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Harsh Mody

Harsh Mody is Global Enterprise Sales Head at, a visual artificial intelligence company. Harsh had founded his own Artificial Intelligence Startup based in Washington, US & has been in the Epicentre of Tech Startup Ecosystem since 2017. He has worked as a strategy consultant with leading companies like NEC Corp, Facebook, MIT Technology Review, many venture capitalists & startups. His core focus has been to be a Futurist Technology Evangelist while understanding the core of Business & Strategy with a unique amalgamation of technology.


ORBO is an AI company providing AI-powered tech solutions that bring automation and enhanced experience to the visual world. Whatever solution we have developed has years of research and algorithmic training by our deep learning and AI engineers. Orbo’s vision is to democratize and provide a cost-effective AI-enabled platform to solve problems associated with visual enhancement and visual automation that can help various sectors like banking, insurance, infrastructure, e-commerce, healthcare, and beauty. ORBO has more than 10 IPs in the Deep learning space and has strategic partners like CISCO, INTEL, Microsoft, CGI, IBM, and GE Healthcare. The AI and Deep Learning team of ORBO has also won international AI championships in China, Japan and India.

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