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How Mobile Browsers Are Driving the Next Wave of Cryptocurrency Adoption

April 12, 2019 / Kai Sedgwick

You may not have noticed, but crypto’s first killer app is already here. It’s called the mobile browser. Until recently, mobile internet browsers were little more than a means to connect to the web on the go. Then, developers began integrating crypto-friendly functionality such as wallet, dapp store, and VPN, supercharging the humble mobile browser and transforming it into a powerful toolkit with a range of applications. Mobile web browsers are quietly evolving into highly versatile tools for cryptocurrency users. In the process, they’ve lowered the barriers for entry for beginners by making it easy to take the first steps towards owning and using cryptocurrency. Quietly yet steadily, a number of software and hardware developers have been adding functionality to feature phones through infusing them with the tools required to browse the Web 3.0. It’s still early days, but the progress that has been made in bringing everyday usability to crypto assets bodes well f...