KyckGlobal and PayFlo Joined Hands to Offer Digital Disbursements for US and Canadian Businesses

KyckGlobal | February 11, 2022

KyckGlobal and PayFlo announced their partnership to fulfill their aim of expanding PayFlo's digital disbursement options for its customers in the United States and Canada. KyckGlobal has been a prominent financial technology firm specializing in streamlined digital payments. While PayFlo has been a leading provider in physical check fulfillment services in North America.

KyckGlobal offers a cloud-based payments engine and has fifteen payment types. The users can select payment types for their needs. With this partnership, customers worldwide can get access to different payment methods. In fact, the platform enables businesses and banks to reach their customers across borders seamlessly. Payflo will deliver an array of payment processing services for businesses, which includes Checkflo, a cloud-based service.  Checkflo enables SMEs and giant corporate companies to automate and outsource their physical check processing, printing, and disbursement of money faster and seamlessly.

In addition, KyckGlobal will also provide a technology layer through API integration to enhance PayFlo's prevailing array of payment methods. New payment types from PayFlo will also include Venmo, PayPal, push-to-card, and numerous other cross-border solutions. The solutions such as international ACH, push-to-account, wires, and others. All these payments will originate from PayFlo's single point of reconciliation, having integrated reporting and optimized payer and payee experiences. PayFlo will further serve as the provisioner of physical checks issued from the KyckGlobal platform under the partnership agreement.

As soon as the news came out, it included valuation insights from the founder and CEO of KyckGlobal, Ashish Bahl. He says, "KyckGlobal believes that inclusivity is a critical ingredient in the recipe for success in cross-border commerce. We're excited to work with PayFlo to deliver unprecedented customer reach."

We believe that this new capability will help us meet our customers' demand for secure, compliant and timely digital disbursements options alongside the physical check payments. We are happy to partner with KyckGlobal to meet new customer demands and expectations in the future."

Rob Sigal, President & CEO of PayFlo Inc


How? By scaling your analytics — with the help of automation, of course. Others have already done it, and this whitepaper lays out the challenges they’ve faced as well as the successful steps they’ve taken. Find out: How, and why, you could miss out on crucial information for your next decision The biggest likely barrier to acce


How? By scaling your analytics — with the help of automation, of course. Others have already done it, and this whitepaper lays out the challenges they’ve faced as well as the successful steps they’ve taken. Find out: How, and why, you could miss out on crucial information for your next decision The biggest likely barrier to acce

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Peach Finance Joins Mastercard Engage Partner Network to Help Lenders Develop Installments Solutions

Peach | December 12, 2022

Peach Finance, the leading modern loan management and servicing technology platform, today announced that it has joined the Mastercard Engage Partner Network as a fintech enabler to help bring consumers more payments choices. The partnership is currently focused on supporting lenders in developing buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions leveraging the Mastercard Installments program. BNPL is growing rapidly, with a projected e-commerce transaction value of $7.2T by 2025. But one of the barriers to growth in the space has been the challenge of merchant acceptance—BNPL providers must build merchant acceptance relationships one by one. Mastercard has helped solve this problem by developing a BNPL solution that’s available everywhere Mastercard is accepted. The new Mastercard Installments program brings scale, flexibility and simplicity to the BNPL space by helping banks, lenders, wallets and fintechs get to market faster—all with the security and peace of mind that come with Mastercard. As a qualified Engage partner, Peach will provide issuers in the Mastercard network the servicing technology they need to quickly launch highly flexible programs using Mastercard Installments. An additional barrier to BNPL growth has been the challenge of launching newer lending constructs like BNPL on legacy servicing technology. That’s where modern servicing solutions like Peach can help. Peach’s platform is agnostic to asset class, enabling lenders to offer virtually any type of lending program, including novel constructs. “Servicing technology is arguably the most critical component of the lending tech stack, When novel lending constructs arise, a lender’s servicing tech can either be a competitive advantage or a hindrance. That’s why we designed Peach’s platform around an Adaptive Core, which gives lenders the flexibility to launch virtually any loan type in any asset class and continually refine their lending programs at scale.” -Russell Braden, Peach’s VP of Product Braden continued: We’re proud to be part of the Mastercard Engage network, where we can offer our modern platform and deep BNPL expertise to many of today’s top lending innovators. We believe that unlocking lending innovation is fundamentally good for borrowers and for the financial industry, and our partnership with Mastercard has the potential to significantly accelerate this innovation. Peach’s platform is designed to help lenders launch and scale modern lending products. Peach provides a loan management system, an integrated suite of servicing tools and Compliance Guard™, a proprietary compliance monitoring system. Unlike other lending technology platforms, Peach gives lenders full configurability both at launch and at scale so they can adapt to evolving technologies, markets, regulations and customer preferences. The Mastercard Engage Partner Network is a global program that identifies and qualifies tech enablers that can help Mastercard customers implement products and services faster and easier. About Peach Peach Finance is a cloud-native, API-first lending technology platform that helps fintechs and traditional financial institutions quickly launch new lending programs. Peach is the only lending platform built on an Adaptive Core™. The company’s fully integrated suite of API-based products includes a loan management system that supports virtually any asset class and features 200+ configuration variables; a suite of proprietary servicing tools, including a lending-specific CRM, borrower portal, agent portal, payment processing, communications, reporting and first-party collections tools; and Compliance Guard™, a proprietary compliance monitoring system. Peach was built by leaders from top fintechs like Affirm, Avant and Prosper, who set out to create the most configurable, robust, compliance-forward and future-proof lending platform in the market. Peach’s mission is to improve lives by giving every lender the power to innovate.

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Nuvei Signs a Definitive Agreement to Acquire Paya

Nuvei and Paya | January 16, 2023

Nuvei Corporation, a Canadian fintech company, and Paya Holdings Inc., a leading U.S. provider of integrated payment and commerce solutions, have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Paya at USD 9.75 per share for approximately $1.3 billion in cash. Philip Fayer, Nuvei's Chair and Chief Executive Officer, said, "The proposed acquisition of Paya is a powerful next step in the evolution of Nuvei, creating a preeminent payment technology provider with strong positions in global eCommerce, Integrated Payments and business-to-business (B2B)." He further stated, "The proposed transaction will combine two people-first, technology-led, high-growth payment platforms. It will accelerate our integrated payment strategy, diversify our business into key high-growth, non-cyclical verticals with large addressable end markets and enhance the execution of our growth plan." (Source- Globe Newswire) The strategic rationale and benefits of the transaction are as follows: It improves Nuvei's capability to capitalize on high-growth integrated payment opportunities Expands Nuvei's business over non-cyclical, high-growth, underpenetrated end markets with substantial estimated TAMs. Increases Nuvei's reach into the booming B2B market Develops Nuvei's growth plan Strengthens Nuvei's strong financial profile Nuvei's purchase of Paya is expected to close by the end of the first quarter of 2023. The purchase price is 25% above the closing price on January 6, 2023. The company will finance the transaction using cash, existing credit facilities along with a $600 million first-lien-secured credit facility. The list of advisors includes Barclays Capital Inc., BMO Capital Markets, RBC Capital Markets, and Evercore Group LLC. About Nuvei Nuvei, a Canadian fintech company, accelerates global clients' businesses. It is the payment technology partner that delivers unified commerce solutions and expertise to its clients and helps them capture every payment opportunity that comes their way. Leading organizations can take next-gen payments, offer all payout choices, and use card issuing, banking, risk, and fraud management services with Nuvei's modular, adaptable, and scalable platform. The company connects businesses to customers in over 200 markets through local acquisition in 47 markets, 150 currencies, and 586 payment methods. About Paya Paya is a primary provider of integrated payment and frictionless commerce solutions that help clients accept and process payments, receive money faster, and improve operations. The company is the top U.S. payment processor that processes about $40 billion in credit/debit card, ACH, and checks payments annually. It serves over 100,000 customers through 2,000 major distribution partners in high-growth verticals like healthcare, education, non-profit, government, utilities, and other B2B end markets.

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Abrigo Acquires Valuant to Manage risk for Financial Institutions

Abrigo | January 04, 2023

Valuant, a well-known compliance and credit risk software and service provider, has recently been acquired by Abrigo, a pioneer in compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions for financial institutions. The acquisition aligns with Abrigo's goal of providing world-class software and services to 2,300 financial institutions. Furthermore, the merger brings together two successful, customer-focused companies, allowing Abrigo to introduce additional services and provide customers with more options. Abrigo has been assisting its clients in mitigating portfolio risk for over twenty years. With Valuant on board, Abrigo can better protect its clients from credit risks and economic uncertainty. As an organization, Valuant must take advantage of the chance to grow alongside these top-tier, locally vested organizations with which it partners. Valuant also said that the company gives its clients power through its software and services and meets the highest standards for customer satisfaction. Regarding Abrigo, the firm indicated that it discovered a strategic partner with a similar customer focus capable of providing more solutions and services to its loyal clients. Abrigo's portfolio risk and credit risk solutions automate risk management. Connecting stress testing, estimating predicted credit losses, economic forecasting, budgeting, asset and liability modeling, etc., is possible with one-time data entry and robust frameworks. In addition, Abrigo's award-winning customer service, cybersecurity, and implementation will benefit Valuant's clients. About Abrigo Abrigo's compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions help customers manage risk and grow. Its purpose to 'Make Big Things Happen' emphasizes its dedication to helping community financial institutions flourish despite 'the perfect storm' of shifting regulatory requirements, limited resources, increased competition, expanding technologies, and changing consumer expectations. The company helps customers do well by giving them new products, world-class support, and unmatched expertise.

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