Digital Disruption And The Connected Customer: The Operational Challenges For Financial Services

The world is changing, and fast. Disruption is relentless as new technology, fierce competition and changing customer behaviour reshapes the challenges and opportunities facing financial services firms. In this discussion, C-suite level speakers from companies such as LV= and HSBC, will discuss how new technologies will disrupt financial services and what banks and insurers will need to do in order to keep pace. Your banking operations have been forced to operate leaner and under more complex compliance regulations. The good news is that with these additional challenges come additional opportunities. Local banks serve as the backbone of the banking system in the U.S., helping small and mid-sized businesses across the country to grow and invest.
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Global Trade Automation: ROI for the Enterprise

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A World of Free Trade Agreements: How to Maximize Duty Savings in Your Supply Chain Design

In response to regulatory and geopolitical disruptions, multinational companies are actively looking for savings in their global supply chains. At the same time, there’s a parallel shift toward diversifying supply chains and avoiding over-reliance on a single sourcing location. Free trade agreements (FTAs) can offer that dual-pr

Crisis Wake-Up Call: How Tax Departments Can Build a Rock-Solid Business Continuity Plan

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The ONESOURCE Advantage Migration Made Easy

If you’re considering upgrading your current sales tax engine, now is the ideal time. Thousands of domestic and multinational corporations count on Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE for the only truly global indirect tax solution — from research to determination and compliance.