx to Deliver Enhanced Application Security

PR Newswire | September 29, 2023

Opus, a global leader in payment technology solutions, has concluded a strategic partnership with Checkmarx, an industry leader in providing application security testing. This dynamic collaboration underscores Opus's unwavering commitment to security in the financial sector and represents a significant leap toward delivering unparalleled protection for its global list of clients. Opus recognizes the vital importance of inoculating financial applications against potential vulnerabilities and threats that loom large in the digital era. This partnership combines the technical expertise of Opus in developing differentiated payment offerings with Checkmarx's cutting-edge and comprehensive application security platform. Referring to the pressing need for enhanced security measures in the payments arena, Opus CEO Praveen TM said, "In an environment rife with ever-evolving cyber threats, financial data security is imperative. Opus is on an unrelenting mission to fortify the payment ecosystem. Our partnership with Checkmarx marks a significant milestone in Opus's mission to continually push the envelope and advance the security of the entire payment ecosystem." This partnership further strengthens Opus' positioning as a strategic enabler, empowering clients to seamlessly embrace DevSecOps with Checkmarx's application security platform. The integration will allow Opus privileged access to Checkmarx One's features and advancements, enabling proactive enhancements for its clients' systems. Through proper configuration and automation, Opus' client will be able to identify, prioritize and respond to threats and vulnerabilities based on their business impact. With real-time payments coming to the fore, the role of a robust application security platform is critical. With Checkmarx by our side, we are poised to deliver state-of-the-art security solutions that safeguard the future of finance. Together, we will help organizations accelerate their digital transformation journeys while ensuring that security is embedded into every stage of their application development process, Praveen TM added. About Opus Technologies (formerly Opus Consulting Solutions) Opus Technologies is a global provider of outcome-driven payment strategies. Opus combines its deep technology proficiency with unmatched domain expertise in payments and FinTech to deliver unparalleled quality and value in their work.

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Solutions by Text Offers Innovative Text-Enhanced Payment Offerings

Solutions by Text | October 09, 2023

Solutions by Text (SBT) has officially unveiled the integration of embedded payment capabilities into its FinText platform. To facilitate the execution of these innovative text-based payments, the company has entered into a strategic collaboration with Nuvei Corporation. The introduction of embedded payments by SBT simplifies the entire bill payment process within the text channel, encompassing the whole journey from initiating a payment to its completion. It will offer consumers a faster, more convenient and efficient transaction process in their preferred medium. Consumer finance companies will also enhance customer relationships and streamline billing and receivables management processes. While talking about this, David Baxter, CEO of Solutions By Text, said that the announcement “represents a pivotal moment in SBT's mission to revolutionize the bill pay experience and signals our platform will continue to be at the forefront of consumer bill payment trends, as evidenced by Datos' market research." [Source – Cision PR Newswire] David Baxter further emphasized that embracing embedded payments over text means meeting and exceeding the evolving expectations of customers and their consumers, delivering an experience that drives results and sets the company on a path to continued growth and success in this dynamic market. This launch will bring forth a host of enhancements, including enabling payments through simple keywords such as ‘Pay Now’ for expedited transactions, enhancing automated payment management by diminishing manual workloads and resource optimization and ensuring the security of customer data through secure tokenized PCI-compliant payments, thus bolstering the safeguarding of sensitive information. Additionally, it will facilitate regulatory compliance by leveraging FinText's pre-vetted, carrier-approved messaging templates, ensuring adherence to rigorous industry regulations. About Solutions by Text Solutions by Text, a pioneer in the FinText sector, enables consumer finance companies to engage, interact, and conduct transactions with their consumers in real time. Since its establishment, the company has offered compliance-focused conversational messaging solutions in the enterprise sector. Solutions by Text is committed to realizing its vision of introducing real-time payments to the text-based domain, fostering a seamless and persistent bill payment experience for businesses and their consumers.

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For companies doing business globally, there are over 19,000 taxing jurisdictions with different rates, regulations, and requirements. It’s up to businesses to keep up with the latest tax rates and requirements to calculate sales, use, and value added tax (VAT) accurately on every transaction. That’s why many companies solve the