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Forging On In The Bear Market - According to Investor Oliver Isaacs Crypto Is Still Getting Started

January 13, 2019 / Gerald Fenech

Although we have been facing a doom and gloom scenario for months in the crypto markets, the situation is not that negative for some. Investor and advisor, Oliver Isaacs has risen from behind the scenes to become one of the top blockchain investors, influencers and strategists in the space.  He was an early investor in Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero and is now one of the foremost authorities on blockchain investing.  With a total social media following of around 1m followers across his channels, Isaacs’ company has worked closely with a number of well-known blockchain companies and exchanges, such as OKex, KuCoin, Coinsquare and Dragon. The total amount raised by companies Oliver has worked with has exceeded an impressive $400 million.Having invested in coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero when they were only single digit coins means he has seen returns in excess of 10,000%. According to his Twitter, Twitter.com/Oliverzok and Instagram channels, Isaacs continu...