Volante Technologies Extends Cloud Payments Collaboration with FIMBank

Volante | February 10, 2022

Volante Technologies and FIMBank to extend their payments innovation journey. Volante Technologies, the cloud payments and financial messaging leader, announced its extension in support of plans to deploy additional rails and components from the Volante Payments as a Service (PaaS) cloud-native payments processing platform. FIMBank is a leading trade finance and forfaiting solutions provider and has served in the payment sector for a long period.

The first suite of collaboration began in 2018. FIMBank joined hands with Volante and its cloud service on Microsoft Azure. As a result, FIMBank collaborated to process inbound and outbound SEPA payments for corporate customers. Using the cloud platform, banks will now use the service to facilitate their switch to clear and settle through the Central Bank of Malta.

As the news spread, Gilbert Coleiro, CIO, FIMBank, gave his inputs. He commented, "We collaborated with Volante to help us implement the first step of our innovation program - processing SEPA payments in the cloud. Volante's PaaS is now a core part of our mission-critical payments business. Its extensibility will allow us to easily participate in new schemes like SEPA instant, expand cross-border capabilities, and smooth our migration to ISO 20022. By doing so, we will be able to deliver data-rich 24x7 instant payment experiences to corporations, no matter where or when they do business."

Gareth Lodge, Senior Analyst, Global Payments, Celent, was also seen giving his views. He says, "Banks and financial institutions face stiff competition for corporate business on all fronts: larger global banks, smaller challengers, fintech, and big techs. The key to rising above the competition is rapid payments modernization. More than ever that means adopting cloud-native as-a-service platforms for payments processing, particularly instant payments. The benefits are clear: faster time to value, greater resilience and scalability, lower costs, higher margins, and ultimately superior customer satisfaction and market share."

We are delighted to see FIMBank expand its relationship with Volante by using our cloud Payments as a Service for more of its mission-critical payments needs, including SEPA instant processing. In addition, FIMBank has recognized that the cloud can accelerate its modernization journey and eliminate legacy limitations, giving it the freedom to evolve in whatever direction it chooses for itself and its customers. We look forward to continuing to support FIMBank throughout this journey."

Vijay Oddiraju, CEO, Volante Technologies.


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Apex Fintech Solutions and Unifimoney Announce Partnership to Provide America’s Credit Unions and Community Banks with Digital Investment Solutions

Unifimoney and Apex Fintech Solutions | December 19, 2022

Apex Fintech Solutions (“Apex”), the powerhouse enabling seamless access, frictionless investing, and scalable infrastructure for hundreds of leading fintech companies, today announced a partnership with Unifimoney Inc. ("Unifimoney") a multi asset digital wealth management platform for community banks and credit unions. The collaboration allows community banks and credit unions to enable their account holders access to Unifimoney’s turnkey digital wealth management platform and Apex Clearing Corporation’s modern digital clearing and custody engine. Services include Robo Advisory and self-directed trading for thousands of stocks and ETFs. Apex Clearing Corporation, a subsidiary of Apex Fintech Solutions, provides clearing and custody services to industry leading brokerages. Unifimoney is already integrated into a number of leading online banking platforms including Jack Henry Banno, Q2 and soon Alkami. Clients on these platforms can expect to deploy Unifimoney in less than three days with a no-code configuration on their online banking portal. Oklahoma-based First Fidelity Bank is the first customer to go live with the service. “Community banks and credit unions are the backbone of the US economy, As demand increases from these community financial institutions, we are pleased to collaborate with Unifimoney to further extend their existing services and empower more consumers on their long term wealth management journeys. Unifimoney’s turnkey approach and exceptional user interface provides an incredibly compelling way to achieve this.” -Connor Coughlin, General Manager, Fintech, of Apex Ben Soppitt Co-Founder and CEO of Unifimoney said, We took great care and time in choosing the brokerage platform needed to support what are some of the most heavily regulated financial companies in the world. Apex stood out with its deep market experience, broad product mix and robust compliance procedures as well as their understanding of and passion for credit unions and community banks. About Unifimoney Unifimoney is a multi-asset turnkey digital wealth management platform that serves Fintechs, Community Banks and Credit Unions to enable them to offer compelling investment services to their customers. The Unifimoney platform today includes both passive and active investing in traditional equities and ETF’s. 80 cryptocurrencies and precious metals including gold, silver and platinum. Unifimoney RIA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Unifimoney Inc. is a SEC registered RIA. Unifimoney is part of the ICBA 2022 ThinkTech Accelerator Program. About Apex Fintech Solutions Apex Fintech Solutions is a fintech powerhouse enabling seamless access, frictionless investing, and investor education for all. Apex’s omni-suite of scalable solutions fuel innovation and evolution for hundreds of today’s market leaders, challengers, change makers, and visionaries. The Company’s digital ecosystem creates an environment where clients with the biggest ideas are empowered to change the world. Apex works to ensure their partners succeed on the frontlines of the industry via bespoke custody & clearing, advisory, institutional, digital assets, and SaaS solutions through its Apex Clearing™, Apex Pro™, Apex Crypto™, Apex Advisor Solutions™, Apex Silver™, and Apex CODA Markets™ brands.

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Computer Services Inc. Partners with Microsoft to Rebuild Its Solutions on Azure

CSI | January 06, 2023

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) said it is collaborating with Microsoft to rebuild its products on Microsoft Azure in the public cloud. Working with Azure lets CSI easily integrate and carry out its long-term strategic goal for cloud solutions that provide scalable technology to both financial institutions and multinational businesses to meet changing client expectations, increase revenue, and shorten the time it takes to get to market. Customers like Marion County Bank in Iowa have already taken advantage of the solutions made possible by the partnership. CSI's public cloud services are more reliable than the traditional data center model because they offer digital solutions that reduce the need for on-premise mainframes. With the help of the company's solutions, financial institutions and other businesses can make their products faster and better meet changing customer needs. CSI's cloud solutions also make sure that companies are more agile, flexible, and scalable while reducing cybersecurity risks. According to CSI, the change toward digital adoption and experiences has caused financial institutions to respond by developing innovative solutions across digital banking, payments, and other crucial sectors to fulfill the increased need for access and flexibility. By working with Microsoft Azure to set up cloud-based solutions and applications across the company's product suite, the company is able to offer its customers cutting-edge technologies that help them respond more quickly to the specific needs of their customers. CSI's public cloud solutions include best-in-class artificial intelligence technology for aggregating and analyzing customer data, enhanced customer-facing experiences, and improved security and compliance services as part of the technological enhancements that have been integrated into the solutions. Meanwhile, the company’s cloud initiative involved considerable customer consultation to guarantee a smooth transition for its hundreds of existing clients nationwide. CSI's clients have started to switch to CSI Cloud Services, a modernized IT infrastructure that makes digital services safer and easier to use, and WatchDOG® Premiere, the company's cloud solution for screening for sanctions. Using Azure to improve CSI's IT infrastructure makes things easier for current and future clients and makes data more secure. As more industries move to cloud-based services, companies that use CSI's public cloud solutions will get a more responsive platform with better value and more reliable systems. About CSI CSI is a major finance, regtech, and cybersecurity partner. Its customer-first culture is shown by its cutting-edge technology, its many years of experience, and its commitment to real partnerships. The company is the specialist behind today's best fintech, regtech, and cybersecurity solutions, including digital transformation and regulatory compliance in banking.

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Atomic collaborates with Jack Henry to unlock a digital banking evolution for banks and credit unions

Atomic and Jack Henry & Associates | December 02, 2022

Atomic, the market-leading provider of payroll connectivity, announced today that its direct deposit setup and switching solution, Deposit, is now accessible through Jack Henry’s digital banking platform. Atomic leveraged the Digital ToolkitTM, the same set of APIs on which the Banno Digital PlatformTM is built, to embed its technology into the digital experiences offered by community and regional financial institutions. Access to Jack Henry’s API, design, and authenticated frameworks has enabled Atomic to directly integrate into the digital banking platform, providing a seamless banking experience. This integration contributes to Jack Henry’s growing ecosystem of over 850 fintech firms, providing approximately 8,000 financial institutions with relevant financial products and services for their account holders. Atomic rolled out a soft launch for its Deposit plugin on the Jack Henry digital banking platform in July 2022, giving Banno users access to its first-to-market direct deposit switch and set-up solution. Using Atomic’s Deposit solution, financial institutions can enable their customers to digitally set up and switch direct deposits to fund accounts held with them. With Atomic’s Deposit solution active on the Jack Henry digital banking platform, existing Banno customers can install and activate the Deposit plugin to their bank’s mobile app or online banking platform within hours. This collaboration is a great example of conjoined fintech that creates stronger wins and greater opportunities for financial institutions of all sizes, fostering a more competitive landscape. "We aim to help marginalized and underserved consumers, In the same way, we strive to help financial institutions of every asset size differentiate and excel–often the regional and community banks are among the hardest to serve underrepresented populations. By partnering, customers are empowered to unlock direct access to account funding streams without needing to invest in modern technological infrastructure or build in-house APIs and integrations required to launch competitive, cutting-edge financial solutions. We’re thrilled about this integration with Jack Henry and the Banno digital banking platform.” -Jordan Wright, Co-founder and CEO at Atomic About Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. Jack HenryTM (Nasdaq: JKHY) is a well-rounded financial technology company that strengthens connections between financial institutions and the people and businesses they serve. We are an S&P 500 company that prioritizes openness, collaboration, and user centricity – offering banks and credit unions a vibrant ecosystem of internally developed modern capabilities as well as the ability to integrate with leading fintechs. For more than 45 years, Jack Henry has provided technology solutions to enable clients to innovate faster, strategically differentiate, and successfully compete while serving the evolving needs of their accountholders. We empower approximately 8,000 clients with people-inspired innovation, personal service, and insight-driven solutions that help reduce the barriers to financial health. Additional information is available at About Atomic: Atomic is the market-leading provider of payroll connectivity, trusted by over 160 financial institutions, fintech firms, and partners, including 13 of the largest fintech apps, as well as financial firms offering digital-first neobanks, alternative lending, crypto exchanges, and digital brokerages. Atomic provides the infrastructure to connect consumers to their financial data, automate set-up and updates to direct deposits, digitize income and employment verifications (VOI/VOE), repay financial obligations from their paycheck, access earned but unpaid wages, and tap tax filing advantages, as well as supporting financial wellness benefits through its EmployerLink solutions. Atomic’s suite of API solutions simplifies complicated payroll and human resource platform integrations that cover over 480 unique payroll connections, including incumbent payroll providers, bespoke enterprise solutions, modern HR tech providers, gig-economy platforms and government systems. Atomic is ranked by CB Insights as a Fintech 250, selected by Fintech Breakthrough Awards as a Best Banking Transaction Solution, and is recognized as a Top Work Places 2022. Atomic has raised $78.6 million from investors, including Greylock, Mercato Partners, Core Innovation Capital, Portage, and ATX Venture Partners. For more insights on the intersection of fintech and payroll, you can subscribe to Atomic's Intelligence newsletter.

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