. https://capital.report/Resources/Whitepapers/c6e90646-891a-4ca1-9bea-530832e20d50_190701_BEIS_Green_Finance_Strategy_Accessible_PDF_FINAL.pdf
Building on the important work of the Green Finance Taskforce, this first Green Finance Strategy sets out how we will achieve this ambition and accelerate the growth of green finance, from greening the global financial system and catalysing the investment we need, to driving innovation in financial products and building skills across the financial sector. This Strategy is also a call for collective action, setting out how we will work with industry, regulators, academia and the newly launched Green Finance Institute to deliver the urgent and far reaching change that is needed for a greener, more sustainable and prosperous future. There is no doubt about the scale of the environmental challenge that we face. To tackle that challenge effectively and sustainably requires us to harness the delivery capacity of the market economy – and in particular to mobilise the enormous resources of our capital markets through Green Finance. This Strategy represents our commitment to taking the steps that will ensure that the UK’s Green Finance sector is turbo-charged to play a crucial role in protecting the future of our planet for generations to come. DOWNLOAD