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EOS and Moonlighting: The Latest “Crypto Couple

April 14, 2019 / Nick Marinoff

The platform is designed primarily for developers and engineers that study or work in the field of blockchain. The partnership will allow these developers to establish new currencies, applications and other products through the EOS network. Stefan Schuetze – a Fin Lab member of the board of management – comments: Fin Lab has a long and successful history of investing in the most disruptive fintech companies in the world. Moonlighting has built a platform that leverages blockchain technology to make it easier, faster and safer for freelancers to conduct business globally. We really like the team and their mission to help freelancers and believe they will be one of the early winners to validate blockchain. Fin Lab is financially supported by Block.one, which publishes the EOSIO blockchain protocol. The company provides developers with money, space and other resources they need to build “community-driven businesses” that utilize EOS technology. The company hosts en...