Tinkoff Picks Payment Services Company BPC to Drive Expansion in Asia

Tinkoff | February 18, 2022

BPC, a payment services firm, announced that Tinkoff had selected its SaaS Cloud payment services to expand in the Philippines. The project is termed to be an extension of an existing partnership and is a testimony to BPC's proven technical expertise in the digital banking and payments landscape.

BPC's next-generation payment processing company Radar Payments will head and manage the end-to-end payment experience for Tinkoff customers in the Philippines as per the new agreement. The business extension includes physical and virtual card production, debit and credit card insurance and management, SmartVista ACS for 3DS secure services, and fraud prevention.

Furthermore, BPC will also support Tinkoff in cloud SaaS payment adoption in the Philippines. The support would provide greater flexibility in accessing banking services, cost savings, and security. Banks are stepping into novel payment processors aiming to focus on client relationships. For example, neobanks and fintechs bring new offerings to new markets faster than ever. They are doing it by using ready-to-connect payment rails around various geographies.

The Philippines is recorded as one of the fastest-growing markets in South East Asia. As a result, the Central Bank has been granting new banking licenses to improve financial accessibility and foster healthy competition.

About the news, George Chesakov, International Expansion Lead at Tinkoff, commented, "Tinkoff is thrilled about entering the Philippines market. We believe our technology and experience will help us build the right products, boosting financial inclusion in the country. With BPC's payment processing business, we have a partner with whom we have a long-standing relationship and align with our SaaS Cloud vision. Moreover, we value BPC's strong local knowledge of the Philippines' banking sector, which should help us start operating in this market faster."

We could not be any prouder to continue our journey serving Tinkoff and its future customers in Asia. Success depends on the speed of deployment of new services in the digital banking industry, especially in the Philippines market, which will welcome several new market players in 2022."

CEO at Radar Payments by BPC


Savings accounts are owned by most households, but little is known about the performance of households’ investments. We create a unique dataset by matching information on individual savings accounts from the DNB Household Survey with market data on account-specific interest rates and characteristics.


Savings accounts are owned by most households, but little is known about the performance of households’ investments. We create a unique dataset by matching information on individual savings accounts from the DNB Household Survey with market data on account-specific interest rates and characteristics.

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TIFIN and ETFMG announce expanded partnership to promote thematic ETFs to active investors and advisors on Magnifi

TIFIN and ETFMG | August 19, 2022

TIFIN, a fintech platform using artificial intelligence (AI) and investment-driven personalization to shape the future of investor experiences, today announced a new fund marketing and distribution partnership with ETF Managers Group. ETFMG is a thematic ETF issuer founded in 2014 with a vision of developing innovative thematic exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that provide investors unique exposure to new and emerging markets. This adds to TIFIN's embed investment partnerships which now has over 40 leading investment managers sponsoring 90+ funds across their ecosystem. "TIFIN, including through its Magnifi marketplace, is undeniably innovating through its proprietary technology, to make it easier for investors to search for themes and identify the investment opportunities that matter to them, The ETF world offers thousands of choices, making it a challenge for investors to navigate. Simply said, Magnifi helps investors make smarter decisions and we are thrilled to be partnering with TIFIN in support of this common goal." -Sam Masucci, CEO and Founder of ETFMG This new partnership will see ETFMG promoting a series of thematic ETFs across Cannabis, Travel, Cybersecurity, and Precious Metal themes within TIFIN's Magnifi Investment Marketplace to over 140k registered users. Each fund will be placed in a primary position to all search results that relate back to each of the thematic areas. Magnifi users conduct over 2.5 million investor queries per week as of August 2022. In addition, the two firms will work on a series of co-marketing initiatives to promote ETFMG to both active advisor and individual investor communities. This partnership builds on an existing relation between ETFMG and TIFIN, as their BDRY and BSEA ETFs are currently part of a thematic investment marketplace within the TIFIN Wealth platform used by over 1,000 Advisory Firms to match funds to client proposals based on insights from their financial planning, personality, and risk tolerance needs. We are delighted to partner with Sam Masucci and the ETFMG team to bring their revolutionary thematic ETFs to the forefront of our Magnifi marketplace, This partnership will bring value to our user base by promoting these leading ETFs adjacent to the thematic intelligence and insights across Magnifi,said Jack Swift, President and CRO of TIFIN. About ETFMG®: ETFMG is a provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), founded in 2014 with a vision of developing innovative thematic ETFs that provide investors unique exposure to new markets. Today, the ETFMG fund line up provides access to a diverse collection of global themes and is comprised of 75% first to market products. We turn portfolio management strategies into successful ETFs by partnering with market segment experts to bring long-term growth opportunities to investors. ETFMG funds are proof as to the power of the ETF wrapper and that thematic products can have a place in investors' portfolios. About TIFIN: TIFIN is an AI-powered fintech that leverages data science, investment intelligence, and technology to deliver engaging and personalized investor experiences. By connecting individuals to advice and investments, TIFIN bridges the gap between investors, their trusted intermediaries, and asset managers. Founded in 2018 by Dr. Vinay Nair, a former Wharton Professor and successful entrepreneur, TIFIN was created to help make investing a powerful driver of financial well-being by eliminating frictions investors face. TIFIN manages Magnifi, a search-powered marketplace for investments; TIFIN Wealth, a platform for advisors, wealth managers, and other intermediaries to deliver better individual outcomes; Financial Answers, a digital platform of investor communities; all powered through Distill, a central digital distribution and insights engine using TIFIN's data platform.

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Monument Bank and Persistent Partner in the Creation of New Digital Banking Infrastructure

Monument Bank and Persistent | August 03, 2022

Monument Bank, UK's first neo bank focused on the needs of the ~4.8 million 'mass affluent', has partnered with Persistent Systems, a Global Digital Engineering provider to build a bespoke, cloud-native digital banking platform for lending and deposit services to support Monument's ongoing operations. Monument's target clients are usually pressed for time and often feel underserved and undervalued by other banking providers. Monument's mission is to help its clients prosper and optimise their time by offering smart, efficient and flexible solutions. Persistent was engaged in the designing and planning of Monument's technology systems and subsequently helped construct the Bank's bespoke systems architecture using a flexible building block approach. This approach enables new components to be added and swapped over time to take advantage of the latest innovations, allowing Monument to choose and integrate multiple SaaS based core component technologies. Monument is dedicated to providing exceptional, high-value customer service, enabled by a host of innovative, industry verticalised, cloud technology solutions. Persistent has been instrumental in advancing the Bank's strategic goals by helping to build the Bank's architecture that combines services with an adaptable, cloud-based platform, including components to provide core banking, CRM, payment services, AML/KYC, general ledger and regulatory reporting. Monument is focused on the 'mass affluent' client market, which includes business professionals, entrepreneurs, and property investors. Having received its full banking license in November, Monument quickly launched its property investment lending and an initial range of savings products using advanced in-app capabilities for client interactions. It will continue to enhance its range of products and services to serve the evolving needs of its mass affluent clients. "Monument's ambition has always been to create a significant financial institution for the mass affluent market in the UK, recognising the future opportunities to better serve the needs of the mass affluent in other jurisdictions." -John Saunders, Chief Commercial Officer, Monument Bank. Becoming a bank was a huge challenge but we were delighted to achieve this during a pandemic. It requires significant investment of both time and money to accomplish and it didn't make sense for us to take on the journey alone. We wanted a solutions partner to help us bring Monument to life and it was evident from our discussions with the Persistent team that they not only had a very strong understanding of the banking ecosystem, but were willing to build a strong partnership with us from the get-go. As a result, we have built an integrated ecosystem and platform that not only supports Monument, but also has the potential to power other banks in the future and with a partner like Persistent, we can rapidly enable that, saidSteve Britain, Chief Operating Officer, Monument Bank. Customers today want simple and seamless experience. Modern, improved and automated process plays a crucial role in meeting these expectations. Neo banks such as Monument can provide a tailored, specialised offering, giving their customers the flexibility and services they need. However, the architecture required to deliver simple and seamless experiences is complex, which calls for a trusted partner to help engineer and integrate the technology that makes it possible. Our 'digital mosaic' approach enables technology solutions that simplify processes and offer flexibility to the customers. Thus, allowing Monument to accelerate its development and focus on building a substantial mass affluent business, saidJaideep Dhok, SVP & General Manager, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Persistent. About Monument The company takes its name from the Monument, a globally recognised commemoration of the Great Fire of London and celebration of the rebuilding of the capital. It represents the end of the old era and a transition to modernity and the future as wooden buildings were replaced with the newer, stronger structures that are now synonymous with the City's longevity and security. And many people don't appreciate the Monument was also built to serve as a giant telescope to enable a level of vision that didn't exist previously. About Persistent With over 21,500 employees located in 18 countries, Persistent Systems is a global services and solutions company delivering Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization. Persistent was named to the Forbes Asia Best Under a Billion 2021 list, representing consistent top-and bottom-line performance as well as growth.

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Kerv Announces Acquisition of TDS Global Communications

Kerv | July 11, 2022

Kerv, the next-generation, customer-first cloud & digital transformation services provider, has announced the acquisition of the Communications Compliance Practice business of TDS Global Holdings, to significantly enhance its capabilities in FCA regulated compliance services. The acquisition will take the total Kerv business to over £60m turnover and more than 500 staff and create the leading compliance technology practice serving the UK’s Tier 1 banking and financial services sector. The rebranded Kerv Communications Compliance Practice provides mission-critical communications compliance services to major global financial services organisations including 50% of the Tier 1 UK banks with 140,000 channels of compliance recording and more than 3 billion captured calls under management globally. The business employs 40 staff based in Europe, Asia and North America with headquarters in London and a 24-hour global service operations centre in Cardiff. With annual turnover exceeding £10 million, the Practice is continuing to win new customers at pace, achieving a growth rate of 20% in the last financial year and forecasting to exceed that growth in the current period. The acquisition will strengthen Kerv's existing proposition and capabilities around all aspects of compliance. The existing leadership of the Communications Compliance Practice, including CEO Brad Gorton, and Head of Strategy Paul Wilson, will join Kerv in senior roles, working closely alongside the management team at Kerv Collaborate, which already has a strong presence in the banking and financial services market. In addition, Kerv plans to retain all staff in the Practice and will continue to invest in the business to build on its growth trajectory and global presence. The Communications Compliance Practice brings key core technology capabilities to Kerv and is a top-tier partner for the leading global compliance vendors including Verint (winning both European Compliance Partner of the Year and Deal of the Year awards) and NICE. The Practice enables its clients to ensure and assure compliance across all channels, including mobile, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Symphony together with social media and messaging platforms, all delivered as a cloud manged service. “Across all Kerv's practices we have a strong focus on helping our customers transform their business by migrating to and then transforming in the cloud. As we approach our second anniversary, this acquisition is another significant milestone in the development of the group. With the compliance world relatively slow to migrate to the cloud compared to other sectors, this is a transformation that is now happening at pace and Kerv is well placed to capitalise on this significant market trend.” Kerv Executive Chair, Alastair Mills Managing Director of the new Kerv Communications Compliance Practice, Brad Gorton, added: “We’re so excited to be joining the team at Kerv for the next stage of our journey. The opportunity to build on our global cloud capabilities, to extend our digital services and to accelerate investment in our automation, monitoring and proprietary technology by leveraging Kerv’s capabilities is fantastic for us and our customers. Bringing the rest of the Kerv group’s portfolio to our customers and providing our compliance expertise to the Kerv client base will help us accelerate our own growth even further.” About Kerv Combining the world’s best cloud-centric managed services with a uniquely collaborative way of working, Kerv helps businesses get ahead – and stay there. Our team of experts focus on the bigger picture - your business goals, and we create the right cloud solutions to help you achieve them. Our commitment to our customers leads to transformative solutions and our people are key to delivering excellence.

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