The age of marketplace banking

The ‘marketplace’ concept is not new, but following recent marketplace launches from the likes of Starling, the concept, now turned reality, has risen to the top of the agenda for incumbents and challengers alike. Is it a game changer and how will this trend alter the playing field? How will the customer relationship interface differ and more importantly, what are the benefits that will be driven to consumers.
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What are the latest trends in banking related to artificial intelligence? What is the future of artificial intelligence in banking? How is IBM transforming financial services with the help of cognitive? How is Watson helping banks achieve regulatory compliance? How is IBM helping banks to counter fi


Webinar—Financial Reporting and Analytics for Project-based Businesses

Intacct Corporation

Without real-time financial visibility and analytics, project-based businesses cannot effectively manage project costs, revenues, and overall performance. Join us for the webinar "Financial Reporting and Analytics for Project-based Businesses," and learn how combining project data with financial information ensures project profitability and financial success

Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP) Update


This live webinar is designed for presidents, vice presidents, branch managers, attorneys, loan officers, compliance officers, loan department personnel, mortgage brokers, credit and collection managers, auditors and accountants.

Goodwill impairment testing


Completeness and timeliness issues. Disclosure in financial statements and impact on market capitalization.Key topics,Fair value less costs of disposal or value in use?Goodwill impairment in financial statements of Russian and foreign companies,IFRS and US GAAP approach: similarities and differences,Disclosure in financial statements and impact on market capitalization.

ACH Specialist Series: ACH Tax Refund Exceptions, Posting & Liabilities


The federal government is one of the largest single users of the ACH network, but did you know that they don’t follow the same NACHA Operating Rules as a typical Originator? IRS tax refunds must be handled with care. The average IRS tax refund is almost $3,000 and every financial institution receives them. With such high volume, it is imperative that financial institutions understand the requirements surrounding tax refunds to avoid potentially large losses.