Volante Technologies Extends Cloud Payments Collaboration with FIMBank

Volante | February 10, 2022

Volante Technologies and FIMBank to extend their payments innovation journey. Volante Technologies, the cloud payments and financial messaging leader, announced its extension in support of plans to deploy additional rails and components from the Volante Payments as a Service (PaaS) cloud-native payments processing platform. FIMBank is a leading trade finance and forfaiting solutions provider and has served in the payment sector for a long period.

The first suite of collaboration began in 2018. FIMBank joined hands with Volante and its cloud service on Microsoft Azure. As a result, FIMBank collaborated to process inbound and outbound SEPA payments for corporate customers. Using the cloud platform, banks will now use the service to facilitate their switch to clear and settle through the Central Bank of Malta.

As the news spread, Gilbert Coleiro, CIO, FIMBank, gave his inputs. He commented, "We collaborated with Volante to help us implement the first step of our innovation program - processing SEPA payments in the cloud. Volante's PaaS is now a core part of our mission-critical payments business. Its extensibility will allow us to easily participate in new schemes like SEPA instant, expand cross-border capabilities, and smooth our migration to ISO 20022. By doing so, we will be able to deliver data-rich 24x7 instant payment experiences to corporations, no matter where or when they do business."

Gareth Lodge, Senior Analyst, Global Payments, Celent, was also seen giving his views. He says, "Banks and financial institutions face stiff competition for corporate business on all fronts: larger global banks, smaller challengers, fintech, and big techs. The key to rising above the competition is rapid payments modernization. More than ever that means adopting cloud-native as-a-service platforms for payments processing, particularly instant payments. The benefits are clear: faster time to value, greater resilience and scalability, lower costs, higher margins, and ultimately superior customer satisfaction and market share."

We are delighted to see FIMBank expand its relationship with Volante by using our cloud Payments as a Service for more of its mission-critical payments needs, including SEPA instant processing. In addition, FIMBank has recognized that the cloud can accelerate its modernization journey and eliminate legacy limitations, giving it the freedom to evolve in whatever direction it chooses for itself and its customers. We look forward to continuing to support FIMBank throughout this journey."

Vijay Oddiraju, CEO, Volante Technologies.


Warren Buffett and Charlie #Munger debunks the myths in the banking industry. Despite the banking industry was in trouble during the financial crisis of 2008, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger state that the banking industry actually generates attractive return on equity.


Warren Buffett and Charlie #Munger debunks the myths in the banking industry. Despite the banking industry was in trouble during the financial crisis of 2008, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger state that the banking industry actually generates attractive return on equity.

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Fintainium And Aspire Fund Management Announce Intent To Launch Joint Venture

Fintainium | October 23, 2021

Fintainium Inc, announced today the intent to launch a Joint Venture with Aspire Fund Management, a Trinidad & Tobago based Private Equity and Financial Advisory company that bridges the gap between investors and next-generation innovative, transformative businesses. The joint venture will redefine Fintech in a large part of the region. Fintainium's Chief Executive Officer, Richard Jackman remarked, "For the last several years we have been working closely with Aspire. It has been the vision of both companies to build to this point; we have both wanted to create a joint venture that would disrupt some large markets and create value for all involved." Fintainium, an SME workflow automation supply chain finance and fintech payments company, facilitates the relationship between financial institutions, businesses, and other technology companies by combining world-class domestic and international money movement products with workflow, accounting, and reconciliation automation. As a result, Fintainium enhances back-office operations for institutions and streamlines working capital management for end-users. Kerwyn Valley, Aspire's Managing Director, remarked, "We are excited about the possibilities that a joint venture between our two companies can create. The combination of Fintainium's technology and the brand name of Aspire Fund Management will create a powerful growth vehicle for CARICOM and LATAM. Our region has been seeking solutions like these to make doing business easier, lower the working capital costs and automate repetitive processes. Our solutions and technology will facilitate trade finance and other SME-focused lending opportunities." The new joint venture, when formed, will also bring North American expertise working with banks and credit unions to the region. Fintainium has been working with banks and credit unions in the United States and Canada for the past three years. As a result, some of the exciting features have been developed with the deep expertise curated by working with financial institutions. There is a great unmet need in this region to automate back-end processes, centralize data and create an easy to use, streamlined solution to underwrite and fund loans with a very low back office burden. Working capital Is critical to any business's success, but the SME market has specific needs due to their size. This joint venture, when formed, is going to enable companies to operate better than they ever have before and free them up to execute on their core business by providing working capital more efficiently." Rich Jackman, CEO About Fintainium With headquarters in Florida and Toronto, Fintainium facilitates the relationship between financial institutions, businesses, and other technology companies. Fintainium combines world class domestic and international money movement products with workflow, accounting, and reconciliation automation. Fintainium enhances back-office operations for institutions and streamlines accounting processes for end-users. Fintainium is an API-driven and modular platform that was designed to work seamlessly with other platforms. Fintainium's technology enables features such as three minute on-platform loan adjudication, integrated CFO toolkit with business intelligence, real-time payments, credit risk analysis, cash flow optimization, and back-office automation. Fintainium is the only platform that combines all these features into a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface and can also integrate into the background of a 'partner's larger solution. About Aspire Funds Aspire Fund Management was founded by financial leaders and successful entrepreneurs, uniting with the purpose of channeling -private equity capital into enterprising, aspiring Caribbean companies – while providing intelligent investment management and generating capital returns for investors. Aspire believes the ability to seize a viable opportunity to help realize and grow a sustainable business is the foundation of its service and central to its overall value proposition. Aspire bridges the gap between innovative entrepreneurs needing capital and investors looking to intelligently fund worthy businesses to create returns above benchmark indexes.

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Swishfund is The First Customer For Five Degrees' New Cloud Native Core Banking Platform °Neo

Five Degrees,Swishfund | May 17, 2021

Five Degrees is excited to introduce Swishfund as the first client on °neo, its latest cloud based central banking network. Fintech Swishfund was created in 2016 and offers direct lending products to SME companies in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Swishfund will move its current customer base to °neo in order to concentrate on growing its market. Swishfund CEO Jeroen Sonsma says, "At Swishfund, our goal is to provide business lending products in an extremely easy, fast and convenient way. We aim to be the most attractive alternative lender in short and mid-term financing for entrepreneurs and their SME businesses. Where the traditional banks are withdrawing more and more in this important market, we are stepping forward to help. By adopting °neo, we will reach a next step in efficiency, which opens new possibilities to deliver a seamless lending experience that will bring us more customers and will retain recurring existing customers. At the same time, we can focus more on what we are good at, which is offering fast, flexible and suitable credit. For us this migration is a big step towards further professionalization and scalability of our organisation.” Sonsma also adds, “We assessed multiple cloud native platforms and for us Five Degrees came out on top through a combination of in-depth knowledge of the financial sector and the way they apply cloud native technology. In addition, they were a perfect cultural fit with our own company: forward thinking, informal and fast. It is incredible to see how effortlessly the °neo platform works, and how it enables us to focus on our core business where we can provide a truly great lending experience. On top of that, being the launching partner for Five Degrees we've experienced them as being very open and listening to our and our customer's needs in further developing the platform.” “We are extremely excited to work with Swishfund as our launching customer for °neo. After a decade of providing innovative core banking technology for an amazing group of clients in Europe and North America, we created °neo from a clean sheet of paper”, Says Martijn Hohmann, CEO and founder of Five Degrees. He also adds, “We have combined the latest cloud native technology with our experience from the past 10 years. I am very proud to see Swishfund embrace °neo to fuel their growth.”

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PAYMENTS Announces Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrations, Microsoft | April 20, 2021, a leading supplier of cloud-based software that simplifies, digitizes, and automates complex back-office financial operations for small and medium-sized companies (SMBs), today announced an extension of its partner platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Mutual clients will now be able to take charge of their financial operations, save time, and scale with trust due to the integrations' intelligent automation workflows and payments for accounts payables (AP) and account receivables (AR). Key Customer Benefits of the Sync with Dynamics 365 Include: • Time Savings: Save half the time spent on payables processes through automated and streamlined AP workflows, reduced manual data entry, and flexible, single-click payment options from wherever you are. • Easier Payables and Receivables Management: By integrating with existing Dynamics 365 accounting software, customers can manage cash flow in real-time, set up their payables and receivables within days, and quickly and easily pay and get paid. • Enhanced cash flow visibility and stronger financial process control: Customers can stay in control at every step by managing approval policies with custom workflows, ensuring payment accuracy and timeliness, and reduction of errors and risks About is a leading provider of cloud-based software that simplifies, digitizes, and automates complex, back-office financial operations for small and midsize businesses. The platform is used by customers to handle end-to-end financial workflows and automate payments. The AI-powered financial management portal connects companies with their vendors and customers. It helps in the management of currency inflows and outflows. The company collaborates with some of the largest financial institutions in the United States, the majority of the top 100 accounting firms in the United States, and prominent accounting software providers. is headquartered in San Jose, California, and Houston, Texas.

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