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Notion Capital launches new $150M fund aimed at European B2B tech

October 03, 2019 / Mike Butcher

Notion Capital today announced a new $150 million fund in a bid to bolster its claim to being the go-to investor for European B2B tech.Launched 10 years ago after the $700 million exit of MessageLabs by co-founders Ben and Jos White, this new fourth fund will continue its previous focus on Series A SaaS and enterprise tech, but will now come with an increased focus on cybersecurity, automation and marketplaces. Notion now has $500 million under management and more than 50 investments. Its portfolio includes several European unicorns, including Tradeshift,  GoCardless, Unbabel, Paddle, CurrencyCloud, Duedil, Mews Systems and others.Commenting, partner Stephen Chandler said: “When we founded Notion in 2009, we felt there was a mouth-watering, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help transform an industry and create a huge amount of value along the way. Having built the largest EU SaaS exit, we firmly believed that SaaS, as a fundamentally better way of delivering software, was g...