Fintel Teams up with MeridianLink to Enhance Deposit and Loan Growth

MeridianLink | February 06, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Fintel and MeridianLink Boost Financial Institutions’ Loan Growth

In a recent development, MeridianLink, Inc., a top supplier of cloud-based software solutions for financial institutions, and Fintel Connect, a pioneer in marketing technology for the financial sector, announced that they have entered into a partnership.

By integrating Fintel Connect's campaign tracking and partner marketing platform into MeridianLink® Opening, the two companies are making full-funnel marketing more transparent and helping banks and credit unions grow their deposits and loans.

The account opening solutions from MeridianLink make it easy for banks and credit unions to find new deposit and loan customers quickly. Its turnkey integration with Fintel Connect enables financial institutions to track campaigns through the funnel and optimize marketing expenditure by linking campaigns to real opened accounts and funded loans. The company's banks and credit unions can also use Fintel Connect's affiliate marketing to grow their customer base.

Megan Pulliam, SVP of Marketplace at MeridianLink, stated, "We are proud to expand the resources available to our customers in the MeridianLink® Marketplace with the addition of Fintel Connect, a solution that provides transparency to financial brands on their marketing journey and spend."

"By integrating Fintel Connect's solutions into MeridianLink, our customers can build strategies and allocate budgets smartly and efficiently which can positively impact the bottom line," Megan added.

(Source – Cision PR Newswire)

Increased resource efficiency, enhanced campaign transparency, optimized marketing spending, and scaled top-of-funnel growth are some of the key benefits that will come from the integration of Fintel Connect into the MeridianLink platform.

Fintel Connect Founder and CEO Nicky Senyard remarked, "Financial institutions leveraging MeridianLink's account opening capabilities can now achieve a higher return from their marketing efforts and drive more efficient digital growth through the integration of Fintel Connect's performance platform."

She expressed, "We're pleased to support MeridianLink's objective to accelerate life's most important financial moments and allow financial institutions to reach new customers and members more than ever before."

(Source – Cision PR Newswire)

Nevertheless, this alliance directly supports Fintel Connect's objective to empower financial brands with the tools for safe, cost-effective, and scalable business growth in an ever-evolving industry.

About MeridianLink

MeridianLink® powers financial institutions' digital lending, account opening, and consumer reporting agency data verification. Its scalable, cloud-based platforms help customers deepen consumer relationships through data-driven, personalized experiences throughout the lending life cycle. The company streamlines digital experiences to boost income, lower risk, and exceed customer expectations. Its partner marketplace offers hundreds of integrations for customized innovation. MeridianLink has democratized finance for consumers, businesses, and communities for over 20 years.


Planning and collaboration can help realize the benefits and minimize the missteps. With the worldwide cloud computing market on track to exceed $331 billion by 2022, there is little doubt that the cloud has now become the de facto standard for deployment of enterprise applications. Vendors of mainstream business applications su


Planning and collaboration can help realize the benefits and minimize the missteps. With the worldwide cloud computing market on track to exceed $331 billion by 2022, there is little doubt that the cloud has now become the de facto standard for deployment of enterprise applications. Vendors of mainstream business applications su

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Noda Chooses ThetaRay AI Solution to Monitor Open Banking Services

Businesswire | March 17, 2023

Noda, an open banking fintech, and ThetaRay, a leading provider of AI-powered transaction monitoring technology, today announced they will collaborate to enhance payment monitoring and compliance capabilities on Noda’s growing platform that is supporting the new digital economy in Europe. Headquartered in the UK, Noda is helping online merchants in Europe receive direct bank payments from eCustomers via a secure and instant one-stop open banking payment solution, as an alternative to cards, providing direct integration with banks in most European countries. Through the agreement, Noda will implement ThetaRay’s sophisticated AI-powered SaaS SONAR solution for AML that detects known and unknown financial crime threats and the earliest indications of schemes. The system will enable Noda to stay up to date with the complex and constantly evolving regulatory landscape, as well as manage the compliance challenges involved with monitoring transactions in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) across multiple channels and jurisdictions. "With ThetaRay's advanced transaction monitoring system and our expertise in payment services and compliance, we are poised to take our business to the next level and provide even more value to our customers,” said Lasma Gavarane, Chief Compliance Officer/MLRO at Noda. “Together, we will be able to detect and prevent financial crimes, comply with evolving regulatory requirements, and therefore enhance the overall security and reliability of our fast and convenient payment services to customers.” While SEPA simplifies bank transfers of euro to member countries, financial institutions handling transactions don’t have full visibility into the profiles and activities of customers. By providing deep, AI-generated insights, the ThetaRay system can identify anomalous behavior indicating financial crime. “Noda is an innovation leader in the European payments market as it transforms into a more competitive and more efficient network that is enabling the digital economy. The adoption of sophisticated AI technology to fight financial crime brings the trust to a payments ecosystem that serves as a fintech growth engine,” said Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay. “We are looking forward to a successful partnership with Noda to develop and grow European fintech.” ThetaRay’s award-winning SONAR solution is based on a proprietary form of AI, artificial intelligence intuition, that replaces human bias, giving the system the power to recognize anomalies and find unknowns outside of normal behavior, including completely new typologies. It enables fintechs and banks to implement a risk-based approach to effectively identify truly suspicious activity and create a full picture of customer identities, including across complex, cross-border transaction paths. This allows the rapid discovery of both known and unknown money laundering threats, and up to 99 percent reduction in false positives compared to rules-based solutions. About Noda Headquartered in the UK, with offices in Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, and Cyprus, Noda has advanced its instant payment solution (the Noda Pay button) outpacing others in the Open Banking sphere. Noda enables merchants to receive direct bank payments from eCustomers via Open Banking as an alternative to cards. Merchants can implement Open Banking payments quickly via Noda API, making use of their intuitive UX and lower fees. Noda’s service ensures an easy, instant, and secure one-stop Open Banking payment solution, providing direct integration with banks in most European countries, including Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, and the UK. Integration is currently available for over 300 banks. About ThetaRay ThetaRay's AI-powered SONAR transaction monitoring solution, based on “artificial intelligence intuition,” allows banks and fintechs to expand their business opportunities through safe and reliable cross-border payments. The groundbreaking solution also improves customer satisfaction, reduces compliance costs, and increases risk coverage. Financial organizations that rely on highly heterogeneous and complex ecosystems benefit greatly from ThetaRay's unmatchable low false positive and high detection rates.

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Stearns Bank & Sardine transform fintech compliance with a new operating system for risk management

PRnewswire | May 25, 2023

Stearns Bank N.A. has partnered with Sardine, a leading provider of risk management and compliance solutions, to enhance Stearns Bank's fintech program. This collaboration marks a first-of-its-kind approach in community banking to provide an all-in-one risk management and compliance platform for sponsored programs to address evolving regulatory and compliance requirements. As the demand for faster money movement increases, the risk of fraud increases. Stearns Bank and Sardine recognize the need for enhanced compliance and multi-layered fraud detection and prevention tools to safeguard faster payment offerings. Sardine's all-in-one risk management and compliance platform helps sponsor banks manage fintech oversight risks without needing multiple service providers. Sardine utilizes cutting-edge technology to consolidate critical compliance data and integrated risk scoring and offers banks a way to tackle modern fraud with real-time fraud detection, KYC, KYB, BSA/AML, and transaction monitoring in one solution. "Sardine breaks down data silos and enables our teams to efficiently identify issues for remediation and quickly pull together and share relevant data for further audit, examination, and regulatory purposes as needed," said Josh Hofer, Chief Risk & Information Security Officer of Stearns Bank. "This allows us to keep up with fintech innovation and scale our fintech offerings while enhancing risk management and streamlining compliance – what we're providing with Sardine is transformative for fintechs, community banks, and fintech sponsorship." With Sardine in place, Stearns Bank has real-time oversight into their KYC/AML policies, fraud, and AML transaction monitoring alerts across all their sponsored programs in one integrated dashboard. Stearns Bank can work directly with their fintech partners to easily create new fraud detection, KYC policy, or transaction monitoring rules via Sardine's no-code rule editor. "As regulations continue to evolve and scrutiny into the fintech space intensifies, which it should, Stearns Bank continues to prioritize risk management and compliance in its fintech partnerships and sponsorship offerings," said Kelly Skalicky, President and CEO of Stearns Bank. "We continue to assess and select our fintech partners based on our exacting Stearns Bank 'Risk-Management 1st' standards, selecting compliance-focused partners like Sardine committed to an elevated and always-maturing risk management model for deploying fintech-facilitated banking services." Skalicky added, "By leveraging our risk management and compliance expertise and Sardine's advanced compliance and monitoring technology, we can provide greater access to a wider range of secure banking services and capabilities with embedded future-forward compliance and risk management systems, proactively anticipating next-gen regulatory requirements." Sponsored fintechs can easily escalate suspicious customers or transactions to Stearns Bank via Sardine's SOC2 Type 2 compliant platform. This robust case management system enables data-sharing and dispositions without sharing critical personally-identifiable information via emails or other insecure messaging. "We're excited to work with a tech-savvy partner such as Stearns Bank to enhance their fintech offerings and showcase an innovative way to do program management of fintechs and embedded finance," said Soups Ranjan, CEO of Sardine. "Our unique platform enables enhanced monitoring of regulatory, reputation, and operational risk for sponsor banks through real-time views into aggregated fraud and compliance performance, as well as tools to manage and mitigate those risks." About Stearns Bank N.A. Minnesota-based Stearns Bank National Association is a $2.2 billion, independently-owned financial institution with locations in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona, and over 35,000 small business customers nationwide, in every state across the U.S. Recognized as having a bullet-proof balance sheet with 25% capital and earning top rankings as one of the nation's highest-performing banks by American Banker, and most recently ranked fourth in the U.S. among banks having more than $1 billion in assets by Independent Banker's 2023 Best of the Best ranking of banks with the highest 3-year average Return on Assets, Stearns Bank specializes in nationwide commercial construction lending, USDA and SBA lending, and small business and equipment financing. Driven by a passion to help others achieve their greatest ambitions, Stearns Bank's mission is to Get the Job Done! For more information, visit About Sardine Sardine is an all-in-one fraud detection, compliance, and risk management platform. An experienced team with deep banking and fraud prevention experience enabling the company to build innovative compliance and risk management services for financial institutions. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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DCI Onboards GoDeposits for BaaS Bank

PRnewswire | March 28, 2023

For 60 years, DCI, the privately-owned developer of core processing, digital banking, and Fintech processing solutions, has dedicated itself to the aggressive pursuit of the future. Through new technology releases, innovations, updates, and vendor integration, DCI continues to deliver the products and services which prove financially advantageous to BaaS banks and traditional processing institutions alike. The market onboarding of GoDeposits, a shining star for DCI banks, is further proof of this commitment. By successfully eliminating the need for middleware, GoDeposits eradicates the need for Fintechs and financial institutions to work around the core processor. Today, DCI's partners are empowered to track transactions through DCI, ruling out the once-essential demand for third-party involvement. No friction in the 90-second application, 100% compliance, all KYC, options for funding, and multi-branding—all through one instance of core and no middleware. This level of cost savings for Fintechs and income opportunities for banks is simply unprecedented. While most have only theorized about such a triumph, DCI got to work in the market, actualizing this vision. Through tried-and-true products and services, experienced staff, and a financially sound company, DCI has once again moved the needle for community banks seeking a forward-looking, customer-driven partner. DCI's President and CEO Sarah Fankhauser shares her excitement for this breakthrough, saying, "I couldn't be prouder of DCI and of our employees' ability to work together, continuously striving for excellence in the marketplace. DCI has been around for 60 years, but we have never stood still. As a community bank processor, we're fighting every day to save community banks and offer them the products and services necessary to compete with the big banks." Unlike its competitors, DCI shares no interest in reinventing old products, infusing VC money, or taking a product off the block to regroup, all while advertising something absent from the market itself. Instead, DCI's focus remains directed toward action, innovation, and ahead-of-the-curve achievement intended to best serve its customers. "There is no group of developers moving at warp speed like the DCI development team," says Tanna Faulkner, Senior Vice President of Digital Channels and Sales. "We are not getting to the future in banking, DCI is there. Now, watch us grow." About DCI DCI is the developer of the award-winning iCore360® core banking software, plus iCoreGO® digital banking and fintech processing solutions for community financial institutions nationwide, including those using other core platforms. DCI is privately owned by a group of bank clients, with several serving as board members and user group leaders. DCI also provides private ATM network/card management, FrontLine® teller software, custom analysis, risk/vendor management, and more. For additional information about DCI, visit or contact

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