Maryland Collection Law Practice and Procedure

This live webinar is designed for attorneys, credit and collection managers, presidents, vice presidents, business owners and managers, insurance professionals, lending professionals, bankers and accountants.
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Ventana Research finds to be successful, midsize businesses eventually must deploy dedicated software to manage the accounting close. Download Ventana Research’s Guide to Buying Close Management Software and learn: Close benefits you can expect with automation vs. without What to look for when evalu


Does The Average Digital Banking User Really Know What They Want?


THIS WEBINAR WILL COVER: - The results from a proprietary survey by a national research firm on consumer satisfaction with online and mobile banking. - The manner in which these findings can be integrated into the digital banking strategies of financial institutions in order to position themselves for coming innovations. - The instance where the convergence of technology with consumer expectations could radically transform the digital experience of the end user.

Easy Oracle Financial Reporting with GL Connect


GL Connect for Oracle EBS (R11 and R12) allows finance users to easily build, update and refresh their financial reports directly from Excel using real-time, live, drillable data! All financial reports and statements are automatically configured to your existing Oracle EBS Security, Chart of Accounts, KFFs, DFFs, and Hierarchies. The best part? GL Connect is future-proof. SplashBI’s GL Connect tool ensures that no matter what Oracle changes or updates—we’ve got your reports covered!

Trading Report Webinar June, 2015

Australian Stock Report

• How to maximise the benefit of your Australian Stock Report Trading Report subscription • Our preferred trading platform provider for the execution of trades linked to recommendations published within the Australian Stock Report recommendations and an explanation as to why this is our preferred trading platform for clients; • The benefits and risks of (covered) short selling. What is it? How does it work? What are the risks? • Our Text2trade functionality which gives you real time access to any portfolio change recommendations published in the Australian Stock Report

CFE - Introduction to VIX Futures

Interactive Brokers

Russell Rhoads, CFA and instructor at The Options Institute at the CBOE will explain the evolution of the VIX Index and the mechanics of trading VIX Futures contracts. In addition, he will discuss the unique nature of VIX futures and what every trader should know before venturing into this rapidly growing asset class.