Lender Essentials: Environmental Liability Insurance

Legacy Risk Solutions, LLC

With risk management in the spotlight, environmental risk management policies are more important than ever. Environmental insurance options have evolved to offer lenders proven ways to manage risk as commercial loan originations increase in the second act of market recovery. Join us for this webinar as seasoned insiders share their insight into how insurance policies can effectively manage risk exposure.
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How Mature is your IT Financial Management?

US Bank

The demands from our business partners for business technology, business services and IT services are continuously expanding! This is nothing new as there always was an appetite for new technology and services; however in the age of the customer where customer loyalty and empowered customers have lots of choices, IT organizations need (and some are) rethinking on how to better partner with the business teams.
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Blockchain and Fraud Prevention in Financial Services


Blockchain technology is one of the most popular topics in both the business and technology industries. Tune in to free talks and panel sessions where leading experts from companies like Ethereum, Revolut, Ripple, IBM discuss the biggest trends and changes in the industry. Erik Wilgenh of Plante, Chief Compliance Officer at Bequant Capital, a crypto currency broker, talks us through financial crime investigation in blockchain.
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The Future of Credit Reporting and Credit Disputes

The process of credit reporting isn't as easy as just sending a name and amount to the credit bureaus. New regulatory policies and changes to credit reporting requirements have made it harder than ever to credit report a consumer. IC System's Corporate Counsel Michelle Dove offers her take on the issue in our webinar, The Future of Credit Reporting and Credit Disputes.
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Payments Modernisation: Creating a Truly Digital Bank


Payments modernization is fundamental to driving banks' business in the future digital ecosystem. Payments business is a crucial source of revenues, data and a critical anchor for broader customer relationships for both retail as well as wholesale banks. In 2016, core payment revenues, excluding interest income, represented up to 25% of global banking revenue.
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