TicketSocket Collaborates with CoinPayments to Enable Cryptocurrencies and NFTs as Payment Mode

TicketSocket | February 17, 2022

TicketSocket has recently collaborated with CoinPayments to enable TicketSocket customers to use cryptocurrency and NFTs in combination with TicketSocket's NFT ticketing system - Sell NFT Tickets as a payment mode for events instead of cash. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ERC20 Tokens are possibly being used for events payments. Together the companies are leveraging blockchain technology to provide standard modes of payment. The integration will follow the trend with the help of a model similar to what QuiD POS, a payment platform solutions provider, has adopted.

TicketSocket will now accept all cryptocurrencies available on majority exchanges, such as Gemini, Coinbase, and Binance. Apart from this, TicketSocket announces to allow merchants to specify crypto coins to accept for their events admissions. Over this announcement, CoinPayments' CEO Jason Butcher joined and shared his comments. He says, "We are keen to partner with TicketSocket and illustrate the limitless potential CoinPayments provides for merchants worldwide. Our robust and seamless solution will allow TicketSocket customers to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, providing an easier way of conducting business and reaching a broader consumer base.”

The corporation of crypto payments in event planning depicts a substantial shift in B2B and B2C. The massive shift of companies may accumulate an abundance of digital wealth in the future. The companies dealing with hard cash supply can also generate revenue to increase their transactions digitally. In this case, TicketSocket is eventually noting a positive impact—as in January 2022, around seven TicketSocket customers have begun using cryptocurrencies and NFTs as modes of payment. In this way, the company anticipates more of their older and newer customers to follow the new suite of payment faster and sooner. 

We feel that this partnership with CoinPayments is extremely timely in the industry as we simultaneously release support for NFT ticketing, this provides our clients with all the tools they need to be successful and stay cutting edge.”

Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket, also was heard saying,

TicketSocket currently stands as a leading NFT ticketing provider among other providers globally. The partnership of TicketSocket and CoinPayments now allows TicketSocket customers to sell tickets and include registrations for events of all types and sizes into crypto.  Launching the new payment mode and solution will enable buyers to purchase tickets through Fiat or Crypto and obtain a unique NFT. TicketSocket provides this service through a dynamic minting system that delivers 100% original NFTs to buyers.


Effective risk management has always been a pillar of good governance. Yet myriad disruptions over the past several years and their ensuing economic knock-on effects have heightened its importance. Leaders are now being forced to evaluate, monitor and offset a wide range of risks while still capitalizing on opportunities.


Effective risk management has always been a pillar of good governance. Yet myriad disruptions over the past several years and their ensuing economic knock-on effects have heightened its importance. Leaders are now being forced to evaluate, monitor and offset a wide range of risks while still capitalizing on opportunities.

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Pacific Service Credit Union Chooses Lumin Digital to Enhance Its Digital Banking

Pacific Service Credit Union and Lumin Digital | January 20, 2023

On January 19, 2023, Lumin Digital announced that it established a multi-year agreement with Pacific Service Credit Union (Pacific Service CU) in California to promote an improved online banking experience for the latter's almost 70,000 members and assets worth over $1 billion. Lumin's cloud-based online and mobile digital banking platform, set to launch in October, will provide better safety, security features, and seamless digital integration. This would help Pacific Service CU develop tailored experiences by providing personalized suggestions such as spending insights, financial guidance, savings goals, and fraud warnings. Michelle Shelor, Chief Operating Officer of Pacific Service Credit Union, stated, "At Pacific Service CU, we've built a strong reputation for providing world-class products and services for our members." Michelle continued, "Our partnership with Lumin Digital will greatly improve the user experience and back-end processes. We are excited to bring this new technology to our members." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Lisa Daniels, Lumin Digital's Chief Delivery Officer, indicated that Pacific Service CU's members would benefit from the cooperation. In a recent digital-banking analysis from The Financial Brand, U.S. financial leaders foresee four themes for 2023, all of which are Lumin's focus - digital transformation, boosting data and analytics, streamlining the customer journey, and extending digital product and payment capabilities. "Addressing these critical areas hasn't always led to predictable outcomes for financial institutions in the past," Lisa Daniels said. "Lumin's thoughtful approach, experienced implementation teams, and innovative technology stack simplify this process greatly - providing Pacific Service CU with the confidence, security, and engagement they deserve from their digital partner," she concluded. (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Lumin Digital Lumin Digital, a majority-owned subsidiary of a PSCU, provides a cloud-native platform that redefines digital banking for financial institutions. The platform offers a complete and modern integrated suite of capabilities based on the industry's most sophisticated technology and best practices. In addition, through a patented engagement model that enables highly focused, actionable, and distinctive digital interactions, organizations will be able to create excellent user experiences across platforms, enabling more personalized journeys and connected relationships. About Pacific Service Credit Union Pacific Service Credit Union, headquartered in Concord (California), is a full-service financial institution. The company, recognized as a Bay Area Top Workplace from 2019 to 2022, has a talented, cohesive leadership team with an average of over 11 years of service. Meanwhile, San Francisco Business Times has also recognized its corporate generosity over the years, placing it in an elite group of businesses that give away more than 2% of its annual profits.

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Copper Introduces Investment Product for Teenagers to Promote Financial Literacy!

Copper | December 28, 2022

Copper, the premier banking app that teaches teens and children about money and prepares them for future financial success, has expanded to include Copper Investing, a teen-centric Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Copper Investing provides easy-to-use, automated portfolios for kids to learn about (and begin) creating wealth in a secure environment. Its goal is to give teens long-term financial power by offering them real-world learning experiences that would enable them to become better investors and not just make money. Copper goes beyond banking with Copper Investing, the first-of-its-kind platform for teen investing based on education. This comes after Copper held free workshops on money management in over 5,000 high schools across the country. The product gives teens easy-to-use, automated portfolios for investing. This helps them learn about money at a young age and use what they've learned to safely build wealth. Copper thinks that with inflation going up, teens need to learn more than just how to save money. Spending time in the market and being willing to take risks are two of the best ways for teens to build wealth. The company wants to teach them about money so that they can become smart investors. This way, parents can feel safe knowing that their teen's financial future comes first. Copper Investing uses a unique questionnaire based on best practices in the industry to find out how much risk its users are willing to take. Then, it matches them with a finely crafted portfolio that fits within their comfort zone while also taking into account what their parents want. All three of Copper's global equity portfolios don't have any exposure to bonds or cryptocurrencies. Instead, they use a diverse group of low-cost ETFs to offer a good balance between risk and long-term return. Copper has also given about $1 million to over 200,000 people on the Copper Investing waitlist. Copper will invest over $1 million into the first investment and wealth-building accounts of teenagers as soon as the investing product becomes operational. AboutCopper Copper Banking was developed to enable teenagers to obtain real-world financial experience by granting them access to their funds in a way that regular banks cannot. Copper's app and debit card help parents and teens talk about money while also teaching teens how to make smart financial decisions. The company was started with the idea that all teenagers should have equal access to financial education and be able to learn by doing, because it's never too early to be financially responsible.

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Global Fintech SUNRATE Partners with Visa to Offer Virtual Corporate Cards

Sunrate | January 05, 2023

As a part of its online travel service, the fintech company SUNRATE has teamed with Visa to offer virtual corporate cards. With the introduction of virtual corporate cards, SUNRATE's travel stakeholders now have a more streamlined and effective method of making payments to their partners, like airlines and hotels. In addition, close to the end of last year, SUNRATE also shared news of a strategic alliance with Agoda, a global digital travel platform. SUNRATE believes that virtual corporate cards are revolutionizing travel payments. Online travel agencies can set expenditure restrictions, specify usage, and designate vendors using virtual cards. The travel partners of SUNRATE are in charge of allocating and keeping track of expenses. Besides, security is a crucial component of the virtual card. By allowing for a constrained window of use for a single card, technology such as application programming interfaces (APIs) has reduced the risk of card information being misused when presented. SUNRATE said that the company's decision to offer Visa virtual corporate cards is a significant step because it strengthens its position as a one-stop B2B payment partner, especially in the travel industry. After announcing its partnership with Agoda, SUNRATE has worked with many other players in the travel industry, including other OTAs, and is proud of being able to meet all business needs. Visa Business Solutions stated that the partnership's timing is excellent, considering the global rebound of business and leisure travel. Visa supports fintech companies like SUNRATE in their efforts to develop innovative solutions that make it easier for businesses to control their expenditure and make secure and seamless business-to-business payments. About SUNRATE SUNRATE is a global company payment and treasury platform. It is licensed and regulated as a major payment institution by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority, Indonesia's Bank Indonesia, Hong Kong Customs, and Singapore's Monetary Authority. Since 2016, its cutting-edge proprietary platform, vast global network, and robust APIs have helped over 130 firms scale local and worldwide growth.

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