Priority and Mastercard Track Join for a New Partnership to Modernize B2B Payments

Priority Technology Holdings, Inc | March 04, 2022

Priority Technology Holdings, Inc., a well-known payments technology company, has announced its new partnership with Mastercard Track™ to modernize B2B payment solutions for their customers. Mastercard Track Business Payment Service has automated its payments-related data information between buyers and suppliers. The payment data information consists of a portfolio of B2B solutions. Mastercard Track helps businesses increase flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency by providing these solutions, thus optimizing the best option of paying and getting paid across multiple payment platforms.

Priority's partners will benefit from the new partnership; they'll get an allowance to use virtual cards, a direct deposit experience. In addition, when customers would make payments through MasterCard Track, they will receive enhanced remittance automatically, which will eliminate the need for manual extraction of payment details and data.

On the new partnership news, Stephen Tackett, Executive Vice President and Head of the B2B division for Priority, says, "We are thrilled to be expanding on our successful partnership with Mastercard. Mastercard Track delivers tremendous value to both buyers and suppliers by simplifying and automating the exchange of payments-related data while cutting costs and reducing complexity and risk for businesses."

We're seeing a paradigm shift happening in the B2B payments landscape, and Mastercard is working at scale to offer a choice for suppliers and buyers to optimize the best payment option to pay and get paid. With Mastercard Track and through collaborations like this one with Priority, we're delivering on our mission to make B2B payments work for everyone."

Marie Elizabeth Aloisi, Executive Vice President of Commercial Solutions for Mastercard

Therefore, Priority's incorporation with Mastercard Track will bring best-in-class payment solutions to the market—buyers and suppliers.


Learn best practices for successful S/4HANA migration and building an effective business case As more organizations are upgrading their SAP ERP systems to the recent version of S/4HANA to align with SAP’s 2027 migration timeline, it’s increasingly important for tax stakeholders to be included in strategic planning throughout lar


Learn best practices for successful S/4HANA migration and building an effective business case As more organizations are upgrading their SAP ERP systems to the recent version of S/4HANA to align with SAP’s 2027 migration timeline, it’s increasingly important for tax stakeholders to be included in strategic planning throughout lar

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Nexus FrontierTech's Intelligent Document Processing Now on Temenos

Nexus FrontierTech | March 14, 2023

Nexus FrontierTech, a leading AI and IDP solutions provider, announced on March 13, 2023, that its Financial Services Extraction (FSX) services are now available through the Temenos Exchange ecosystem of integrated fintech solutions. Nexus FrontierTech's FSX solution provides more than 50 unique AI modules, enabling instant advanced processing of various document types like bank statements, financial statements, and identification documents, among others. Clients can get tailored customizations to meet their specific needs. The integration of unstructured data into the company's systems is seamless, significantly improving operational efficiency and staff productivity. With Temenos, deploying FSX is now faster and easier than ever. Temenos Exchange accelerates innovation at scale by providing a pre-integrated and approved ecosystem of fintech solutions that can be quickly deployed on top of Temenos' open platform. This allows banks to speed up the development of new financial services while simultaneously reducing development costs. Martin Bailey, Director of Innovation and Ecosystems, Temenos, stated, "Temenos Exchange acts as an accelerator for fintechs and software developers, helping them develop, validate and monetize new banking solutions. Joining Temenos Exchange means Nexus FrontierTech can write once and sell its solution across a vast banking audience of more than 3,000 clients in 150 countries. Collectively, this community serves the banking needs of 1.2 billion people worldwide." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Danny Goh, Chief Executive Officer of Nexus FrontierTech, remarked, "Nexus FrontierTech's availability on Temenos Exchange addresses the urgent need for simpler and swifter AI deployment so companies can benefit from operational automation quickly. With our focus on innovation for traditional financial organizations, clients without tech specializations eliminate the risk of falling behind pure Fintech competitors." He further added, "Nexus' participation in Temenos Exchange further extends our commitment to the banking community. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Temenos platform to help our clients achieve their business goals." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Nexus FrontierTech Nexus FrontierTech accelerates financial decision-making through modular automation solutions on its proprietary AI engine. Its technology enables the efficient development of structured processes for compliance, risk management, and innovation purposes, providing real-time visibility and traceability to enterprise data. Since 2015, the company has optimized operations for financial and governmental organizations, with three key products focused on ESG analysis, financial modeling, and risk management. Its mission is to drive digital transformation for sustainable value creation.

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Abrigo unveils new AI-driven banking intelligence capabilities at ThinkBIG conference

PRnewswire | May 17, 2023

Abrigo, a leading provider of growth and risk management software for U.S. banks and credit unions, recently announced significant improvements to Abrigo Connect, the company's banking intelligence solution. Abrigo Connect now includes new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for ease of use and new role-based products to help leaders make strategic and operational decisions. The functionality was revealed at Abrigo's ThinkBIG conference in Miami last week, where 600 attendees convened for thought leadership and Abrigo product innovation. Introduced in 2020, the Abrigo Connect platform curates relevant information to quickly deliver intuitive and actionable dashboards across lending, credit risk, financial crime management, enterprise risk, and banking operations. These dashboards give financial leaders insights into institutional performance, opportunities for growth, and employee efficiency. "Banking leaders have to do more with less given the economy, and they need real-time information to optimize decisions around resources, loan growth, and risks. Abrigo Connect can close that information gap quickly, without months' long implementations or complex data stacks," explained Ravi Nemalikanti, Abrigo Chief Technology Officer. Abrigo Connect features a new user interface powered by ThoughtSpot Everywhere. It uses AI, GPT-3.5, and natural language search capabilities so bankers can find their data using the words they speak everyday – improving the speed and quality of results. "Companies that are building their businesses on data, both internally and in their offerings for customers, will realize unprecedented competitive advantages. It makes us immensely proud to be empowering a global community of data-driven companies, like Abrigo, that are using ThoughtSpot to build sticky products that deliver business impact and extend analytics to their customers that deliver a modern data experience," said Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer at ThoughtSpot. "Abrigo is driving innovation in the banking sector with AI-Powered analytics, and we're thrilled to be an innovation partner in differentiating their platform with a bespoke analytics experience and in delighting their end users." Abrigo supports 2,400 financial institutions through lending, portfolio risk, and financial crime management automation. Leveraging its customer network, the company has built a proprietary database of banking data for exclusive benchmarking within Abrigo Connect. While many financial institutions grapple with a talent shortage, they may also struggle to source or fund an in-house data science team. Similarly, many community institutions lack resources dedicated to data warehousing to power general business intelligence systems. Abrigo Connect uses information already flowing through the Abrigo Platform to sidestep lengthy, expensive data integration projects and yield immediate access to curated data. Later this year, Abrigo will also integrate additional data sources for richer analysis. The Abrigo Platform, including Connect, provides unlimited user access, allowing financial institutions to add users as their usage of data analytics expands. Bankers can have confidence in the security and expediency of data flows through Abrigo, knowing the company has integrated to more than 50 unique core systems across thousands of successful technology implementations. About Abrigo Abrigo is a leading provider of compliance, credit risk, lending, and asset/liability management solutions and services that help financial institutions thrive. Abrigo accelerates growth, increases client efficiency, and improves customer experience with an easy-to-use and expansive platform. We ensure customer success with our award-winning client service team, advisory expertise, and innovative technology. With a network of 2,400+ FIs, Abrigo offers unique opportunities for insightful peer benchmarks and best practices. Visit to learn more.

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Zenus Bank Makes Strategic Acquisition of Leading Payments Provider

Businesswire | April 05, 2023

Zenus Bank, the digital bank that makes U.S. bank accounts available internationally, is proud to announce the acquisition of Financial Urban Exchange LLC (FUEX Payments), a fintech specializing in real-time payments for the Caribbean and Latin American (LAC) markets. This acquisition represents Zenus Bank's ongoing strategy to innovate and expand its service offering in the fintech industry and demonstrates its focus on delivering cutting-edge financial solutions to its customers through an effective M&A strategy. FUEX Payments has developed innovative API solutions that enable real-time payments through major global payment card brands for businesses, governments and financial institutions. Zenus Bank's acquisition of FUEX Payments will enable the bank to expand its offerings in the Caribbean and LAC markets. FUEX Payments' cutting-edge real-time payments technology and Zenus Bank's expertise in financial services will create a powerful platform that will enable businesses and individuals in the region to transact more efficiently and securely anywhere in the world, leveraging the power of the major card payment platforms. "FUEX Payments has been at the forefront of the fintech revolution in the Caribbean and LAC markets, and we are thrilled to have them join the Zenus Bank family," said Mushegh Tovmasyan, Founder and Chairman of Zenus Bank. "This acquisition will enhance our capabilities and enable us to deliver even more innovative solutions to our customers, further strengthening our position as a leader in the fintech industry." Candido Alfonso, co-founder and CEO of FUEX Payments, said: "We are excited to join forces with Zenus Bank, a company that shares our vision for providing cutting-edge financial solutions to customers. This acquisition will allow us to leverage Zenus Bank's expertise and resources to accelerate the growth of our real-time payments solutions in the Caribbean and LAC markets in the real time transactions and Payments-as-a-Service markets." About Zenus Bank Zenus is an independent U.S. digital bank, founded in 2019, that is taking banking beyond borders. Giving people and businesses worldwide access to the security, freedom, and convenience of U.S. banking. Providing Retail, Business, Institutional banking, and BaaS. Zenus is creating a world where physical borders don’t limit access to financial services. Zenus Bank will not open any account or process any transactions from countries that have been sanctioned by the United States Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control ‘OFAC’.

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