Tinkoff Picks Payment Services Company BPC to Drive Expansion in Asia

Tinkoff | February 18, 2022

BPC, a payment services firm, announced that Tinkoff had selected its SaaS Cloud payment services to expand in the Philippines. The project is termed to be an extension of an existing partnership and is a testimony to BPC's proven technical expertise in the digital banking and payments landscape.

BPC's next-generation payment processing company Radar Payments will head and manage the end-to-end payment experience for Tinkoff customers in the Philippines as per the new agreement. The business extension includes physical and virtual card production, debit and credit card insurance and management, SmartVista ACS for 3DS secure services, and fraud prevention.

Furthermore, BPC will also support Tinkoff in cloud SaaS payment adoption in the Philippines. The support would provide greater flexibility in accessing banking services, cost savings, and security. Banks are stepping into novel payment processors aiming to focus on client relationships. For example, neobanks and fintechs bring new offerings to new markets faster than ever. They are doing it by using ready-to-connect payment rails around various geographies.

The Philippines is recorded as one of the fastest-growing markets in South East Asia. As a result, the Central Bank has been granting new banking licenses to improve financial accessibility and foster healthy competition.

About the news, George Chesakov, International Expansion Lead at Tinkoff, commented, "Tinkoff is thrilled about entering the Philippines market. We believe our technology and experience will help us build the right products, boosting financial inclusion in the country. With BPC's payment processing business, we have a partner with whom we have a long-standing relationship and align with our SaaS Cloud vision. Moreover, we value BPC's strong local knowledge of the Philippines' banking sector, which should help us start operating in this market faster."

We could not be any prouder to continue our journey serving Tinkoff and its future customers in Asia. Success depends on the speed of deployment of new services in the digital banking industry, especially in the Philippines market, which will welcome several new market players in 2022."

CEO at Radar Payments by BPC


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Finastra has been named a leader in corporate digital banking platforms by Celent. Two reports, which cover North America and the rest of the world, recognize Finastra's standout capabilities in this sector. The reports, titled 'Corporate Digital Banking Platforms: North America Edition' & 'Corporate Digital Banking Platforms: EMEA/APAC/LATAM Edition', are aimed at banks looking to enhance their corporate digital banking offering and highlight Finastra as an attractive platform in this market. Finastra has excelled in the 'Breadth of Functionality' and 'Customer Base and Support' categories. Patricia Hines, Head of Corporate Banking, Celent, said, "Banks looking to capture a greater share of the corporate banking wallet must think carefully about their investment decisions in order to ensure they meet their clients' unique demands for ease of use, flexibility, and convenience. Banks must vigorously analyze their corporate digital banking platform, the linchpin to effectively deliver a bank's products and services to its customers. Finastra's solution has shown stand out capability to support banks as they embark on their digital transformation journeys." Veena Rao, Vice President, Fusion Corporate Channels, at Finastra said, "We are thrilled that a much-respected industry analyst house has recognized the success and potential of our corporate digital banking solution. The platform paves the way for step-by-step transformation, with standard APIs and a microservices approach that supports digital transformation. Moreover, connectivity with our development platform drives open innovation and co-creation of value-added solutions." Patricia Hines added, "Finastra is the only provider in this analysis that supports nearly every functionality attribute in the Celent taxonomy and the majority of digital channels, demonstrating notable breadth of functionality. Finastra also stood out in new deals over the past two years, number of clients on the latest software version, customer references, breadth of training types, and annual client conference." Finastra's Fusion Corporate Channels solution delivers portal technology to unify trade, supply chain finance, cash, lending, and treasury services for corporate clients. More than 100 financial institutions and multinational corporations use the technology, benefitting from flexible, intuitive channel applications that can be delivered on demand, globally, and on any device. About Finastra Finastra is building an open platform that accelerates collaboration and innovation in financial services, creating better experiences for people, businesses and communities. Supported by the broadest and deepest portfolio of financial services software, Finastra delivers this vitally important technology to financial institutions of all sizes across the globe, including 90 of the world's top 100 banks. Our open architecture approach brings together a number of partners and innovators. Together we are leading the way in which applications are written, deployed and consumed in financial services to evolve with the changing needs of customers.

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Fintainium And Aspire Fund Management Announce Intent To Launch Joint Venture

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Fintainium Inc, announced today the intent to launch a Joint Venture with Aspire Fund Management, a Trinidad & Tobago based Private Equity and Financial Advisory company that bridges the gap between investors and next-generation innovative, transformative businesses. The joint venture will redefine Fintech in a large part of the region. Fintainium's Chief Executive Officer, Richard Jackman remarked, "For the last several years we have been working closely with Aspire. It has been the vision of both companies to build to this point; we have both wanted to create a joint venture that would disrupt some large markets and create value for all involved." Fintainium, an SME workflow automation supply chain finance and fintech payments company, facilitates the relationship between financial institutions, businesses, and other technology companies by combining world-class domestic and international money movement products with workflow, accounting, and reconciliation automation. As a result, Fintainium enhances back-office operations for institutions and streamlines working capital management for end-users. Kerwyn Valley, Aspire's Managing Director, remarked, "We are excited about the possibilities that a joint venture between our two companies can create. The combination of Fintainium's technology and the brand name of Aspire Fund Management will create a powerful growth vehicle for CARICOM and LATAM. Our region has been seeking solutions like these to make doing business easier, lower the working capital costs and automate repetitive processes. Our solutions and technology will facilitate trade finance and other SME-focused lending opportunities." The new joint venture, when formed, will also bring North American expertise working with banks and credit unions to the region. Fintainium has been working with banks and credit unions in the United States and Canada for the past three years. As a result, some of the exciting features have been developed with the deep expertise curated by working with financial institutions. There is a great unmet need in this region to automate back-end processes, centralize data and create an easy to use, streamlined solution to underwrite and fund loans with a very low back office burden. Working capital Is critical to any business's success, but the SME market has specific needs due to their size. This joint venture, when formed, is going to enable companies to operate better than they ever have before and free them up to execute on their core business by providing working capital more efficiently." Rich Jackman, CEO About Fintainium With headquarters in Florida and Toronto, Fintainium facilitates the relationship between financial institutions, businesses, and other technology companies. Fintainium combines world class domestic and international money movement products with workflow, accounting, and reconciliation automation. Fintainium enhances back-office operations for institutions and streamlines accounting processes for end-users. Fintainium is an API-driven and modular platform that was designed to work seamlessly with other platforms. Fintainium's technology enables features such as three minute on-platform loan adjudication, integrated CFO toolkit with business intelligence, real-time payments, credit risk analysis, cash flow optimization, and back-office automation. Fintainium is the only platform that combines all these features into a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface and can also integrate into the background of a 'partner's larger solution. About Aspire Funds Aspire Fund Management was founded by financial leaders and successful entrepreneurs, uniting with the purpose of channeling -private equity capital into enterprising, aspiring Caribbean companies – while providing intelligent investment management and generating capital returns for investors. Aspire believes the ability to seize a viable opportunity to help realize and grow a sustainable business is the foundation of its service and central to its overall value proposition. Aspire bridges the gap between innovative entrepreneurs needing capital and investors looking to intelligently fund worthy businesses to create returns above benchmark indexes.

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