Solutions by Text Offers Innovative Text-Enhanced Payment Offerings

Solutions by Text Introduces Text-Enhanced Payment Offerings

Solutions by Text (SBT) has officially unveiled the integration of embedded payment capabilities into its FinText platform. To facilitate the execution of these innovative text-based payments, the company has entered into a strategic collaboration with Nuvei Corporation.

The introduction of embedded payments by SBT simplifies the entire bill payment process within the text channel, encompassing the whole journey from initiating a payment to its completion. It will offer consumers a faster, more convenient and efficient transaction process in their preferred medium. Consumer finance companies will also enhance customer relationships and streamline billing and receivables management processes.

While talking about this, David Baxter, CEO of Solutions By Text, said that the announcement “represents a pivotal moment in SBT's mission to revolutionize the bill pay experience and signals our platform will continue to be at the forefront of consumer bill payment trends, as evidenced by Datos' market research."

[Source – Cision PR Newswire]

David Baxter further emphasized that embracing embedded payments over text means meeting and exceeding the evolving expectations of customers and their consumers, delivering an experience that drives results and sets the company on a path to continued growth and success in this dynamic market.

This launch will bring forth a host of enhancements, including enabling payments through simple keywords such as ‘Pay Now’ for expedited transactions, enhancing automated payment management by diminishing manual workloads and resource optimization and ensuring the security of customer data through secure tokenized PCI-compliant payments, thus bolstering the safeguarding of sensitive information. Additionally, it will facilitate regulatory compliance by leveraging FinText's pre-vetted, carrier-approved messaging templates, ensuring adherence to rigorous industry regulations.

About Solutions by Text

Solutions by Text, a pioneer in the FinText sector, enables consumer finance companies to engage, interact, and conduct transactions with their consumers in real time. Since its establishment, the company has offered compliance-focused conversational messaging solutions in the enterprise sector. Solutions by Text is committed to realizing its vision of introducing real-time payments to the text-based domain, fostering a seamless and persistent bill payment experience for businesses and their consumers.



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