REPAY Purchases Payix for Up to $115 Million

REPAY | January 04, 2022

Repay Holdings Corporation recently purchased Payix for up to $115 million. The acquisition was finalized over cash on hand. Repay also announced a $60 million increase in revolver capacity,with the goal of increasing its existing Revolving Credit Facility from $125 million to $185 million.

Repay offers cohesive payment processing solutions to verticals, which possess precise transaction processing requirements. Its technological platform functions to reduce the complexity of electronic payments for merchants. As a result, Repay and Paypix are working to create fine-tuned financial experiences for consumers and businesses in terms of finance. They aim to enhance the overall experience of seamless payment mode for everyone associated with their business.

Payix was founded in 2016 in Fort Worth. Since then, Payix has become the leading omnichannel payment technology platform. The platform provides solutions that simplify payments, communication, and data exchange to support customer service and collection efforts in loan repayment verticals. Paypix’s software supports a broad range of payment options. Its SaaS approach integrates seamlessly into loan management systems (“LMS”) and dealer management systems (“DMS”). In all, Paypix creates optimum solutions with the help of technology to deliver seamless solutions in the payment landscape.

 We are thrilled about the acquisition of Payix, a highly complementary business to REPAY. With its robust and highly flexible technology platform, Payix creates a uniquely positive experience and adds value for both the lender and the borrower. Payix also has a strong pipeline and product roadmap, positioning it well for 2022 and beyond. We look forward to welcoming the Payix team into the REPAY family.”

John Morris, CEO of REPAY

During the acquisition, Troutman Pepper served as legal advisor to REPAY. Capstone Partners served as private financial advisor and Gunderson Dettmer as legal advisor.


What you need to know about U.S. taxation. Spending the winter down south? Collins Barrow’s U.S. taxation infographic shares some key information that you need to know. The U.S. tax system is set up on both a federal and state level. There are several types of taxes: income, sales, capital gains, etc. Federal and state taxes are completely separate and each has its own authority to charge taxes.


What you need to know about U.S. taxation. Spending the winter down south? Collins Barrow’s U.S. taxation infographic shares some key information that you need to know. The U.S. tax system is set up on both a federal and state level. There are several types of taxes: income, sales, capital gains, etc. Federal and state taxes are completely separate and each has its own authority to charge taxes.

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Broadridge Launches Broadridge SBL Platform utilizing Cloud Technology

Cision PR Newswire | October 22, 2020

Utilizing the latest in Cloud technology to enable end-to-end Securities-Based Lending (SBL), Rockall, a Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. company, has launched the Broadridge SBL platform. With SBL becoming an ever-more important credit product for financial advisors and their clients, the Broadridge SBL platform combines Rockall's existing credit and operational risk technology (FASTNET) with new loan origination capabilities (NAVIGATOR). This platform delivers a streamlined end-to-end process incorporating self-service loan management for the advisor and client. Digitization of the entire SBL process speeds up and smooths down the client and advisor experience; loans can be approved and funded more quickly, reducing time-to-loan to same day or next day funding, said Luke Nestor, founder of Rockall. "The Broadridge SBL Platform leverages next-gen technology to marry process efficiency and automation in the back office with an exceptional advisor and client experience. The platform makes it substantially easier for advisors to bring SBL to their clients, allowing them to defend and grow AUM.

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Klarna Launches Rewards Program and Pay Now in Nine New Markets

Klarna | February 23, 2022

Klarna, a leading global payment, retail bank, and shopping service provider, announces its plans for the international expansion of its two fastest-growing products across nine key markets. The program enables consumers to conduct immediate payments through Pay Now’s new payment method. Klarna ensuresto become go-to for any purchase services provider and offersrewards for consumers during every payment. The expansion of these products also enables the company to serve a broad range of fast-growing verticals and drive consumer loyalty and engagement. Consumers in the markets will manage their entire payments, redeem rewards and get access to a wide range of services in the Klarna App. Since the launch of Klarnain September 2020, its rewards program has expandedbeyond 4 million members in the US and Australia.Also, nearly 1 million members joined in the last quarter only. Klarna is also introducing "Missions" as another part of the international expansion of the rewards program. Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO and co-founder of Klarna over this news, commented, "With the introduction of Pay Now, Klarna will offer consumers in more markets the choice to pay immediately and in full, alongside our sustainable, interest-free Pay Later services. From large purchases to everyday essentials like mobility services and entertainment, Klarna provides consumers with maximal choice, control, and flexibility in how they pay for every single purchase and rewards them for every payment they make on time." Camilla Giesecke, Chief Expansion Officer at Klarna,also mentioned, "With our rewards program, we help consumers get more out of every dollar they spend and actively encourage consumers to pay for their purchases on time, making money management fun and engaging. Members of the rewards program have a 50% higher engagement with the Klarna App than non-members, demonstrating its effectiveness to build long-term loyalty and strengthening the Klarna App as a growth channel for our retailers."

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Securechain Launches its Latest Product Finmail Mailbox

Securechain ApS | November 23, 2020

Securechain ApS , a Copenhagen-based startup that gives fintech products and digital payment solutions, is pleased to have dispatched its most recent product: Finmail Mailbox. Finmail Mailbox incorporates both email and a digital money payment highlight, so that individuals can utilize their mailbox and email address to send and get emails just as digital monetary forms, for example, Bitcoin and USDT. "Finmail Mailbox's features and opportunities for integration stands to have an impact on how we approach productivity and collaboration, including global hiring," says Haimin Zhang, founder, Securechain. "Remote employment has become commonplace during this pandemic. Tools like Finmail Mailbox can help streamline office systems, facilitating hiring, payment and eventually, helping to foster the greater economic recovery." By utilizing the Finmail Mailbox, clients without ledgers can undoubtedly get to worldwide payment capacities. What's more, Finmail Mailbox likewise coordinates a far off workplace where worldwide clients can take a shot at independent undertakings and get payment inside a similar stage. Truth be told, Finmail is the principal web and work area add-on endorsed by Microsoft to permit clients to send digital resources by means of email, helping make digital payments more available to the world on the loose. The suggestions and expected effect for the gig economy and independent commercial center particularly in creating locales are enormous. Finmail Mailbox takes into consideration quick payment of independent and far off groups, just as a simple payment work for the underbanked. Subsequent to enrolling with the Finmail framework, clients get another email inbox that comes packaged with a digital money payment office. This email address can be utilized to send regular messages just as payments through digital cash. Likely arrangements for the stage incorporate a framework for posting independent ventures and choosing temporary workers. Consultants can gather payment on a timetable that works for them, without trusting that a check will be mailed and to clear the bank. In addition, Finmail Mailbox gives a payment stage to anybody without a ledger, permitting them to gather payments that would then be able to be put away in a digital wallet. Anybody with a Finmail email address can get paid rapidly and safely through the framework paying little mind to area and time region. Adequately, the framework removes ventures from work environment organization, which means greater productivity as individuals and working environments adapt to the interruptions that come characteristic with telecommuting. Finmail utilizes USDT for payments, a stablecoin whose worth tracks that of the US dollar. Individuals on the stage have the occasion to money out by moving the equilibrium to a digital wallet or a digital currency trade. The stages are secure, on account of the changelessness of the hidden blockchain innovation. The blockchain likewise offers a protected record of payments between all gatherings as recognized by their Finmail email address, assisting with smoothing out accounting. "During this time of quarantine, integrated payment tools such as our Finmail Mailbox allow people to focus more on communication, collaboration, and getting results at work," Zhang continues. "We help business keep running so people can concentrate on work from wherever they feel safe and secure." About Securechain ApS Securechain ApS, headquartered in Denmark, is an active participant in the blockchain revolution. We have focused on wallet development, community sharing and building, and exploration of all of the opportunities blockchain technology stands to provide. Our main products and services include the Securechain/SecureCoin wallet, SecureCoin Block Explorer, and the Finmail Mailbox. In keeping true with our mission of "secure efficient social collaboration," we are committed to uniting traditional networks of information and emerging channels of value.

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