April 16, 2019 | (5.00PM)
USA (United States of America)
Technology and increasing competition have rendered the financial services sector very much under pressure. Banking is not what it used to be, and it’s becoming clear that new players are appearing by the minute, who will take a seemingly marginal share. However, these changes are not as bad as they seem. If we focus on the potential of Fintech disintermediation, digital transformation, data proliferation, it’s easy to see that the industry is ripe for disruption. Future growth and success belong to those institutions who align on strategy to marshal these forces to build and retain market share through superior products, service and customer outcomes. Banking and Financial Services Industry leaders must now look to push the boundaries of innovation even further and question exactly how the implementation of emerging technology enablers can help them to truly redefine the customer experience. In this webinar, Jon Deutsch, from Information Builders; and Martin Houghton, CDO at Digital HR, will tackle these issues in-depth to provide a technology insight into the what these changes entail, and how the business models are changing.