Tender Retail and Blackhawk Network Joined Hands to Expand their Modernized Payment Options

Tender Retail | January 18, 2022

Tender Retail and Blackhawk Network together announced a new venture that will assist retailers in expanding their in-store payment options and modernizing promotional offers and discounts from their customers. Some of the proven additional choices that these market leaders aim to offer for merchants are couponing, Buy Now Pay Later, and cryptocurrency.

Tender Retail has been a middleware payment solutions provider for enterprise retail and quick-service restaurant chains. Blackhawk Network has been a global financial technology company assisting companies with fintech solutions. Together, they will also help retailers streamline in-store operations and initiate terms to lower the cost of payment acceptance.

The agreement on expanding modernized payment solutions has enabled Tender Retail and Blackhawk Network to diversify their existing technology features to provide customers with better buying experiences. With this aim, the market leaders will create solutions around features like Buy Now Pay Later and incorporate alternative payment methods such as digital wallets from providers globally.

Tender Retail and Blackhawk Network have been in partnership since 2006 and deliver prepaid gift card payment integration to enterprise merchants. On this, Greg Whitnell, Executive Vice President of Tender Retail, says, "We are very excited to strengthen our relationship with Blackhawk to continue to develop enhanced payment options and meet the diverse and rapidly changing demands of consumers."

Blackhawk Network has come forward with the step and brings its decades of experience in technology. Through its technical expertise, the market leader will execute solutions for retailers and companies serving consumer products and services. The solution will provide pre-integrated solutions to retailers to track engagement to redemption and target specific or a group of products, facilitate faster payment, and increase revenue generated from discounts and coupons offerings.

As the customer loyalty and retail landscapes adapt to support global consumers in an omnichannel environment, we are proud to be leading the charge of this innovation alongside Tender Retail. We look forward to collaborating to bring new solutions to our network of partners to further shift the retail payments landscape."

Cory Gaines, CPO, Blackhawk Network.


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Usio, Inc. informed on January 31, 2023, that its exclusive partner, MoviePass, witnessed rising demand across the country, allowing it to expand its market penetration from 3 cities to 9 across the United States and sign strategic partnerships. MoviePass uses Usio's proprietary prepaid card issuing platform and a unique external authorization engine to fund transactions for the MoviePass debit card. Louis Hoch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Usio, said, "We had no idea of the power that MoviePass's brand held until we witnessed MoviePass signing up almost 800,000 beta clients in five days and believe that demand will not stop there. Stacy and his leadership team have generated so much interest from people across the country that they've had to increase the number of cities in which MoviePass will initially launch from three to nine." He continued, "We're extremely pleased to serve them and their card holders with the most innovative prepaid card issuing technology on the market, specifically our external authorization capability, allowing MoviePass to fund prepaid cards the moment a customer redeems credits for a movie within the MoviePass ecosystem, allowing for greater funding control and spend management." (Source – Business Wire) Stacy Spikes, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MoviePass, remarked, "Due to the increasing demand for our platform and as fans across the country return to the movies, we're continuing to add new cities across the U.S. on a regular basis, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Tampa Bay. When demand increases, so does the workload. That's why it is vitally important for MoviePass to have partners like Usio who can afford us the best opportunity to scale, through their technology as well as their customer service and success teams, to deliver an incredible user experience on our platform." "Without Usio, we wouldn't be able to continually add new cities to our launch list and have the competitive advantage we do in the marketplace," he concluded. (Source – Business Wire) About Usio Usio, Inc., based in San Antonio (Texas), offers a variety of payment solutions to merchants, billers, banks, service bureaus, crypto exchanges, and card issuers. It provides easy, world-class credit, debit/prepaid, and ACH payment processing platforms to clients. Usio Output Solutions provides electronic bill presentation, document composition, deconstruction, printing, and mailing services. The company's innovative prepaid technology and customized card issuance, payment acceptance, and bill payment solutions make it strong.

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The broker-dealer subsidiary of ViewTrade Holding Corporation, ViewTrade Securities, Inc., announced the launch of its carrying broker services. This expands ViewTrade Holding Corporation's already robust B2B2C technology and services offerings, which are used by a variety of international customers, including broker-dealers, registered investment advisors (RIAs), and Fintechs. The financial services clients of ViewTrade Securities now have the option of opening accounts with clearing firms, brokers, and bank custodians connected to ViewTrade's technology, using carry broker technology to carry their own customer accounts, or having ViewTrade Securities, Inc. open, maintain, and bring their customer accounts directly to create an even more seamless and affordable customer experience of integrated services. Brokerage firms exist to assist their clients in bringing together two sides for trade, bringing buyers and sellers together at the most incredible price feasible for each, and extorting a commission for their service. Full-service brokerages provide extra services like research and advice on various financial products. ViewTrade offers financial services clients the technology, support, and brokerage services necessary to swiftly begin or improve a retail investment experience. ViewTrade is dedicated to providing simple, affordable solutions, and its product and service innovation is driven by customer needs and created in collaboration with its financial services clients. About ViewTrade ViewTrade powers global fintech and cross-border investing. It helps business innovators launch or improve retail investing with technology, support, and brokerage services. Its approach has helped over 300 firms, from tech startups to large banks, brokers, and advisors, differentiate customer investment experiences. The company helps business clients with investment access and financial solutions in over 20 countries. Meanwhile, Orbis Systems and ViewTrade Securities are owned by ViewTrade.

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SUNRATE, a leading global fintech firm, announced today that it has successfully integrated Mastercard Cross-Border Services into its intelligent global payment and treasury management platform thereby, enhancing its customers' worldwide cross-border payment capabilities. Mastercard Cross-Border Services integration is the latest expansion of the two firms' ongoing global partnership. In 2020, SUNRATE secured the Mastercard principal membership, providing the company with direct access to Mastercard's leading global payments network and resources. Mastercard Cross-Border Services facilitates businesses to send and receive money safely and confidently through a single, secure point of access. SUNRATE's successful integration implies that its clients can send money to five designated Asian nations, including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China. SUNRATE Head of Product, Qincheng Wang, stated, "We have a vision for SUNRATE to be the go-to B2B payment and treasury management platform, especially for emerging markets. As such, the flexibility brought about by Mastercard Cross-Border Services, such as the capability to make cross-border payments to the most popular and emerging markets worldwide is something that our customers are very excited about. Our collaboration with Mastercard will allow our customers to focus on what is more important in their scaling journey, such as localization efforts and potentially establishing new revenue streams for their businesses." (Source – PR Newswire) "Mastercard is pleased to further its collaboration with SUNRATE via its Cross Border Services solution, enriching SUNRATE's remittance service in a faster, safer, more transparent and cost-effective way. Mastercard Cross Border Services reaches over 100 markets and 90% of the world's population and this partnership will continue to expand in hopes of enhancing the cross-border service for businesses," said Helena Chen, Managing Director, Hong Kong and Macau, Mastercard. (Source – PR Newswire) About SUNRATE Founded in 2016, SUNRATE is a global payment and treasury management platform for enterprises worldwide. It has been recognized as a leading solutions provider, enabling companies in over 130 countries to accelerate local as well as global growth through its cutting-edge proprietary platform, broad global network, and robust APIs. Headquartered in Singapore and offices in Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and China, SUNRATE collaborates with the world's leading financial institutions, including Standard Chartered, Citibank, and Barclays, and is a Mastercard and Visa principal member.

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