KyckGlobal and PayFlo Joined Hands to Offer Digital Disbursements for US and Canadian Businesses

KyckGlobal | February 11, 2022

KyckGlobal and PayFlo announced their partnership to fulfill their aim of expanding PayFlo's digital disbursement options for its customers in the United States and Canada. KyckGlobal has been a prominent financial technology firm specializing in streamlined digital payments. While PayFlo has been a leading provider in physical check fulfillment services in North America.

KyckGlobal offers a cloud-based payments engine and has fifteen payment types. The users can select payment types for their needs. With this partnership, customers worldwide can get access to different payment methods. In fact, the platform enables businesses and banks to reach their customers across borders seamlessly. Payflo will deliver an array of payment processing services for businesses, which includes Checkflo, a cloud-based service.  Checkflo enables SMEs and giant corporate companies to automate and outsource their physical check processing, printing, and disbursement of money faster and seamlessly.

In addition, KyckGlobal will also provide a technology layer through API integration to enhance PayFlo's prevailing array of payment methods. New payment types from PayFlo will also include Venmo, PayPal, push-to-card, and numerous other cross-border solutions. The solutions such as international ACH, push-to-account, wires, and others. All these payments will originate from PayFlo's single point of reconciliation, having integrated reporting and optimized payer and payee experiences. PayFlo will further serve as the provisioner of physical checks issued from the KyckGlobal platform under the partnership agreement.

As soon as the news came out, it included valuation insights from the founder and CEO of KyckGlobal, Ashish Bahl. He says, "KyckGlobal believes that inclusivity is a critical ingredient in the recipe for success in cross-border commerce. We're excited to work with PayFlo to deliver unprecedented customer reach."

We believe that this new capability will help us meet our customers' demand for secure, compliant and timely digital disbursements options alongside the physical check payments. We are happy to partner with KyckGlobal to meet new customer demands and expectations in the future."

Rob Sigal, President & CEO of PayFlo Inc


inDinero helps business owners manage their finances and solve real world problems every day.  We are a global firm with an entirely new approach to accounting - we’re shaking up the status quo and creating what’s next for the industry.  inDinero is on a mission to reinvent small business accounting, helping our clients understand their finances like never before.  Our clients rave about our flat monthly pricing model and our stunning financial dashboard that puts their accounting needs all in one place.  Welcome to tomorrow and the future of accounting!


inDinero helps business owners manage their finances and solve real world problems every day.  We are a global firm with an entirely new approach to accounting - we’re shaking up the status quo and creating what’s next for the industry.  inDinero is on a mission to reinvent small business accounting, helping our clients understand their finances like never before.  Our clients rave about our flat monthly pricing model and our stunning financial dashboard that puts their accounting needs all in one place.  Welcome to tomorrow and the future of accounting!

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Bookkeeper360 Introduces QuickBooks Online and Pay-as-you-Go Accounting Integration

Bookkeeper360, Intuit QuickBooks | May 31, 2021

The ability to handle a company's accounting and back-office in a straightforward, headache-free manner can free up a lot of time and energy for a small and medium-sized business. Bookeeper360, which has had five-star ratings for over a decade, certainly fits the description. The firm recently announced that the Bookkeeper360 App now connects with QuickBooks Online (QBO), increasing its possibilities to millions of small companies who use QBO to handle their accounts. Bookkeeper360 has also been recognized as an approved integration in the Intuit QuickBooks App Store, joining hundreds of technological solutions that assist small companies worldwide. Users of the app have reacted positively to the improved integration and access to real-time information. These insights and company performance dashboards include cash flow analytics, payroll data with Gusto integration, and the opportunity to contact accounting professionals all from within the Bookkeeper360 App. The Founder and CEO of Bookkeeper360, Nick Pasquarosa comments while announcing, "We are quite excited about being integrated with QuickBooks Online, which joins Xero and Gusto, as leading online accounting and payroll solutions Bookkeeper360 directly integrates with. The Bookkeeper360 App is actively being used by hundreds of small businesses who rely on the App to make business decisions daily.” Bookkeeper360 is also introducing a new Pay-as-you-go accounting service. Starting at $99 per hour, small companies may join up online and be linked with an accountant to handle all aspects of bookkeeping, back-office, consulting, and tax support. Pay-as-you-go accounting allows small companies to request services, manage projects in progress, and view their account balance within the App. "Finding expert accounting advice has always been a challenge for business owners, and here at Bookkeeper360, our mission is to change that. Pay-as-you-go accounting is designed to be similar to popular apps such as Uber and Starbucks, where a user has end-to-end transparency of what is being requested, the costs, and expected time of delivery" Explains Nick Pasquarosa, Founder and CEO of Bookkeeper360. Since the beginning of 2021, the Bookkeeper360 App has received weekly product updates that include file management, an onboarding wizard to assist clients in starting up with Bookkeeper360 services, task management, as well as a "Unreconciled Transactions" feature to hopefully prevent common bookkeeping errors. The Bookkeeper360 App was recently utilised to determine if customers were qualified for the Small Business Administration's second batch of Paycheck Protection Program loans. The development plan is vast, with additional features and integrations set to be released soon. About Bookkeeper360 Bookkeeper360 is a fintech accounting solution for small businesses. Bookkeeper360's product offerings include SaaS business intelligence tools and tech-enabled accounting, advisory, back-office, payroll, and tax services provided by its 100% U.S. Based team of CPAs and accounting experts.

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A New Partnership: Kasta and Ralph Boschungto Bring Formula Racing and Digital Currencies Together

Kasta | February 21, 2022

Kasta and Ralph Boschung announced bringing the brand to formula racing as part of the company's scaleup strategy. Kasta is the next-generation Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform, and Ralph is a member of the Campos Racing team and winner of the GP3 Series. In addition, Ralph is a big supporter of crypto adoption and an early believer in the Kasta team. Kasta is building an app for users to make it easier for users to make crypto payments in their daily lives. The application is likely to launch in the second quarter of this year. The project is going to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The adoption would occur, simplifying sending and receiving assets—the $Kasta token powers the Kasta Ecosystem. On this, Ralph Boschung F2 Driver says, "I'm thrilled to admit Kasta as a sponsor for my Formula 2 world championship season in 2022. Formula 2 is about speed, innovation, and technology; I genuinely believe that Kasta and Formula 2 merges on this aspect and make the partnership very fruitful. When Kasta CEO Carl Roegind first approached about the fantastic partnership, he rejected the offer in FIAT as he couldn’t justify the expense. But, later, he was pleasingly surprised when he accepted the offer. F2 has a global community and is the perfect event for us to be involved with. It exposes Kasta to a large audience worldwide that values technology and performance. The opportunity also means our team will be on the ground at races this year, showing off and onboarding users; the exposure will be amazing. More to Ralph, I have known him for some time, and he will be a great ambassador for the brand. I wish him well on track this year, and I am sure the whole team will join me in cheering him on every race." Carl RoegindKasta CEO According to the partnership, the Kasta team will be attending Formula 2 and Formula 1 racing events to present the Kasta app and onboard fans this year. F2 is a fantastic sport for Kasta. It can align itself with the growing worldwide crypto community. Kasta branding will be showcased on the cars driven by Ralph Boschung the entire year. It will help Kasta advance its momentum and popularity in the future. The team at Kasta is excited about the sponsorship. The deal was enabled by Carl Roegind, who is working thoroughly to execute a smooth operation for all parties and individuals involved.

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Cambridge Global Payments Launches Enhanced Version of Application Programming Interface Platform

Cambridge Global Payments | November 20, 2020

Cambridge Global Payments, a FLEETCOR organization and a supplier of incorporated cross-border payments and currency risk management solutions, is pleased to declare it is dispatching an upgraded rendition of the Application Programming Interface (API) stage that will open it up for outsider and software designers around the globe. The most recent rendition of the central stage, Payments API 2.0, will help extend the designer experience, by helping engineers to make new and better-installment items quicker. The assortment of APIs offered by Cambridge's open API suite are utilized to encourage unfamiliar trade and homegrown payments. The suite gives money spot and forward abilities to endorsed clients and hearty recipient endpoints that brief for material administrative information necessities dependent on the objective of installment. “As a customer-centric organization, Cambridge continues to make enhancements based on customer consultations to ensure we remain top of mind in the fintech space,” said Daniil Saiko, Director of Technical Sales, Cambridge Global Payments. “We like to think of ourselves as part of the fabric of the payments ecosystem. We are constantly improving our technology to ensure Cambridge is an important part of the infrastructure of payments, and that we are consistently well positioned for growth.” Cambridge's open APIs offer snappy and straightforward admittance to 145+ monetary forms, in-nation conveyance to 117 nations, alongside adding highlights that we foresee will improve productivity, diminish blunder rates and their related expenses. Moreover, Cambridge's open APIs assist engineers with making an upgraded client and customer experience all through the whole life pattern of the installment. They likewise make it feasible for fintech suppliers to incorporate their applications with their customers' current business frameworks in consistence with industry standard security conventions and make it simple for designers to give modified outsider applications to their items. “Cambridge aims to constantly improve the API platform within the payments space,” adds Saiko. “The more functionality and data we can provide to our customers within the platform, the better.” About Cambridge Global Payments Cambridge Global Payments, a FLEETCOR company, is a provider of integrated cross-border payment services and currency risk management solutions. As a trusted partner for more than 25 years, Cambridge delivers innovative solutions designed to mitigate foreign exchange exposure and address unique business needs. Our award-winning capabilities and industry-leading technologies simplify the way businesses connect with the global marketplace. As one of the largest bank-independent providers globally, we are flexible and responsive, with offices and applicable licensing and regulatory approvals across North America, Europe, and Australia.

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