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Showing the finality benefit of using a blockchain in a business environment. This use case shows how the many letter of credit documents would benefit from all having many parties to agree to all the latest state in near real-time view of the agreements. Blockchain is an emerging technology that ca


How Can Fintechs Make the Difference?

July 30, 2021 | 12:11AM | EST

It is a fact that treasury has become less diverse and more accountable for the company's overall results. Complexity comes from a wider group responsibility on e.g., working capital management through taking ownership of DSO and DPO KPIs. As ever, TMS technology providers wish to attract clients easily but make leaving a more challenging task for the client, and therefore securing revenues for the future. Participants in this session will discuss what they have learned from some of the marketing claims on ease of bank connectivity that result, in practice, in quite a different reality. Key reasons to attend: • Participate in the interactive discussion covering some of the industry’s hottest topics and use cases on building the right fintech ecosystem to fulfill corporate treasurers' expectations. • Network and exchange ideas with webcast presenters and attendees via chat line. • Hear from Aite Group analysts about key trends impacting your business and recommendations for how to best position your organization for success in today’s evolving industry.
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