2016 Hiring and Compensation Trends in Accounting and Finance

Robert Half

Whether you’re hiring, making a career move or both, join Paul McDonald, Senior Executive Director of Robert Half, and other senior executives to learn how you can succeed in this environment.
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Explaining the difference between Asset Finance and a Bank Loan.


Create more engaging financial wellness solutions


For years, delivering a powerful personal financial management solution (PFM) consisted of providing consumers with basic budgeting, spending and tracking tools. And, while many PFM users found these tools useful, many more are still left searching for more personalized and predictive solutions to help them better understand and manage their financial wellness. Today, if your PFM solution doesn't offer the personalized services and support your customers want, with the features they need, you've already lost them.
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Volunteering for Trouble? Classifying, Managing and Disciplining Volunteers


This live webinar is designed for executive directors, accountants, CPAs, officers, controllers, CFOs, tax managers, human resource managers, and attorneys.
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Why an Operational Data Layer is Critical for Open Banking


Innovative banking applications and comprehensive, instant insight into customer interactions are critical to competing in today’s disruptive competitive landscape. Not only do customer expectations continue to grow, but payment infrastructure evolution and compliance requirements mean access to highly contextual, real-time data is no longer a nice to have it’s a must have.
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Webinars Made Easy: A Small-Business Primer

American Express

One of the really cool things about technology is how it continues to help small-business owners reach their target markets in a faster, more streamlined fashion.In the “old days,” if you wanted to put on an event for a large group of customers or prospects, you’d have to worry about all sorts of logistics, such as location and venue, not to mention the time and cost of getting everything set up. These days, you can accomplish the same thing by conducting a webinar.
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