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Crypto Hedge Funds’ Average AUM Grew Three Times in Q1

May 14, 2019 / Yogita Khatri

The average assets under management (AUM) of global cryptocurrency hedge funds increased three-fold in the first quarter of 2019, new research indicates. Consultancy firm PwC and investment firm Elwood Asset Management jointly published a report on Monday, saying that the median crypto hedge fund AUM has grown to $4.3 million at the end of Q1 2019 as compared to $1.2 million in January 2018.
The growth indicates that funds have been “relatively successful” at raising investments despite bearish market conditions during the period, the firms said. The report, based on interactions with 100 crypto hedge funds, further highlighted that the average fund AUM was $21.9 million as of Q1 2019 and 60% of funds have less than $10 million in assets while only less than 10 percent are managing assets over $50 million. Crypto hedge funds also performed better than bitcoin last year, the report found. While bitcoin plunged about 72 percent in 2018, the median crypto hedge fund los...