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5 Reasons to Explain the Rising Bitcoin Price in 2019

May 12, 2019 / JP Buntinx

No matter how one may want to look at things, Bitcoin’s primary selling point – at least for investors – has not changed in the slightest. It is still a very scarce form of money, albeit a few more BTC have been mined since 2017. With its maximum supply not changing, it is evident the time to get in while Bitcoins are still being mined is slowly slipping through onlookers’ fingers. There will also be a block reward halving next year, which could very well factor in tot he current demand for BTC. FOMO IS STILL A THING
When a financial market moves up or down in an appealing manner, investors will try to get in on the action under any circumstance. In the case of Bitcoin, the latest gains were quite steep, which undoubtedly triggered a lot of FOMO among onlookers, speculators, and traders. Although there is a healthy correction taking place right now, it seems likely the uptrend will be resumed fairly soon. As such, there could be even more FOMO to buy in n...