Webinar—Financial Reporting and Analytics for Project-based Businesses

Without real-time financial visibility and analytics, project-based businesses cannot effectively manage project costs, revenues, and overall performance. Join us for the webinar "Financial Reporting and Analytics for Project-based Businesses," and learn how combining project data with financial information ensures project profitability and financial success
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Natural capital is a way of thinking about nature as a stock that provides a flow of benefits to people and the economy. It consists of natural capital assets, such as water, forests and clean air that provide humans with the means for healthy lives and enable economic activity. The goods and servic


Creating Objective Capital Budget


In this webinar, we’ll present a case study describing the capital budgeting process implemented at a large research university. The speaker will discuss best-practice approaches for creating capital budgets that objectively balance the concerns of diverse functions and constituencies and align with strategic business goals...

What Every Business Person Needs to Know About Legal Issues in Contracts


This live webinar is designed for business owners and managers, presidents, vice presidents, directors, office managers, purchasing professionals, supervisors, accountants and attorneys.

Global Liquidity and Risk Management: Q2 Update on Outlook and Implications


The outlook for interest rates, currencies, and regulations has already been through several phases since the beginning of 2016. Against this volatile market environment, how are global corporates addressing the imperative for robust liquidity and risk management? Please join Citi experts as they review the implications of market changes and what the data show in emerging global corporate treasury best practices. The session includes the latest research results from Citi's Treasury Diagnostics global corporate benchmarking survey.

Webinar: Weekly Trading Q&A w/ Sr. Currency Strategist Christopher Vecchio: 1/11/17

Forex News by DailyFX

DailyFX Senior Currency Strategist Christopher Vecchio takes questions from clients and webinar attendees about the most important news and data impacting FX markets this week, and outlines strategies for trading various pairs. Topics covered include:- Will US yields pick back up and reignite USD/JPY? - What happens to Gold if USD/JPY makes a big move? - Is Brexit looking more like the 'hard' variety again? How would a 'hard Brexit' impact the British Pound? - Is there an opportunity in USD/CAD now that Crude Oil has slipped? - Why is the AUD/USD so resilient?