The Future of FinTech & Blockchain/Bitcoin: A Look at New Technologies Reshaping Financial Services


In 2017, financial institutions will hear much more about innovative financial technology (FinTech) companies, distributed ledgers (like blockchain), and cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin). While industry experts agree that “seamless integration with third parties” will be key for institutions going forward, many still fear the threats posed by FinTechs and new technologies transforming financial services. 2017 will be marked by continued “fintegration” (i.e., financial institutions and FinTechs coming together through powerful API platforms that expedite evolution of digital channels, enable mobile-first services, and improve user experience (UX)).
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Nia Reen is an actuary, specialising in Life Insurance at EY Australia. Nia shares her typical day and what she looks for in a candidate. Learn more at


US equities - Prospects for the US stock market in a world of policy divergence

The US remains the engine of global economic growth and home to some of the world’s most innovative and dynamic companies. The strength of the US economy has meant that the US Federal Reserve is likely to be the first of the major developed world central banks to start normalising policy; by contrast, Europe and Japan are implementing QE to support growth. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US dollar has performed very well in this environment...

An introduction to Scalable Capital.

Scalable Capital

Our Founder and Managing Director Adam French presents Scalable Capital in a Webinar on the topic “Intelligent Investing”. The video gives an overview of our investment approach and of our risk management technology. At the end, Adam French answers questions asked during the live session.

Your Digital Finance Journey: Maintaining Momentum After Implementation


The end of your initial BlackLine implementation is not the end of your digital finance journey – don’t let innovation stop after implementing your first BlackLine solution. From adding new solutions to leveraging current products in an ‘outside the box’ manner, join us for a session on maintaining your digital finance progress. We will discuss how to maintain your momentum with BlackLine and beyond. Learn how innovating with robotic process automation (RPA), corporate performance management (CPM), and other digital finance tools can help you maximize the ROI from your BlackLine investment, keep your team motivated, and position you for success.

Bitesize update: JPM Emerging Markets and Emerging Markets Income

J.P. Morgan

Join Omar Negyal, portfolio manager, and Claire Peck, client portfolio manager as they provide a timely update on the JPM Emerging Markets Fund and JPM Emerging Markets Income Fund. As the year draws to a close, Omar and Claire will discuss what has driven the asset class in 2015, how these funds have performed and the opportunities for 2016.