IRS rules and reporting responsibilities are complex, extensive and overwhelming. PBS is presenting a six-part webinar series, with each program tailored to address specific requirements of IRS reporting and compliance as it relates to financial institution functions. As IRS reporting occurs at different times, PBS has scheduled each program to correspond with the appropriate reporting requirements. For example, information about the Penalty Notice (972CG) will be presented in the month that you would likely receive and need to respond. Also, information about forms 1098, 1099 and 1042-S, including a discussion of each 2016 form, will be presented later in the year when those forms need to be sent to recipients.
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Decades of finance processes designed for the batch world have tied the hands for finance professionals. Now, it’s about running in real time and understanding the impact of decisions before they are made. It’s time to reimagine everything, so we can do anything.


Latin America Treasury Hot Topics and Impact on Corporate Strategy


Companies operating in Latin America's volatile markets are continuously adjusting to the political, regulatory and economic environment of the region and ensuring the stability of their business operations. While some markets present attractive growth opportunities, the commodities down cycle and the currency and credit conditions in others introduce a high level of uncertainty in many sectors. This session reviews the hot topics that are at the forefront of corporate treasurers agendas and how they are navigating them to keep their corporate strategy on course.

Professional Accounting, Financial Planning and International Finance (Webinar)

Deakin University

If you have ever considered a career in the fields of Accounting or Finance, then one of Deakin's postgraduate courses is for you. Three of our academics will provide a great insight into the courses available in these areas, industry trends and career opportunities.

BDO Accounting Update Webinar March 2017


The latest of our regular update webinars where we discuss the latest updates to IFRS 9,15 & 16, UK GAAP, Company Law and a range of other matters.

Capitalism And The Making And Unmaking Of Black America

Highlighting the ubiquitous role of African American labor in creating the United States, participants will examine African American work lives throughout history, down to such recent phenomena as the impact of deindustrialization and increasing recent immigration of Africans and people of African descent from Latin America...