FTV Capital makes a $100 million Series A investment in LoanPro

LoanPro | July 09, 2021

LoanPro, a major SaaS-based loan management, servicing, and collections platform for alternative, fintech, and traditional lenders, announced today a $100 million growth equity investment from FTV Capital, a sector-focused growth equity investor in innovative enterprise technology and services, financial services, and payments and transaction processing firms. LoanPro will use the funds raised to improve the functionality of its platform, expand into new loan sectors, and engage in client-centric growth efforts.

LoanPro was created in 2014 by three brothers, Rhett, Ben, and Lloyd Roberts, after discovering that there were no lending applications that suited the demands of their own lending business. LoanPro empowers lenders to regain operational control while improving real-time data insights and visibility.

LoanPro manages more than $15 billion in loans and has over 600 clients in the United States and Canada across a wide range of loan types and lending programmes (e.g., prime, sub-prime, personal, consumer, car, commercial, point-of-sale finance, and purchase now, pay later). The fundamental API design of the platform enables an automated and highly flexible process, real-time access to data and insights, frictionless payment collection, lending programme flexibility (new and current products), and a superior client experience.

"As founders who began out as lenders, we understand the pain points that lenders face," said Rhett Roberts, LoanPro's co-founder and CEO. "LoanPro was designed by lenders for lenders; we employ a current tech stack to improve the user experience of loan management; we do the hard work on the back end to keep the front end clean and simple to use. FTV Capital's investment, combined with their significant industry understanding and wide strategic network, will aid in the expansion of our platform and accelerate our capacity to reach and successfully serve even more lenders."

As a growing percentage of consumers and organisations choose to interact digitally, digital native fintechs have enjoyed tremendous development. Many of these fintechs are attempting to expand their lending capabilities. Legacy lending technology, on the other hand, was not designed to support digital-first lending, resulting in burdensome and inflexible experiences for lenders and borrowers. LoanPro addresses this issue by providing modern, cutting-edge SaaS technology for loan management, servicing, and collections that is designed to suit mid-sized and large lenders.

"It was a simple decision to go with LoanPro," said Alex Rhodes, Head of Operations at Marlette Holdings Inc., parent company of the Best Egg consumer finance platform. "With best-in-class customer service at the heart of what we do, we needed a best-in-class learning management system to match. We are excited about LoanPro's future expansion."

"FTV Capital is thrilled to be partnering with LoanPro's strong, committed leadership team, who have established an industry-leading SaaS platform based on a deep understanding of their market and their customers' demands," said Robert Anderson, partner at FTV Capital. "LoanPro solves the inefficiencies caused by manual processes and out-of-date legacy systems by providing a fully cloud-based solution with an API-first core architecture that enables real-time monitoring, management, and automation throughout the loan's lifespan. The platform's data approach provides a single source of truth for loan servicing data that is instantaneously available, resulting in significant efficiencies for lenders of all types."

Robert Anderson, who spearheaded the investment for FTV Capital, will join LoanPro's board of directors as part of the transaction.

FTV Capital was advised by Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP.

About LoanPro
LoanPro is the only true API-based mid-market and enterprise Loan Management Software provider in the US/Canadian market. LoanPro is designed to streamline loan servicing and loan collections workflows and is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) "the cloud." LoanPro is trusted by over 600 lenders who benefit from enhanced transparency, control, flexibility, real-time database access, computation accuracy, and scalability on a PCI, SOC I, and SOC II certified platform.

About FTV Capital
FTV Capital is a growth equity investment firm that has raised approximately $4 billion in capital to invest in high-growth firms that provide a variety of creative solutions in three industries: enterprise technology and services, financial services, and payments and transaction processing. FTV's seasoned staff applies domain expertise and a track record of success in each of these areas to assist motivated management teams in accelerating growth. FTV also gives companies access to its Global Partner Network®, a collection of the world's leading enterprises and executives who have been assisting FTV portfolio companies for over two decades. FTV Capital, founded in 1998, has invested in over 120 portfolio companies, including Docupace, Derivative Path, EBANX, Enfusion, Sunlight Financial, and Vagaro, and has successfully exited companies such as InvestCloud (recapitalized), Strata Fund Solutions (acquired by Alter Domus), and WorldFirst (acquired by Ant Financial). FTV is headquartered in San Francisco, New York, and Connecticut.


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EVODeFi comes out with its new payment solution EVODeFi.Pay

EVODeFi | March 21, 2022

EVODeFi cross-chain solution just unveiled its new product – EVODeFi.Pay. This is a powerful tool for making crypto payments, allowing sellers to accept and bill cryptocurrency to customers with minimal time and effort. The product will be especially valuable for users who want to perform their money transactions in cryptocurrency without using complicated schemes. The high-tech system of EVODeFi provides numerous crypto services including business tools to increase crypto payments, a bridge between networks, and a high-tech system to work with crypto exchange and crypto-salaries. A professional team that has already launched one of the top 5 bridges created EVODeFi.Pay that facilitates the process of exchanging cryptocurrency between sellers and buyers. EVODeFi.Pay is a product that performs fast crypto-transactions between vendors and customers. The process of using the service is extremely simple: a buyer chooses the cryptocurrency which he or she wants and pays for the purchase. EVODeFi.Pay converts one cryptocurrency into another and sends the payment to a seller in the crypto that has been chosen. Since many have refused to use BTC/ETH in favor of faster networks, EVODeFi.Pay can offer several popular networks, such as BSC, Fantom, Avax, Polygon, which already have a large number of users. In addition, the development team uses a powerful security system to protect transactions at all stages. Moreover, convenient localization and the ability to use the service on any device will greatly facilitate integration. About EVODeFi: EVODeFi is a cross-chain solution providing a set of crypto products including a bridge between networks, business tools to increase crypto payments, and a high-tech system to work with crypto exchange and crypto-salaries projects, available in a single system. EVODeFi develops the following services: Bridge, Pay, Exchange, Payroll and App. Using the latest technologies and great experience, the EVODeFi system works at the international level, providing its services in regions around the world, for example in the USA, Europe, and South America.

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M&T Bank Expands Financial Access, Removes Language Barriers with 100 New Multicultural Banking Centers

M&T Bank | January 15, 2022

M&T Bank today announced it is expanding the services it provides to communities with high concentrations of ethnic and racial diversity by designating an additional 100 bank branches as multicultural centers. Located in cities across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, the centers will offer banking and other financial services in customers' preferred languages and employ bankers from the community who understand the cultural nuances of the individuals and neighborhoods they serve. To celebrate the milestone, M&T customers, partners and employees will ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange today, January 13. The expansion of M&T's multicultural banking centers – from 19 designated branches to 118 – is part of the company's mission to be a culturally fluent bank for all communities, especially as the nation becomes more diverse. People of color make up more than 40 percent of the U.S. population and over half the country's youth population, according to the latest census data. As this nationwide demographic shift accelerates, our multicultural banking initiative will help us meet the changing needs of our communities. With our recent designation of new multicultural banking centers, we are demonstrating our clear intention to be the bank for all communities." David Femi, head of Multicultural Banking & Diverse Market Strategy at M&T Bank. The new centers will serve as community hubs where customers can receive banking services in their preferred language and with an understanding of their culture. The centers will also create opportunities for businesses, nonprofits and community members to attend networking events, financial literacy classes, collaborate on community projects, and more. "Our community model has always enabled us to develop a deep local understanding of the people and places we serve," said Chris Kay, head of consumer banking, business banking and marketing at M&T Bank. "With our multicultural banking centers, we're taking the natural next step — providing a distinctive M&T experience shaped by the preferences and perspectives of the diverse customers who rely on us. This locally customized, empathetic approach will help families and neighborhoods have easy access to credit services — an important priority for us and the communities we serve." M&T's first multicultural banking center branches, which launched in 2020, have informed the continuous improvement of the model aimed at reaching customers with limited English proficiency. The new center locations were identified based upon insights from community partners, M&T's local bankers and neighborhood-level census data on non-English speakers. New Digital Tools in Multiple Languages To make its digital banking tools easier to navigate for non-English speakers, the bank launched a Spanish-language website — available at — that provides access to financial information and resources, including educational tools and online branch-appointment setting. "Our multicultural banking centers are important community-gathering places for advice and guidance. Yet, with many customers embracing online and mobile banking tools, we're also building new digital capabilities designed to provide meaningful experiences and serve essential needs in multiple languages," said Mary Kate Loftus, director of digital banking at M&T. Additionally, M&T updated its ATM network to provide services in Chinese and Korean. At over 1,600 ATMs, customers are now able to complete cash transactions in Chinese, Korean, Spanish and English. M&T also offers phone assistance in 240 languages at 1-800-724-2440. Enduring Commitment to Multicultural Communities These new developments are part of the bank's wider efforts to enhance its customer experience and contribute to inclusive growth in its communities. Through constant engagement with a large network of faith-based organizations, neighborhood groups and other community partners, M&T is continuously learning and developing new ways to serve local families, individuals and businesses — from organizing financial empowerment sessions to developing new products like its secured credit card to creating its Multicultural Small Business Innovation Lab. Recently, M&T's MyWay Banking Account achieved certification as meeting the Bank On National Account Standards, a set of account features identified to ensure local access to safe, affordable bank accounts particularly among underserved households. M&T has also maintained a 40-year streak of earning "Outstanding" Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) ratings, the Federal Reserve's highest-possible rating for meeting the credit needs of communities. About M&T Bank M&T Bank Corporation is a financial holding company headquartered in Buffalo, New York. M&T's principal banking subsidiary, M&T Bank, operates banking offices in New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. Trust-related services are provided by M&T's Wilmington Trust-affiliated companies and by M&T Bank.

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Centime launches comprehensive cash flow control solution for small and mid-sized businesses

Centime | April 12, 2022

Boston-based fintech partners with First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) to develop SaaS solution to manage key aspects of cash flow control lifecycle: forecasting, managing receivables and payables, and obtaining credit BOSTON, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Centime, a Boston-based fintech, launched Cash Flow Control: a first-of-a-kind solution purpose built to help small and mid-sized businesses control and manage cash flow. Effective immediately, Centime Cash Flow Control is available to all U.S.-based businesses using the financial General Ledger applications of Intuit QuickBooks and Oracle NetSuite. The solution consists of several interconnected modules that work together to support the cash control lifecycle of a business Automated rolling 13-week cash flow forecasting uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to predict cash inflows and outflows Accounts receivable management provides increased visibility into payment delays, facilitates on-time payments through automated reminder campaigns, and drives online payments through an integrated merchant account Accounts payable management helps determine who, when and how to pay with the goal of maximizing working capital Integrated credit solutions facilitate the bridging of cash flow gaps and short-term working capital needed to support growth KPI monitoring provides the metrics and insights required to ensure robust cash flow performance Centime Cash Flow Control gives business leaders a clear picture of how each element of cash flow control affects the other in a real-time, rolling basis and taps into AI and machine learning to blend businesses' historical data with industry trends to deliver visibility, predictions, management and control. Businesses have opportunities to grow in good times and bad, And in both good times and bad, cash makes or breaks businesses. For most businesses, cash flow management is poorly understood, overly complicated and inconsistently managed. Centime Cash Flow Control is a simple, easy to use solution that allows businesses to manage one of their most critical resources." Centime founder and CEO BC Krishna. Covid exposed the risks posed to businesses by poor cash management — or simply an uncertain environment. As businesses across America continue to struggle with labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, inflation and uncertainty in the world, they must take ownership of their cash. While the government's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) helped businesses bridge gaps at the height of the pandemic, and banks stepped in to further accommodate their clients' unforeseen stressors, moving forward requires that business leaders gain control over all aspects of their cash. Centime was founded just before the global Covid pandemic struck in 2020, creating unexpected disruptions while also opening doors to creative solutions. In the intervening two years, an extended team of 150 engineers, designers, product managers, finance professionals, payments experts and bankers from Centime and its strategic partner FNBO have worked closely to develop this unique, simple, yet comprehensive cash flow control solution. A beta testing initiative, Centime's Early Access Program (EAP), provided valuable client feedback that has and continues to influence the features and functionality of Cash Flow Control — ensuring it truly provides transformative, actionable insights for businesses. That's the hope for a person like me, an average, small to mid-sized business owner and executive officer, Getting to a point in time when projecting my cash flow is simple, accurate, and meaningful to help me get a pulse on my businesses has been a revelation. Todd Murphy, CEO at Universal Information Services and a Centime EAP client. Carrie Zoucha, FNBO's VP, commercial payments, who knows Murphy's business as a member of the team that serves his banking needs, spoke to Centime's product development collaboration with the bank. "From the very beginning, our partnership with Centime has been a relationship built on mutual trust, collaboration and innovation. At FNBO, we take pride in being customer-led and providing guidance to help businesses grow. Our partnership with Centime has allowed us to take a common problem that so many businesses face, and help build a solution to help them thrive. It's been exciting to see Centime come to life, and particularly invigorating to hear about its impact from our customers." About Centime Centime, Inc. is a Boston-based fintech led by a veteran team of banking, payments, design and fintech professionals. We are bound by a shared desire to help small to mid-sized businesses thrive through strategic cash flow management. About FNBO First National Bank of Omaha is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska. First National of Nebraska and its affiliates have more than $26 billion in assets and nearly 5,000 employee associates. Primary banking offices are located in Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.

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3QualiTy Extends Seed Sale And Partners With MoonbaSwap

3QualiTy | May 24, 2022

Beginning May 30th, 3QualiTy, a leader in the charitable giving fintech space announced that it will partner with MoonbaSwap, a cross-chain AMM DEX protocol for swapping tokens based on OneLedger and its bridged chains. This partnership will be 3QualiTy’s launchpad for an extended seed sale, and makes the company the first crypto project to use the MoonbaSwap launchpad. Ultimately, this opens up the 3QualiTy platform to additional users, while also providing them with low transaction fees. The MoonbaSwap launchpad will offer: token investment which allows purchasing and trading of tokens that users store in their connected wallet; wallet integration through Metamask; multi-tiered staking and farming; KYC compliance; and lending and borrowing. An AMA session took place on May 19th, which allowed for an open conversation across platforms. MoonbaSwap is excited to announce the first project to go live on its LaunchPad will be 3QT, a New-York based fintech charity platform, MoonbaSwap is a Defi protocol and LaunchPad, built on the OneLedger platform, a web3 network protocol with a true multi-chain application environment built from the ground up for cross chain interoperability. Our goal is to host the world’s best projects after careful due diligence and consultation with a formidable cohort of technology and financial specialist that make up our Advisory Committee. 3QT is a quality project with prodigious talent and exemplary global support.” George Connolly, the president and CEO of OneLedger and MoonbaSwap Technologies. MoonbaSwap is also the developer of the company’s smart contract for the new 3QualiTy token. The partnership builds upon new technology which has the potential to grow into a very powerful blockchain. The success of 3QualiTy is our number one priority and wherever we see the opportunity to build this platform, make it better for the users, and increase our success rate legally in a way that does not affect our users, we will always look to take advantage of these opportunities.” Nicholas Chandler, 3QualiTy Co-founder & CEO. About 3QualiTy: 3QualiTy is a fintech company that offers an easy solution to charitable giving. 3QualiTy is a secure interface between charity and decentralized ledger technology. Through its digital token, 3QT, and its philosophy “Every Human is Equal,” charity and cryptocurrency go hand in hand. About MoonbaSwap: MoonbaSwap is a cross-chain AMM DEX protocol for swapping tokens based on OneLedger and its bridged chains, this removes ‘trusted’ intermediaries and provides the platform for faster trading. MoonbaSwap can produce a throughput of about 4000 tps, which is a lot faster than what other dexs can offer.

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AIG Trade + is the first-ever trade credit insurance product to combine non-cancelable limits with ground-up cover. Delivering credit limit certainty, minimizing policy administration, and streamlining the claims process, our coverage offers tremendous opportunities for insurance brokers