Vendorin Rebranded as Corcentric Payments Provider for B2B

Vendorin | February 01, 2022

Vendorin announced rebranding its B2B payment solution as Corcentric Payments, a global provider of B2B expenditure and revenue management software, in 2020. With the new venture and under one unified brand, now the company can monetize transactions through supply chain finance, payments, and group purchasing via electronic mode. In addition, the venture will help increase overall supplier acceptance accounts payable (AP) processes and fully automate accounts of the organization.

Corcentric is relentlessly focused on our customers, which is why we are looking continuously for ways to help businesses reduce costs and unlock new potential through our solutions. As the pandemic conditions continue causing companies of all sizes to shift to electronic payments, our combination of a stellar supplier network and an integrated true payment network makes Corcentric a single, formidable force."

Matt Clark, President, and Chief Operating Officer at Corcentric

As per a survey conducted by and Corcentric, nearly 71% of CFOs have increased the use of digital payments since the pandemic. Finance leaders are highly digitalizing payment modes to achieve their company’s goals. However, a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Corcentric finds that over 51% of finance leaders still struggle with a lack of payment digitalization, slowing down their cash flow processes.

The rebranding of Vendorin as Corcentric Payments initiated its new payment solutions a year after when the company united with Determine, a source-to-pay software provider, Netsend, e-billing service provider, and with Source One, a strategic sourcing services provider under the name of Corcentric. Today, Corcentric can provide an advanced suite of Source-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash solutions with a proprietary B2B payments network with the help of its unification with these notable service providers. The network comprises nearly half a million buyers and suppliers. Furthermore, through cloud-based software, payments, and advisory services, Corcentric empowers customers to minimize risks of capital growth and enhanced visibility of payment details. In this way, the company aims to process over $100 billion in overall transactions annually.


The past 48 hours have shown high levels of market volatility around the globe. Join our chief investment strategist, Jim McDonald after the U.S. markets close to learn more about the day's market activity, its impact and our views for the coming days.


The past 48 hours have shown high levels of market volatility around the globe. Join our chief investment strategist, Jim McDonald after the U.S. markets close to learn more about the day's market activity, its impact and our views for the coming days.

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Yext Launches Financial Services Cloud, Highlighted by Guided AI-Powered Search Solution

Yext, Inc. | October 19, 2021

Yext, Inc. the AI Search Company, today announced the launch of its Financial Services Cloud, a set of AI search solutions optimized for banks and other financial institutions. Incorporating classic Yext capabilities like advanced AI-powered site search, accurate third-party listings, and search-optimized landing pages, the Financial Services Cloud also introduces a completely new solution: Guided Search. The solution leads consumers through a series of questions on a financial institution's website in order to match them with the product, service, or financial professional aligned to their unique needs. With hyper-personalization emerging as a top trend in the financial services industry, it's never been more important for institutions to bypass a one-size-fits-all approach, and instead offer customizable online experiences to their customers. Yext's Financial Services Cloud includes the following solutions: Guided Search: When consumers search, they're looking for direction. With guided search, financial institutions can provide just that, by combining Yext's powerful AI-powered site search with a guided Q&A experience on their website. When someone answers questions about their unique financial needs, goals, and preferences, guided search will analyze their responses and suggest the right product, service, or financial professional — resulting in prospects who are more likely to convert. Reputation Management: Yext's reputation management solution makes it easy for financial institutions to monitor, respond to, and generate reviews for their branches and professionals at scale. This helps financial institutions not only build better brand trust, but also increase their discoverability on third-party search platforms. Marketing for Branches and Professionals: By accessing Yext's vast network of direct integrations — with more than 200 third-party platforms like Google, Bing, and Amazon Alexa — financial institutions can optimize and update information about their branches and financial professionals with the click of a button. Product and Service Pages: Financial institutions have the ability to create search-optimized landing pages that showcase their various products and service offerings. This improves their discoverability on third-party platforms and helps turn site visitors into customers. Portals: Financial professionals, channel partners, and customers can now take advantage of personalized AI search-powered control centers — either on a financial institution's first-party experiences or behind its firewall. With permissions based on user roles, different users can self-serve and find answers to questions on their own, leading to increased satisfaction, improved productivity, reduced support requests, and more. "Time and again, consumers have rated personalization as a cornerstone of financial services — and that's no surprise, given the unique needs of every customer. With the introduction of Yext's Financial Services Cloud, especially our new guided search solution, financial institutions can deliver an exceptional, personalized experience to every customer on their website — even those who need help identifying exactly what they're looking for." Shane Closser, Head of Industry for Financial Services at Yext. Financial institutions around the world, including Vanguard, Farmer's Insurance, Citizens Bank, and Dime Community Bank, have taken advantage of Yext's platform to increase return on investment (ROI) and reduce support call volume. "Partnering with Yext has allowed our digital marketing team to not only easily update location information for the branch network, but to also garner valuable data on the customer network," said Steve Miley, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing at Dime Community Bank, a Yext customer and user of site search, listings, and reputation management solutions, among others. "We have been able to better connect with not only our customers through an enhanced experience, but also have seen a vast improvement of the overall user experience on a greater scale." About Yext Yext is the AI Search Company and is on a mission to transform the enterprise with AI search. With the explosion of information and data online, search has never been more important. However, while the world of consumer search has innovated over time, enterprise search has not. In fact, the majority of enterprise search is powered by outdated keyword search technology that only scans for keywords and delivers a list of hyperlinks rather than actually answering questions.

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HES FinTech and Ondato have Teamed up to Promote Digital Onboarding in Banking and Finance.

HES FinTech, Ondato | March 24, 2021

Ondato and HES FinTech, two major technology providers, formed a strategic alliance today to achieve synergy in assisting financial institutions on their digital transformation journey. These tech giants' collaboration would benefit their clients and the software industry as a whole: • HES and Ondato are part of a one-stop-shop trend: banks and fintechs can now combine compliance monitoring and configurable loan origination tools quickly and easily. • The alliance of technology providers that improve customer engagement, automation, and security in financial services has the potential to shift the software industry emphasis from competition to collaboration. It enables the development of financial networks and the reduction of time-to-market for new financial platforms and goods. Ivan Kovalenko, CEO, and Co-Founder of HES FinTech said, “It’s my pleasure to announce that HES FinTech started a partnership with Ondato. Most of our customers search for fast and seamless integration with KYC to power up their business. We are happy to expand our domain knowledge with the technologies under the KYC/AML compliance” “We are looking forward to discovering new opportunities together with HES. They are experts in lending software and AI/ML-based decision-making solutions. Our major goal is to help lenders scale up their activities and create value for end-customers. They all can take the advantage of hassle-free customer onboarding and fast loan decisions”, - said Liudas Kanapienis, founder and Chief Executive of Ondato. About HES FinTech HES lending and scoring platform is used for automatic loan origination and loan servicing by SME lending and consumer lending, POS lending, and P2P marketplaces. The organisation offers end-to-end solutions, ranging from website and consumer gateway UI/UX to AI-based credit scoring and a fully scalable back-office driven by CRM, BPM engines, dashboards, and reporting. About Ondato Ondato digital identity verification offers a robust KYC compliance management suite. The lending sector is only one example of how Ondato assists companies in meeting regulatory criteria in a smooth and invisible manner. The company specialises in photo and video identity verification, risk management, screening, and data monitoring. Fintech, banking, insurance, legal, shared economy, and other sectors use the solutions.

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