Payscout and Telrock Systems Partnered Over Paywire Integration

Payscout, one of the global leaders of payment innovation, is elated to announce its latest integration with Optimus. Payscout is known as one of the global leaders of payment innovation. The company has provided specialized processing solutions for vertical-specific industries such as Healthcare, Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), and Enterprise merchants. Optimus is known for its comprehensive cloud-based collections and recovery software platform from Telrock Systems.

Telrock Systems is a global technology provider for modern recovery software solutions and cloud-based collections for creditors and 3rd-party consumer collections organizations to improve their functionality and advance business capabilities.

Payscout's Paywire platform will be a significant ARM-centric gateway for the users of Optimus as they will now have direct access to seamlessly integrated payment processing through API. The enhanced integration will serve the purpose of providing advanced omnichannel payment capabilities for debit, credit, HAS, and ACH in a secure and PCI-compliant environment.

In addition, the new Paywire platform now offers the users of Optimus access to enhanced service offerings from Payscout. The offerings would be programs with a proven record of increasing collection rates and boosting revenue and 360° Fee-Free Payments and First-Party Biller (FPB). Fee-Free Payments and First-Party Biller (FPB) is a service offering for agencies to their clients (BPO or EBO) to assist on receivables before assignment for collection. FPB generally reduces the impact on clients and systems during data transfer and controls the entire process.

360° Fee-Free Payments is a fully compliant Convenience Fee solution that enables merchants to eliminate or significantly reduce their payment processing fees by charging consumers at a flat price for the convenience of accepting card-not-present (CNP) payments online or via mobile phone.

These are trying times for businesses in the collections and ARM space. With many businesses facing reduced budgets, limited inventories, and increased regulations, there is a real need for an efficient and compliant payment solution that reduces costs and increases revenue. The integration between Paywire and Optimus provides further proof of the commitment between Payscout and Telrock Systems to provide innovative collection solutions that meet the needs of our customers."

Manpreet Singh, President and Co-Founder of Payscout


As digital transformation efforts progress in all industries, few companies or organizational functions are finding that they can thrive without cloud technology—including the tax department. This white paper, which serves as a practical cloud-adoption handbook, reviews cloud technology’s adoption and benefits, including approac


As digital transformation efforts progress in all industries, few companies or organizational functions are finding that they can thrive without cloud technology—including the tax department. This white paper, which serves as a practical cloud-adoption handbook, reviews cloud technology’s adoption and benefits, including approac

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Oracle’s Banking Cloud to Redefine Real-Time Banking Transactions

Oracle | September 25, 2023

Oracle enhances banking cloud services for real-time cash management and transactions. New services optimize working capital and the customer experience. Oracle's comprehensive cloud suite offers ready-to-deploy APIs for agile banking. Oracle has broadened its Oracle Banking Cloud Services portfolio to empower banks in swiftly launching comprehensive transaction banking solutions. These encompass cash management, liquidity management, and virtual account management. Alongside Oracle's real-time payments processing, large-scale account operations, and APIs, these new services aim to enhance banks' visibility and forecasting capabilities, enabling customers to leverage their cash more effectively. In addition, Oracle has introduced enhancements to its Oracle Banking Accounts Cloud Service and Oracle Banking Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management Cloud Service. Sonny Singh, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Financial Services, reportedly emphasized the importance of delivering enhanced customer experiences, stating, Delivering enriched customer and banker experiences that provide immediate and tangible business value will be the growth lifeline for banks in the near term. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] The new solutions are designed to be seamlessly integrated into corporate enterprise resources management systems, facilitating real-time payments, settlements, and cash cycle optimization. The improvements in limits and collateral management streamline credit facility lifecycles, allowing banks to onboard corporate customers in minutes rather than months. Oracle Banking Accounts Cloud Service has expanded its support to include retail accounts, term deposits, nostro management, and account servicing. Together with the API Cloud Service, banks can swiftly tailor and deploy accounts across various digital channels. The new and enhanced Oracle Banking Cloud Services include: Oracle Banking Liquidity Management Cloud Service: Offers higher-yield investment opportunities, pooling, sweeping, and interest optimization for corporations to manage working capital efficiently. Oracle Banking Virtual Account Management Cloud Service: Provides corporations with capital clarity and effective management of complex global account structures. Oracle Banking Cash Management Cloud Service: Empowers corporate customers with cash flow forecasting, efficient collections and receivables management, and automated reconciliation. Oracle Banking Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management Cloud Service: Digitizes and simplifies the credit lifecycle, optimizing credit decisions and accelerating origination and servicing while mitigating risks. Oracle Banking Accounts Cloud Service: Streamlines account management and operations for both corporate and retail accounts. Oracle Banking Payments Cloud Service: Facilitates real-time payment processing and offers a one-stop solution for various payment types. Oracle Digital Banking Experience Cloud Service: Enhances self-service experiences for corporations, providing actionable insights and automation. Oracle Banking APIs Cloud Service: Offers a range of ready-to-deploy banking APIs to accelerate innovation and improve customer experiences. These services are part of the Oracle Banking Cloud Services suite, built on a microservices’ architecture, providing flexibility, scalability, security, and compliance with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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Genpact Integrates riskCanvas with Amazon Bedrock to Transform Financial Crime Management with Advanced Generative AI Capabilities

PR Newswire | September 29, 2023

Genpact (NYSE: G), a global professional services firm focused on delivering outcomes that transform businesses, expanded its relationship with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to transform financial crime risk operations, leveraging generative AI and large language models (LLMs). Integrating Genpact's proprietary cloud-based financial crime suite, riskCanvas™, with Amazon Bedrock, has led to accelerated efficiencies and impact for clients such as Apex Fintech Solutions. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that enables developers to test, integrate, and deploy industry-leading foundation models (FMs) via an application programming interface (API) and customize the models to best suit their unique use cases. Building on its existing relationship with AWS, Genpact is now combining its intellectual property and deep industry expertise with AWS's generative AI capabilities. For example, seamlessly incorporating Amazon Bedrock FMs into Genpact's riskCanvas financial crimes software suite aims to unlock exponential value and improve speed and accuracy in the detection, investigation, and prevention of financial crime threats for operations across enterprises. This allows experts to review outputs and incorporate a guided decision-making process, providing comprehensive summaries and analyses of potential financial crime activities – accelerating both efficiency and precision. Genpact engaged multiple riskCanvas clients to significantly improve the detection, investigation, and prevention of a wide range of financial crime threats. As a result, Genpact is now driving accelerated efficiencies and delivering substantial impact for these clients in finance and capital markets, exemplified by their work with Apex Fintech Solutions. "Financial criminals are constantly innovating, which means financial services companies need to use advanced digital technologies to stay one step ahead of them," said Justin Morgan, Head of Financial Crimes Compliance at Apex Fintech Solutions. "With the addition of generative AI features to Genpact's riskCanvas, our analysts will be able to produce Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) narratives and case summaries at the click of a button using inputs from millions of data points. We expect this will reduce time spent on case summarizations by 60%, allowing our analysts to spend more time identifying truly suspicious financial activity." Using approved client data from the secure riskCanvas ecosystem, combined with Amazon Bedrock's secure data handling, enables the generation of highly accurate outcomes while maintaining data protection across clients. "Responsible AI is a core consideration in AI implementation and its importance will continue to increase, said Atul Deo, General Manager, Amazon Bedrock at AWS. Amazon Bedrock is rooted in secure data handling, encrypting all data and allowing users to customize models privately. Integrated with Genpact's riskCanvas, this powerful combination enables our mutual customers to enhance productivity in investigating, detecting, and preventing financial crime threats. The initiative enables clients to fully leverage the potential of generative AI solutions and drive secure, scalable, AI-led transformation. "Data complexity and volume, false positives, and evolving sophisticated criminal tactics are accelerating the need for businesses to harness generative AI to transform financial crime operations," said BK Kalra, Global Business Leader, Financial Services, Consumer and Healthcare, Genpact. "Genpact's expanded relationship with AWS represents a pivotal step in redefining the operations landscape for enterprises. Together we can unlock untapped value, and fuel significant growth opportunities for our clients, solidifying our commitment to delivering valuable business impact." For more information on Genpact's relationship with AWS, visit: AWS | Our Partners | Genpact, and for more information on our financial services visit: AWS Financial Services | Our Partners | Genpact.

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Bank of America's Global Digital Disbursements Now Available in Canada

Bank of America | September 05, 2023

Bank of America has introduced its alias solution, Global Digital Disbursements, to cater to its corporate clientele who maintain deposit accounts at the bank's Canadian branch. With the launch of this digital solution, the company will become the first U.S. financial institution operating in Canada to provide both C2B 'Request for Pay' and B2C payment processes. This development marks a significant achievement for Bank of America in Canada as it aligns itself with the dynamic digital requirements of its multinational clientele. It will provide heightened expediency, adaptability, and transparency in managing the payment and receipt procedures. Global Digital Disbursements will streamline handling numerous B2C payments and C2B collections, utilizing an individual's email address or mobile phone number as the identifying information. This solution represents a cost-effective and user-friendly payment alternative for enterprises seeking to substitute cash or check transactions. The application of Global Digital Disbursements exhibits divergence across various industries. For instance, its agility is harnessed within the insurance sector to facilitate expeditious claim settlements. Similarly, technology firms find utility in this solution for its convenience in compensating freelance employees or 'gig' workers, eliminating the necessity to handle sensitive financial data. Moreover, in emergencies, non-profit organizations place significant stakes in the capability to electronically disburse financial aid to individuals who may find themselves displaced from their physical locations. Canada represents one of the pioneering markets where the 'Request for Pay' feature will be accessible in conjunction with Global Digital Disbursements. This feature enables a business to send invoices to customers via text message or email along with a payment link, speeding up the receipt of payments. Moreover, the company added that introducing Global Digital Disbursements in Canada coincides with the bank's 75th anniversary of operations. This eagerly-awaited launch underscores its dedication to fostering indigenous advancements in financial services, enabling its clients to achieve cost efficiencies and maintain a competitive advantage.

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