Identify and Avoid Common Obstacles When Migrating Your Sales Tax Function to the Cloud

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A cloud migration of sales tax applications is an excellent opportunity to address data quality problems, such as verifying contact and account information, identifying missing or incomplete records, purging information that no longer needs to be kept, cleaning up access directories, and verifying that sales tax exemption certificates are current. The time to do this is before the migration, however, not once the process has started.
Misperceptions still exist about the robustness and security of cloud platforms.

“Customers generally move everything over and then clean it up,” Zangrilli says. That approach can make the data quality problem worse. Instead of one bad record, the organization now has duplicates in the cloud. Fixing data quality problems after migration can also require sorting through log files, which aren’t necessarily exposed by the vendor and may be different from those captured on-site.

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