U.S. Taxes and Reporting for Non-U.S. Clients

This webinar covers US Tax withholding and reporting for IB clients who are non-US citizens and reside outside the US. We will discuss the factors that determine whether non-US clients are subject to US income taxation, the types of income paid to non-US persons that is subject to US tax withholding, and US year-end tax reporting for non-US clients.
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Bitcoin’s explosion in value throughout 2017 launched over 1,600 new cryptocurrencies and they seemed like unstoppable money-making machines until Bitcoin lost 83% of it’s value in 2018. And so have nearly all of it’s spin-offs. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold are down 98%, Etherium


The Future of Marketing in Financial Services


In a world where technology is permeating every part of our lives, it’s more important than ever that financial firms embrace the changes and use them to enhance customer relationships. Firms that adapt will win.Digital and marketing trends in the financial industry are dramatically changing the way Sales and Marketing teams work together, allowing them to be closer and more efficient. Firms are now using data to help them reach their core missions and measure return on investment. But the challenge is using data in the right way to gain an edge.This discussion is about what is happening in the marketplace that financial firms need to know, understand and react to in order to help clients. We'll discuss Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, FinTech trends.

Javelin: Convert ‘Silent Attrition’ into Banking Engagement and Profits

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The initial weeks, days, and even minutes after a consumer opens a checking account are critical in determining how profitable that banking relationship will ultimately become. Over 20% of new checking account holders say it is too difficult to make a complete switch from their previous bank or credit union to a new one. This leads to costly dormant accounts and robs the “new” financial institution of future profitability, relegating them to a secondary banking role.

Dynamic DUI Defense: 45 Ways to Change Your Game Right Now


This live webinar is primarily designed for attorneys. Other legal professionals may also benefit from attending.

Overdraft Services - Where Are We Now?


This live webinar is designed for presidents, vice presidents, branch managers, loan officers, compliance officers, loan department personnel, accountants, controllers, CFOs, credit and collection managers, and attorneys.