Benefits of Automated Payments

November 19, 2022

Manual accounts payable is a nightmare these days! How can your business grow, if you’re bogged down with financial tasks?

AP can be the most time-consuming job in business but with the right tools, you can save up to 80% of your entire AP workload, have a 25% faster financial close, and reduce errors by up to 66%.


Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance

Mission The mission of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance is to enable women in all accounting and finance fields to achieve their full potential and to contribute to their profession.


Positioning Your Financial Institution for Business Banking Success

video | August 21, 2023

Winning the hearts and wallets of small businesses is a key focus are for most banks and credit unions. In fact, 85% of banks believe greater success with small businesses is critical to their overall success and credit unions are increasingly more commercially-focused than ever before. Hear from Christine Barry, Head of Banking & Payments Insights for Aite-Novarica Group on key areas where small financial institutions should focus on and invest to be more successful and win market share....

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Always Compliant Cross-Border Payments

video | July 25, 2023

International payroll can be complex. The actual process of holding and transferring funds across borders is even more so. Papaya Global is the only global payroll and payments provider licensed for international fund transfers. Our platform ensures punctual, accurate, and compliant payroll payments. Andrea Weisberg, Papaya’s Payments Operations expert, discusses why our integrated finance platform is essential to full compliance in cross-border workforce payments....

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Unleashing the Power of UPI in Fintech

video | July 28, 2023

In our latest episode of Digital Decode, Prawal Sharma delve into the transformative impact of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) on the fintech industry in India. From enabling over 350 million transactions daily to account for nearly 40% of all retail digital payments, UPI has become a defining force in the payment systems landscape. But how does it work? And how has it revolutionized the payment system? Join us as we explore the effectiveness, agility, and potential of UPI and how it has led to the development of various value-added services, from bill payments to mutual fund investments....

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How Fintech Startups are changing the game

video | July 27, 2023

Embracing the Fintech Revolution Discover how fintech startups are reshaping finance with cutting-edge solutions for payments, lending, insurance, and wealth management. From AI to blockchain, witness the future of finance unfold!...

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