Volante Technologies has been Awarded The Best Payments & Financial Messaging Solutions Global Award for 2021

Volante Technologies | April 06, 2021

Volante Technologies, the international pioneer in cloud payments and financial messaging, reported today that it has received the Cfi. co Global Award for Best Payments & Financial Messaging Solutions for 2021.

The awards program aims to recognize and honor excellence in individuals and organizations, as well as to promote innovative fintech solutions and consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

Volante's emphasis on cloud-native solutions to optimize and automate complex processes in payments and financial messaging, along with the firm's customer-centric style, was one of the main differentiating factors in the award win.

The below are some of the highlights of the panel's final report:

Customers of Volante account for 40% of all commercial bank deposits in the United States and 70% of global card traffic.

Volante has a footprint in 35 countries and a sizable share of the financial sector, with four of the world's top five corporate banks as clients.

Volante has over 100 clients worldwide, all of which have seen project cost savings of almost 62 percent and a 70 percent reduction in the time taken to complete the project.

Volante Technologies CEO Vijay Oddiraju said, "Our goal has always been to provide our customers with innovative and transformative solutions. We work with them to accelerate their modernization journeys, from real-time payments to ISO 20022 migration to cloud payments. In recognition of our achievements, we are honored to have received the Cfi. co Best Payments & Financial Messaging Solutions Global Award for 2021."

About Volante Technologies
Volante Technologies is the world's leading provider of cloud payments and financial messaging solutions to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation. In 35 nations, they are a trusted partner of over 100 banks, financial institutions, market infrastructures, clearinghouses, and corporate treasuries. Every day, their solutions and services process millions of transactions and trillions in value, powering four of the top five multinational banks, 40 percent of all commercial bank deposits in the United States, and 70 percent of global card traffic. As a result of their continuous innovation, their clients can stay ahead of new trends, become more competitive, have better client experiences, and expand their businesses.


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Did you forgot your axis bank password ? No problem here is the step by step procedure to set a new password once again.
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Remote Work, HR departments, HR TechMarkacy, (“the Company”) a digital strategy and marketing firm headquartered in New York City, today unveiled its Finance-Based Marketing solution (“FBM”). This new capability is aimed at methodically improving profitability and empowers brands to identify immediate cost savings and marketing efficiencies without sacrificing long-term growth. FBM is an evolution of Markacy’s financially driven approach to digital and e-commerce direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies for new and established brands across sectors. “When the market is thriving, it seems less risky to spend frivolously. However, spending that is not optimized creates challenges when there is an economic downturn,” said Chris Jones, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Markacy. “When the market is thriving, it seems less risky to spend frivolously. However, spending that is not optimized creates challenges when there is an economic downturn,” said Chris Jones, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Markacy. “We expect brands to re-evaluate their marketing budgets over the coming months. Knowing how and when to adapt expenditures throughout the entire marketing program is absolutely crucial, especially with current market volatility. We built FBM as an all-encompassing solution focused on driving P&L objectives and achieving sustainable growth.” Deploying FBM requires a comprehensive evaluation of a brand’s enterprise-wide commercial objectives and an audit of its P&L. This enables Markacy’s marketing strategists to gain a deep understanding of the brand’s financials and its most pressing challenges and the biggest opportunities. To that end, at the very outset, Markacy defines marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) including Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) targets that are reverse-engineered from a brand’s P&L objectives using its proprietary calculator. This strategy ensures that all expenditures - ranging from advertising cost, and the use of marketing technology platforms, to headcount - are fully aligned and optimized in accordance with enterprise-wide business goals. During economic downturns, many DTC brands have been known to uniformly cut operating and marketing expenditures, often stunting mid and long-term growth. Informed by FBM, Markacy is working with clients to mitigate this effect by prioritizing strategies and advertising channels that drive profitable growth while also cutting back from marketing programs that do not advance MER targets or the bottom line. Tucker Matheson, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Markacy added: “Our multidisciplinary offering fills a gap in traditional digital marketing strategies that brands use despite today’s uncertainties. We put a critical lens on the quantitative financial impact of marketing and bring it to life. FBM will raise our impact to another level, enabling us to advise clients in a more focused and precise manner directly tied to financial performance. We have a set of critical, proprietary tools that enable us to understand which channels and campaigns are the most impactful and shift budgets accordingly when necessary.” Markacy’s work is guided by the evolving and growing expertise of its team, combined with the leadership’s experience in finance and strategy consulting. To receive a complimentary assessment for your brand using our FBM solution, contact Markacy. About Markacy Markacy is a digital strategy firm helping brands launch, grow and scale, by developing and executing cross-channel strategies. Specializing in finance, media, strategic planning, creative, and marketing operations, the company is headquartered in New York City with teams in multiple cities including Boston and Los Angeles. Visit us at

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Flipside Crypto Release SDK for Blockchain Analytics to be Accessed Through SaaS NFT

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ShroomDK, an NFT-based SDK that offers programmatic query access to the most complete blockchain data available anywhere, was just released by Flipside Crypto, a leading blockchain ecosystem growth and analytics business. Open access to blockchain data is a foundational component to enabling the growth of Web3 ecosystems. The ability to query that data programmatically has been a critical piece of missing infrastructure for blockchain developers and analysts. An SDK solves that, but one enabled via a SaaS-inspired NFT brings added Web3 advantages of not just community, but flexibility for future utilization. It might be upgrades to additional toolkits, power-ups, or even the ability to sell components of your access if you determine it's no longer a fit." Jim Myers, Co-Founder and CTO, Flipside Crypto Developers can programmatically query data on a wide range of blockchains using ShroomDK NFTs, including historical state Ethereum access, Layer 2s like Arbitrum and Optimism, additional EVMs like Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain, and multi-chain access to Flipside L1 partners like Solana, NEAR, FLOW, Thorchain, and Algorand. An SDK is about applying data to nurture and grow products and derive benefits via insights. Mushrooms are very similar, as they release spores that germinate and spur new growth, and then decay into nutrients that feed the entire ecosystem." Dave Balter, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Flipside Crypto

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Global Fintech Company Givex Completes Acquisition of Counter Solutions

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Givex Information Technology Group LTD has completed the purchase of all of the outstanding shares of Counter Solutions Holdings LTD. "The acquisition of Counter Solutions marks the fourth acquisition for Givex in the last 18 months, which showcases our commitment to strategic international growth, Counter Solutions' products complement the Givex portfolio and allow us to add unattended retail functionality to our current POS and kiosk offerings." -Don Gray, CEO of Givex Founded in 1989, UK-based Counter Solutions offers many technology solutions that align with Givex's products, including POS, kiosk and digital ordering, inventory management and more. Givex was attracted to Counter Solutions' WAY2PAY self-service & smart-refrigeration platform, which allows customers to unlock refrigerators by preauthorizing a debit or credit card on a pin pad, and select, scan and pay for their items themselves. Now, with the support of Givex's end-to-end technology platform and deep team, Counter Solutions can seamlessly offer Givex products, like GivexPOS, online ordering, kitchen display system (KDS) and more, to its roster of enterprise clients without having to create partnerships with various external partners. Counter Solutions is the perfect complement to the Givex product suite and team, which expands our global footprint, We have made major headway in our growth in the UK and throughout Europe, and the Middle East and this acquisition offers another opportunity to expand the breadth and depth of our clients under one common platform,said Jurgen Ketel, Managing Director of Givex EMEA. Counter Solutions counts some of the biggest brands in the UK as clients, including Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners, and will add approximately 1,000 merchant locations to Givex's global footprint of more than 115,000 merchant locations using at least one Givex service. The acquisition will be paid for through a combination of cash, debt and GITL shares (subject to the final acceptance by the Toronto Stock Exchange) and total consideration will be consistent with prior acquisition multiples and terms. Our significant progress over the last two years has led to the consideration of how we scale up our operations in line with our vision and values, We have found the right home with Givex, and there is a huge opportunity to leverage each other's strengths and fast-track our growth. Givex offers the best elements of a global enterprise such as brand, scale and resources, whilst retaining the best elements of smaller or emerging enterprises, such as agility and community. We are excited to progress this journey and join forces with Givex,said Richard Bernans, Managing Director of Counter Solutions Group. About Givex Givex is a global fintech company providing merchants with customer engagement, point of sale and payment solutions, all in a single platform. We are integrated with 1000+ technology partners, creating a fully end-to-end solution that delivers powerful customer insights. Our platform is used by some of the world's largest brands, comprising approximately 115,000+ active locations across more than 100 countries. About Counter Solutions Counter Solutions create connected digital experiences for the retail & hospitality sectors, helping brands implement self-service technology solutions to improve their customer experience & drive productivity gains. Their WAY2PAY platform comprises of self-order, self-checkout, smart refrigeration & menu management technology and is trusted by many leading enterprise retailers within the UK.

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