Understanding Blockchain Technology Risks and Insurance Coverage Issues

In this practical webinar, you will learn about risks that can be associated with blockchain use, including for companies directly using blockchain and those transacting business with companies that use blockchain technology. Among other things, you will learn what steps can be taken to lessen or avoid the legal and financial risks that may come along with blockchain technology.
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We examine the U.S. mutual fund industry with particular attention paid to fund flows, the liquidity of fund portfolios, and the interaction of those characteristics. We document the following general statistics on U.S. mutual funds...


U.S. Customs Compliance and Documentation Requirements for Canadian Exporters

The interconnectedness of Canada and the United States speaks to the depth of our relationship. Our safe and secure Canada - U.S. border facilitates over $1 million in cross border trade each and every minute, adding up to over $742 billion in goods and services. In addition, Canada is the largest export market for 35 States which ultimately supports 7.1 million jobs in the U.S...

EMV Monitoring and Analytics Webinar: Freeze Fraud and Keep Transactions Moving


EMV is here, and we want your POS and ATM channels to be ready! During this webinar, learn how ongoing performance management and card analysis across all payments channels is helping financial organizations dispute EMV liability shift chargebacks, and answer questions related to:When are EMV transactions failing?Why are EMV transactions falling back to magstripe?

Market Outlook July 2016

Royal London Group

Trevor Greetham's Market Outlook 2016 with a look at the Investment Clock post Brexit.

Trade With No Stop Loss, How To Win In The Currency Markets Hedging


Market strategy is about choosing the entry and exit prices. If a trader is on swing trading or scalping the exit price is crucial. The volatility for an intraday trader will play against its on trading every time a stop loss is placed. There is a safer and winning way to protect the entry without stop loss activation due to volatility or spread widening problems.