Tender Retail and Blackhawk Network Joined Hands to Expand their Modernized Payment Options

Tender Retail | January 18, 2022

Tender Retail and Blackhawk Network together announced a new venture that will assist retailers in expanding their in-store payment options and modernizing promotional offers and discounts from their customers. Some of the proven additional choices that these market leaders aim to offer for merchants are couponing, Buy Now Pay Later, and cryptocurrency.

Tender Retail has been a middleware payment solutions provider for enterprise retail and quick-service restaurant chains. Blackhawk Network has been a global financial technology company assisting companies with fintech solutions. Together, they will also help retailers streamline in-store operations and initiate terms to lower the cost of payment acceptance.

The agreement on expanding modernized payment solutions has enabled Tender Retail and Blackhawk Network to diversify their existing technology features to provide customers with better buying experiences. With this aim, the market leaders will create solutions around features like Buy Now Pay Later and incorporate alternative payment methods such as digital wallets from providers globally.

Tender Retail and Blackhawk Network have been in partnership since 2006 and deliver prepaid gift card payment integration to enterprise merchants. On this, Greg Whitnell, Executive Vice President of Tender Retail, says, "We are very excited to strengthen our relationship with Blackhawk to continue to develop enhanced payment options and meet the diverse and rapidly changing demands of consumers."

Blackhawk Network has come forward with the step and brings its decades of experience in technology. Through its technical expertise, the market leader will execute solutions for retailers and companies serving consumer products and services. The solution will provide pre-integrated solutions to retailers to track engagement to redemption and target specific or a group of products, facilitate faster payment, and increase revenue generated from discounts and coupons offerings.

As the customer loyalty and retail landscapes adapt to support global consumers in an omnichannel environment, we are proud to be leading the charge of this innovation alongside Tender Retail. We look forward to collaborating to bring new solutions to our network of partners to further shift the retail payments landscape."

Cory Gaines, CPO, Blackhawk Network.


In this month's infographic we look at the shift towards global reflation, the end of quantitative easing and whether political risk is set to return in 2018.


In this month's infographic we look at the shift towards global reflation, the end of quantitative easing and whether political risk is set to return in 2018.

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Flinks announces a major breakthrough in the ability of fintechs and financial institutions to maximize the usability of financial data

Flinks | October 01, 2021

Flinks, a leading financial data analytics and connectivity platform, today unveils the biggest update of its top-shelf data enrichment engine since its initial launch just over two years ago. With this new release, Flinks Enrichment can now be deployed on top of data from other open banking providers as well as financial institutions' very own data assets. "This is a major breakthrough in fintech and financial institutions' ability to drive positive outcomes using the data at their disposal," explains Flinks' CEO Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf. "If data connectivity is the oil wells and pipelines of our times, Flinks Enrichment is the tailor-made refinery. This will prove critical as customers start expecting increasingly higher returns when they consent to share data." Flinks Enrichment enables fintechs and financial institutions to convert raw financial data into meaningful, actionable insights. Once deployed, it can provide over 1800 different insights that help analyze customers' income, credit and fraud risk factors, and other key aspects of their financial profiles. The insights come in a standardized format designed for decision-making, empowering analysts, underwriters, data scientists, and innovators of all kinds. Additionally, Flinks' industry-leading no-code platform enables startups and small teams to use Enrichment as an out-of-the-box solution. Practical applications of Enrichment have demonstrated that: Fintech lenders are able to pioneer more inclusive credit products for consumers with little to no credit history, by testing and implementing new risk factors in their underwriting process. Retail lenders can digitize their application process, which eliminates the need for customers to provide paper supporting documents and allows them to receive the financing they're seeking nearly instantly. Innovative fintech startups can develop their products based on accurate financial profiles of their users, which would otherwise have only been possible by investing heavily in data science. About Flinks Flinks is the financial data layer powering the internet. Trusted by millions of individuals accessing financial services at world-class companies, Flinks enables businesses to connect to their customers' financial accounts, enrich this data, and utilize it to deliver better digital products. Serving innovators in lending, fintech, digital banking, asset management and insurance, Flinks is quickly becoming a global leader in financial data connectivity and analytics. To learn more, visit

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Shift4 Deals with Finaro to Pave the Way for Global Cryptocurrency Expansion

Shift4 | March 03, 2022

Shift4, a leading integrated payment and technology solutions provider, announces that it will acquire Finaro, a popular cross-border eCommerce payments provider, and The Giving Block, a specializer in cryptocurrency fundraising for nonprofits. These acquisitions are Shift4’s ambitious goals to pursue a multi-trillion-dollar marketplace worldwide. The marketplace includes stadiums, eCommerce, restaurants, gaming, hospitality, charitable donations, specialty retail to accelerate growth in the future. These two acquisitions build on the momentum from our recent investor day and underscore our aggressive efforts to deliver a unified commerce experience across the world. These deals clearly show our ability to support existing transformational and global customers like SpaceX Starlink& St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and provide real right-to-win additional customers across the nonprofit vertical. It also represents an exciting and responsible step towards further embracing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.” Jared IsaacmanShift4 CEO With these developments, Finaro will provide the global infrastructure with the help of cutting-edge technology that will be further needed to drive Shift4’s international ambitions to deliver a unified commerce experience for customers. Therefore, by integrating the capabilities of Finaro, Shift4 can expand the company’s current services worldwide, including SkyTab POS solution, VenueNext stadium offering, and Shift4Shop eCommerce platform. In this way, Shift4 may also gain more international prominence and might strike with immediate international opportunities from the acquisition. Further to this, Shift4 will also invest in The Giving Block’s successful strategy as it operates as the leading crypto donation marketplace with donors with over 1,300 nonprofit organizations. This acquisition also gets a team of cryptocurrency & blockchain technical talent. The team will establish a Crypto Innovation Center at Shift4 and integrate crypto acceptance and settlement capabilities across the current offerings of Shift4 in a wide range of verticals. “Cryptocurrency is quickly moving beyond early adoption and becoming increasingly mainstream as more people want to invest, transact and donate in crypto. We intend to be at the forefront of this movement and leverage The Giving Block technology across the entire Shift4 enterprise, ” stated Isaacman.

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GoTab and Mastercard to Jointly Boost the Digital Checkout Experience

GoTab | April 04, 2022

GoTab, a restaurant commerce platform, announced its partnership with Mastercard to transform the digital payment experience. The venture is for hospitality venues across the U.S. through the implementation of Click to Pay – a payment solution. This solution will boost the payment track by eliminating the need to enter card details manually and create an easy checkout process. Click to Pay offers customers more convenient and secure guest checkout experience devices. Mastercard Click to Pay is built on EMV Secure Remote Commerce industry standards. This makes it easier and safer to checkout for consumers without remembering passwords or manually entering card details every time. Therefore, with a payment platform that’s embedded into checkout, consumers can manage their card details with the help of secure profile details, including name, address, and location. Mastercard also uses tokenization to encrypt personal information. This helps consumers shop with peace of mind with minimum chances of reducing fraud and false declines. We endeavor to assist our operators in improving the guest experience, Mastercard Click to Pay is the ideal solution for making the checkout process simpler, faster, and completely seamless. As we prepare to process $1 billion in GMV by 2022, we are honored to collaborate with Mastercard to provide our operators with a safe and enjoyable guest experience.” GoTab CEO Tim McLaughlin. GoTab recently introduced Click to Pay at Stone Brewing locations in California and Virginia. We've had a very successful run with GoTab and Mastercard Click to Pay across all of our taprooms and bistros. Our guests were already big GoTab fans, but the convenience and security of Click to Pay improved the payment experience even more." Gregg Frazer, Stone Brewing's Vice President of Hospitality. GoTab began in 2016 as an e-commerce solution for on-premise ordering. It has evolved into a comprehensive restaurant commerce platform, complete with POS, kitchen operations, and delivery capabilities. GoTab, by its proper cloud-based solution, allows guests to order and pay directly from their smartphone without downloading an app or creating a password. Operators can also rely on GoTab's POS, contactless ordering and payment features, and kitchen management systems (KMS) to run efficient and profitable operations. The entire GoTab POS system is easily integrated and works with a plethora of best-of-breed solutions to maintain a focus on the core real-time operational experience.

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