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Guardian Capital Partners Invests in Flat River Group

January 09, 2020 / Yahoo Finance

Guardian Capital Partners ("Guardian") announced that it invested in Flat River Group, LLC ("Flat River Group" or the "Company"). Guardian partnered with the Flat River Group executive management team, who will continue to operate the Company. Headquartered in Belding, MI, Flat River Group (www.flatrivergroup.com) is an eCommerce distributor, marketer, and service provider. The breadth of consumer products offered by large eCommerce retailers, along with the logistical complexities of eCommerce distribution, creates challenges for both product vendors and eCommerce retailers. Flat River was founded and has been built to focus solely on solving these eCommerce-specific challenges for both product vendors and their eCommerce retailer customers. The Company leverages its diverse set of relationships to provide effective product sourcing, inventory management, and high volume direct-to-consumer drop-shipping. Guardian and the Flat River Group management team a...