CBANC Introduces Online B2B Fintech Marketplace for Community Banks and Credit Unions

CBANC, the largest online community for banking and credit union professionals, recently launched a comprehensive platform that features an online marketplace of products and solutions for financial institutions.

The new marketplace enables information and data for 1,000 products from more than 450 companies that provide innovative solutions and services to banks and credit unions. With this, the new marketplace also provides the industry with the most up-to-date, comprehensive catalogue of products and services powered by the companies that serve as U.S based financial institutions. With this launch, CBANC aims to build a successful online community of verified financial professionals from over 8,600 U.S. financial institutions.

Over the past ten years, CBANC has been a place for all financial professionals to connect and discover the information they need to succeed. Today, the speed of technological innovation is outpacing awareness, and community banks and credit unions need a place to discover what's available for them and feel confident in their decisions."

Tom Ferries, CBANC CEO.

The CBANC Marketplace also enables vendors to get their products and services rapidly and offer them to banking and credit union professionals. With the help of this new marketplace platform, financial companies will have the ability to add, share, and update information related to financial services and products. By doing this, companies can add value and insight about services and products to their audience who are actively looking for support and guidance from the vendors.

The CBANC Community and Marketplace is a simple platform for each employee of U.S. financial institutions and members to overcome circumstantial vulnerabilities such as online fraud, essential fiscal credentials, insecure email networks, and many other dysfunctional aspects.

“As the need for technology change and acceleration continues, the industry is looking for a place that’s a real resource,” said Michael Berman, Ncontracts CEO. “An informed buyer is typically a better buyer because they really understand all of their options in the marketplace, so we are excited to participate.”


Cloud (Saas) technology is known for being a cost-effective solution with quicker implementations, minimal use of hardware, and low maintenance costs. For your indirect tax function, regardless of whether you use native ERP functionality or an integrated on-premise tax engine to calculate tax, there are both external and interna


Cloud (Saas) technology is known for being a cost-effective solution with quicker implementations, minimal use of hardware, and low maintenance costs. For your indirect tax function, regardless of whether you use native ERP functionality or an integrated on-premise tax engine to calculate tax, there are both external and interna

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BNY Mellon's Pershing X Teams Up with Integrity, Grows Client Base

BNY Mellon | October 09, 2023

Integrity will leverage the Wove platform to manage over $40 billion in assets through its wealth management network. Pershing X introduced the Wove platform in June, unifying advisors' client tools into a highly data-driven system. Wove, powered by BNY Mellon Investment Management, offers Integrity and clients access to top-tier investment solutions from specialized firms. BNY Mellon's Pershing X has informed that Integrity Marketing Group, LLC, a prominent insurance and financial services entity, has strategically adopted its Wove wealth management platform to enhance and fortify its operational capabilities. This strategic initiative will enable Integrity to equip its financial professionals with cutting-edge technology and investment resources, leading to a transformation in its client service approach and ensuring a heightened standard of excellence. With this, clients can anticipate a more robust and all-encompassing financial advisory experience. Ainslie Simmonds, President of Pershing X, expressed enthusiasm about Integrity's adoption of Wove as a new client and the alignment with their growth strategy using the scalable solution. She further stated that the platform will empower Integrity's insurance agents with a comprehensive toolkit tailored to enhance their wealth management capabilities. Notably, the Wove platform will grant Integrity's advisors access to extensive third-party models and investment models, including mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, curated by BNY Mellon's Investment Management division, one of the world's largest investment managers. These models will be securely stored on the Wove platform, tailored for optimizing wealth accumulation, retirement income portfolios, and capital preservation. BNY Mellon's Pershing will also provide comprehensive broker-dealer clearing and custody solutions. Hanneke Smits, Global Head of Investment Management at BNY Mellon, remarked, This is a great example of how BNY Mellon is bringing the scale of its enterprise together to deliver a combined offering to clients. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] In June, Pershing X introduced the Wove platform, representing a pivotal shift as it consolidates advisors' client tools into a sophisticated, data-driven system. Integrity is poised to leverage the capabilities of the Wove platform to manage an extensive asset portfolio exceeding $40 billion through its expansive wealth management network. Meanwhile, Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity, also expressed his excitement about collaborating with BNY Mellon, which offers a distinctive range of solutions. This encompasses access to the Wove platform and personalized portfolio offerings. This transformative partnership between Integrity Marketing Group and BNY Mellon will offer a holistic client experience, encompassing financial prosperity and vital aspects of life, such as health and well-being. Together, the two companies aim to empower clients with comprehensive solutions that facilitate improved financial planning and brighter prospects for the future.

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IBM Payments Joins Swift Partner Programme for Enhanced Collaboration

IBM | September 22, 2023

IBM Payments Center's membership in Swift Partner Programme signifies a crucial step in enhancing collaboration between these organizations. IBM Payments provides a streamlined Swift cloud connectivity solution, liberating clients from hardware as well as software management and allowing them to focus on their core business operations. The company's participation in Swift Partner Programme enables streamlined access, integration, and development of payment solutions through expanded APIs and comprehensive documentation. IBM Payments Center has officially announced that it has earned a distinguished membership in the prestigious Swift Partner Programme. This achievement represents a significant step forward in strengthening the collaboration between these two organizations. This strategic partnership synergizes effectively with IBM's expansive payments-as-a-service solution, which capitalizes on open, standards-based technologies to provide meticulously managed payment and cash management services. This collaboration will further enhance the capabilities of IBM's payment services, offering financial institutions and businesses a well-rounded, technologically advanced solution to address their payment and cash management needs. Andrew Higgins, Senior Partner and Global Payments Leader at IBM Consulting remarked, Our platform partnership with Swift brings the power of IBM and the reach of Swift to deliver value for financial institutions and other businesses looking for end-to-end solutions for a broad array of payment services. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] In collaboration with Swift Partner Programme, IBM Payments Center will provide a comprehensive end-to-end cloud-based Swift connectivity solution that aligns with Swift's infrastructure and client security standards. It will also catalyze financial institutions and enterprises looking to modernize their payment platforms and harness cutting-edge cognitive and AI technologies within a highly secure environment. Andrew Higgins emphasized that the payments industry is on the brink of profound change, requiring modern infrastructure and heightened efficiency. He further noted that IBM is gratified to present a solution to the worldwide Swift community that harnesses the benefits of cutting-edge technology while reducing the substantial expenses linked to development, upkeep, and compliance. This partnership offers IBM Payments Center a unique opportunity to streamline access, seamlessly integrate, and drive innovation in payment solutions. It enables the center to leverage an extended range of application user interfaces (APIs) and gain comprehensive access to API testing materials, documentation, and accreditation status, empowering them to deliver cutting-edge financial solutions efficiently. Through its active engagement in Swift Partner Programme, IBM Payments Center has opened up new avenues for collaboration with a diverse network of over 11,000 banking institutions across more than 200 countries, fostering opportunities for synergistic partnerships and global cooperation.

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New Pega Accelerator Helps Financial Institutions Streamline Financial Crimes Investigations

PR Newswire | October 16, 2023

Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), the low-code platform provider empowering the world's leading enterprises to Build for Change®, today announced the Pega Financial Crime and Alerts Investigation Management Accelerator, a new solution that helps financial institutions manage the rising number of risk alerts and more efficiently orchestrate investigations. By leveraging Pega's proven intelligent automation and case management capabilities along with its groundbreaking generative AI-powered capabilities, financial institutions can break through operational silos and speed investigations for what is traditionally a time-intensive and manual process. Financial crimes – such as fraud, money laundering, structuring, and sanctions violations –are rapidly rising, putting increasing strain on financial institutions' risk teams to investigate each potential incident. While detection and monitoring systems have matured, financial institutions still struggle to manage the increasing volume of these alerts and investigations, which have been further exacerbated by global economic sanctions. Compounding this problem, risk teams from different departments often work in silos and use different monitoring and case management tools, making it difficult to get a consolidated picture of all risks related to each customer. This can lead to inefficient and duplicative processes, unnecessary manual work, and inconsistent outcomes. The Pega Financial Crime and Alerts Investigation Management Accelerator provides financial institutions with a unified solution to manage alerts and drive investigations for all types of risk detection systems across all departments, jurisdictions, and lines of business. The accelerator provides a holistic, transparent, and actionable view of each customer's risk profile in a single application, helping drive more collaboration for even the largest and most complex financial institutions. And with Pega's leading intelligent automation and AI, financial institutions can streamline their investigations, resulting in faster resolutions, lower costs, and better outcomes for their customers. Available today for download on Pega Marketplace, Pega Financial Crime and Alerts Investigation Management Accelerator provides any financial institution the following key features and benefits: Smarter process orchestration with case management and intelligent automation: Pega enables all types of alerts across different monitoring systems to be captured and triaged in a consistent manner so investigators can spend their time examining the case rather than gathering and managing information. The accelerator digests and enriches alerts, deduplicates redundant alerts, and merges new alerts into existing investigation cases when applicable. Cases are assigned with skill-based routing to the most appropriate risk investigator, who is guided through the right stages and steps to efficiently and accurately handle each case. Reduced time and costs with automation and AI: By using automation and AI to reduce manual labor, Pega helps drive investigations faster and more accurately. For example, the accelerator eliminates the time-consuming and cumbersome process of developing a Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) by using generative AI to analyze all data associated with a case and then automatically draft the SAR. Automation is applied throughout the process, helping staff drive more efficient and effective investigations. Increased flexibility with configurable system options: The accelerator is highly configurable, allowing financial institutions to leverage pre-built process templates out of the box and easily adjust and extend them to fit their unique needs. The accelerator can be integrated with existing alert monitoring and detection systems as well as Pega's Know Your Customer and Client Lifecycle Management solutions and other third-party systems and services. Pega's low-code platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation is trusted by the majority of the world's largest financial institutions. For more than 30 years, Pega has provided global financial institutions with case management, workflow automation, and customer risk solutions across KYC, AML, alert management, fraud, account opening, and client lifecycle management. Pega supports all types of financial institutions with pre-defined industry best practices across jurisdictions and lines of business.

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