Priority and Mastercard Track Join for a New Partnership to Modernize B2B Payments

Priority Technology Holdings, Inc., a well-known payments technology company, has announced its new partnership with Mastercard Track™ to modernize B2B payment solutions for their customers. Mastercard Track Business Payment Service has automated its payments-related data information between buyers and suppliers. The payment data information consists of a portfolio of B2B solutions. Mastercard Track helps businesses increase flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency by providing these solutions, thus optimizing the best option of paying and getting paid across multiple payment platforms.

Priority's partners will benefit from the new partnership; they'll get an allowance to use virtual cards, a direct deposit experience. In addition, when customers would make payments through MasterCard Track, they will receive enhanced remittance automatically, which will eliminate the need for manual extraction of payment details and data.

On the new partnership news, Stephen Tackett, Executive Vice President and Head of the B2B division for Priority, says, "We are thrilled to be expanding on our successful partnership with Mastercard. Mastercard Track delivers tremendous value to both buyers and suppliers by simplifying and automating the exchange of payments-related data while cutting costs and reducing complexity and risk for businesses."

We're seeing a paradigm shift happening in the B2B payments landscape, and Mastercard is working at scale to offer a choice for suppliers and buyers to optimize the best payment option to pay and get paid. With Mastercard Track and through collaborations like this one with Priority, we're delivering on our mission to make B2B payments work for everyone."

Marie Elizabeth Aloisi, Executive Vice President of Commercial Solutions for Mastercard

Therefore, Priority's incorporation with Mastercard Track will bring best-in-class payment solutions to the market—buyers and suppliers.


Cloud (Saas) technology is known for being a cost-effective solution with quicker implementations, minimal use of hardware, and low maintenance costs. For your indirect tax function, regardless of whether you use native ERP functionality or an integrated on-premise tax engine to calculate tax, there are both external and interna


Cloud (Saas) technology is known for being a cost-effective solution with quicker implementations, minimal use of hardware, and low maintenance costs. For your indirect tax function, regardless of whether you use native ERP functionality or an integrated on-premise tax engine to calculate tax, there are both external and interna

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Core Banking

Silicon Valley Bank Bolsters Payment Platform for Robust Performance

Silicon Valley Bank | October 11, 2023

A Silicon Valley Bank sign, coinciding with a government-assisted sale in mid-March, prompts enhancements to its resilient payment platforms. Responsible for SVB's client-oriented payment solutions, Gagan Kanjlia pinpointed real-time payments and integrated payments as critical areas of emphasis on SVB's agenda. SVB joined the Clearing House's real-time payment network in October 2022, enabling instant receipt of payments. By late 2023, clients can also send payments through RTP. Following its acquisition by First Citizens BancShares Inc. after a crisis in March that saw it as the 19th-largest U.S. bank by assets, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is now gearing up to enhance the capabilities of its payment platform. According to Gagan Kanjlia, the bank's Chief Product Officer, SVB's digital payment system has successfully handled a surge in payment inquiries during the crisis by scaling up to meet the increased demand. Under its new parent company's direction, SVB aims to strengthen and expand the platform's features, underscoring its commitment to delivering robust financial services. Customers withdrew $42 billion recently, equivalent to 25.3% of Silicon Valley Bank's total deposits. The Federal Reserve reported that the anticipated withdrawal rate increased to 60.2% a day later, surpassing one-day withdrawal rates in other significant bank failures. These deposit outflows severely impacted SVB's financial position. Consequently, the bank initiated measures to reinforce its payment systems and ensure its technology infrastructure and vendor capabilities were equipped to handle the substantial volume of fund transfers. Gagan Kanjlia affirmed that while the action did contribute to the outflow of funds, it was a decision made in the best interests of their clients. The swift outflow of funds at SVB raised industry-wide concerns, leading banks to re-examine their risk control procedures in the digital banking era. However, SVB remains undeterred and continues to advance its payment platform. Gagan Kanjlia said, "Real-time payments is going to be more inexpensive on a fully loaded cost basis. Because it results in less inquiry, less confusion between multiple parties." He added, "That's actually a good thing for both sides." [Source – S&P Global Market Intelligence] Responsible for SVB's client-facing payment solutions, Gagan Kanjlia pinpointed real-time payments and embedded payments as critical priorities for SVB. It has been active on Clearing House's real-time payment network (RTP) since October 2022, enabling its customers to receive instant payments. He further noted that by the end of 2023, customers will also be able to initiate payments on RTP. In August, SVB took a strategic step by appointing Martin Murrell as Head of Global Payments and Milton Santiago as Head of Global Digital Solutions, marking the beginning of a collaborative roadmap with First Citizens. Real-time payments are a central focus of this initiative, with plans for seamless integration into SVB's digital system. The bank has established a substantial capital buffer to ensure robust liquidity and capital levels. By the first quarter of 2024, SVB customers can initiate instantaneous payouts through RTP via the bank's API banking channel. Furthermore, SVB is poised to provide instant settlement services for merchants working with payment facilitators, prompt loan funding, and disbursements, including early wage access. The bank remains steadfast in its commitment to implementing FedNow, the Federal Reserve's real-time payment network launched in July.

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Trading Systems

Finastra signs global agreement with Microsoft to accelerate trade platform modernization

PR Newswire | September 27, 2023

Finastra today announced a multi-year global agreement with Microsoft focused on trade platform modernization, building on the existing availability of Finastra Trade Innovation in the cloud. Delivering the full functionality of Trade Innovation via a full microservices architecture using Microsoft Azure, will give banks increased agility, flexibility and scalability, enabling them to continue to provide service excellence to customers throughout their modernization journey. As the expectations of corporate customers evolve, financial institutions need to deliver a seamless and engaging transactional experience across their trade finance and supply chain finance operations in support of open finance. Further extending the open APIs available through Trade Innovation and Finastra's open innovation platform,, will allow customers to leverage a vibrant digital trade ecosystem, supporting the digitalization of the full transaction lifecycle. Partnering with Microsoft builds on our joint strategic vision to help accelerate the digital transformation of financial services, and support customers on their journeys to be open, said Isabel Fernandez, Executive Vice President for Lending at Finastra. Customers are eager to transform their trade finance and supply chain offerings, and to access the latest innovations, working with partners across the ecosystem. Via this agreement, existing and new customers will benefit from increased flexibility to connect, collaborate and adapt to evolving customer needs and new regulations. Bill Borden, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft added: We're excited to deepen our relationship with Finastra to support banks on their trade modernization journey. Using the rich functionality of Finastra's Trade Innovation platform and, combined with the power of Microsoft Azure and data and AI advancements, we look forward to helping financial institutions further accelerate innovation, increase efficiencies, enhance customer engagement and transform their operations at scale. Finastra Trade Innovation was recognized once again as "Best in Class" in the Aite Matrix of Trade Finance Software (Feb 2023) from Datos Insights (formerly Aite-Novarica Group). Enrico Camerinelli, Strategic Advisor at Datos Insights said: "The decline of manually intensive and paper trade finance operations, the continued growth of supply chain finance, and the rise of fintech players are encouraging banks to transform the status quo with API-based open banking, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. To achieve this, banks need modern, open systems and the support of industry leaders in this space, supporting them on their transformation journeys."

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Broadridge Introduces BRx Match to Revolutionize Reconciliation

Broadridge | September 18, 2023

Broadridge launches BRx Match, a cloud-based reconciliation and matching platform to empower business users to streamline complex reconciliation processes and enhance data integrity. BRx Match offers self-build capabilities for business users, enabling faster onboarding of new reconciliations, reducing total ownership costs, and enhancing operational responsiveness. This innovation represents a significant milestone in Broadridge's commitment to delivering cutting-edge fintech solutions that address real-world challenges and optimize reconciliation operations while maintaining data integrity. Broadridge Financial Solutions, a global leader in fintech, has unveiled a game-changing solution to tackle reconciliation and data integrity challenges. The company has introduced BRx Match, a comprehensive cloud-based reconciliation and matching platform designed to empower business users with the tools to streamline complex reconciliation processes. Alastair McGill, General Manager of Data Control Solutions, Broadridge, shared, As global regulatory requirements become more complex and increasing transaction volumes demand greater operational efficiency as well as risk management, BRx Match allows financial and corporate clients to automate the reconciliation of any data sources and expedite the exception management process. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] With its business-user self-build capabilities, the platform would speed up onboarding new reconciliations, reducing total ownership costs and developing a more responsive operation. Alastair added that BRx Match represented the latest instance of Broadridge's commitment to streamlining the front-to-back environment for its clients by simplifying data integration. This launch of the new solution represents a significant milestone in Broadridge's commitment to providing cutting-edge fintech solutions that address real-world challenges faced by businesses across the globe. BRx Match enhances operational efficiency and ensures higher transparency and accuracy by automating the reconciliation process from its inception, making BRx Match a strategic asset for enterprises seeking to optimize their reconciliation operations while maintaining integrity. The introduction of BRx Match marks a notable departure from traditional reconciliation solutions that have struggled to meet the ever-evolving demands of the modern business landscape. In the past, businesses faced a daunting challenge when attempting to consolidate and coordinate reconciliation efforts across diverse data sources and models. BRx Match is an industry pioneer in offering a holistic data acquisition and transformation approach. It provides a set of fundamental matching rules that cater to a wide array of common reconciliation needs. With its versatility, businesses can harness a range of matching engines to attain optimal results, granting them unprecedented control and adaptability in their reconciliation tasks. Data agnosticism is a unique feature of BRx Match. It enables users to seamlessly reconcile across various data types, from securities and cash to derivatives, reference data, card services, financial, and insurance data. This platform delivers a unified and consistent user experience throughout the enterprise. It places the power of reconciliation firmly in the hands of business users, allowing them to design, build, test, modify, and deploy their reconciliation processes with ease.

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