Ocrolus Launches Comprehensive Fraud Detection Solution for Lenders

Ocrolus | September 13, 2022 | Read time : 02:08 min

Ocrolus Launches Comprehensive Fraud Detection Solution for Lenders
Ocrolus, the document and data analysis platform empowering lenders to make faster, more accurate lending decisions, today announced the launch of Ocrolus Detect, a comprehensive fraud detection solution for lenders. Detect provides high-quality, decision-ready data that can help lenders minimize risk and prevent losses.

Lenders traditionally perform manual review of documents to inspect for file tampering, document manipulation, inconsistencies, and other suspicious activity. This time consuming, tedious, and error-prone process can result in significant losses. Ocrolus Detect automates fraud workflows, providing detailed signals and clear visualizations of fraudulent activity undetectable to the human eye.

"Detecting fraud is mission critical to our business, and Ocrolus is uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive fraud solution with its focus on lending, Fraudulent behavior needs to be caught in our underwriting process and Detect has proven to be a highly effective insight tool for our team."

- Zack Whitaker, Risk Operations at AtoB, a fintech company modernizing payments infrastructure for trucking and logistics

Detect indicates where file tampering has occurred on a document, what fields were modified, and how they were changed to provide the necessary level of context for more informed lending decisions. Detect also visualizes file tampering on documents received and often can recover the original document for fraud analysts to easily spot the modified fields.

Ocrolus processes millions of lending documents weekly, which enables the company to train its machine learning models with a unique and nuanced understanding of file structure and key data. During a customer beta program, Detect accurately uncovered four times more potential fraud than a leading competitor.

As the lending industry shifts to digital loan application processes, fraud is rapidly increasing and becoming more difficult for humans to catch, Detect enables lenders to quickly and confidently process more loans by proactively providing them with clear and reliable fraud signals, said John Forrester, SVP of Product at Ocrolus.

About Ocrolus
Ocrolus is a document automation platform that powers the digital lending ecosystem, optimizing credit decisions in small business, mortgage, and consumer lending. The company provides document analysis infrastructure to customers like PayPal, Brex, SoFi, Blend, and Plaid. Ocrolus enables financial services companies to make high quality decisions with trusted data. By empowering lenders to automate financial analysis, Ocrolus helps borrowers access credit faster and on better terms. The company has raised over $100 million from blue-chip fintech investors.


About the customer: Ingram Micro is the global leader in cloud, mobility, technology lifecycle, supply chain, and technology solutions and services serving 250,000+ customers across 160 countries. Ingram Micro has been relying on SAP and Vertex solutions to meet its unique business and tax department needs. Ingram Micro implemen


About the customer: Ingram Micro is the global leader in cloud, mobility, technology lifecycle, supply chain, and technology solutions and services serving 250,000+ customers across 160 countries. Ingram Micro has been relying on SAP and Vertex solutions to meet its unique business and tax department needs. Ingram Micro implemen

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Atomic and Jack Henry & Associates | December 02, 2022

Atomic, the market-leading provider of payroll connectivity, announced today that its direct deposit setup and switching solution, Deposit, is now accessible through Jack Henry’s digital banking platform. Atomic leveraged the Digital ToolkitTM, the same set of APIs on which the Banno Digital PlatformTM is built, to embed its technology into the digital experiences offered by community and regional financial institutions. Access to Jack Henry’s API, design, and authenticated frameworks has enabled Atomic to directly integrate into the digital banking platform, providing a seamless banking experience. This integration contributes to Jack Henry’s growing ecosystem of over 850 fintech firms, providing approximately 8,000 financial institutions with relevant financial products and services for their account holders. Atomic rolled out a soft launch for its Deposit plugin on the Jack Henry digital banking platform in July 2022, giving Banno users access to its first-to-market direct deposit switch and set-up solution. Using Atomic’s Deposit solution, financial institutions can enable their customers to digitally set up and switch direct deposits to fund accounts held with them. With Atomic’s Deposit solution active on the Jack Henry digital banking platform, existing Banno customers can install and activate the Deposit plugin to their bank’s mobile app or online banking platform within hours. This collaboration is a great example of conjoined fintech that creates stronger wins and greater opportunities for financial institutions of all sizes, fostering a more competitive landscape. "We aim to help marginalized and underserved consumers, In the same way, we strive to help financial institutions of every asset size differentiate and excel–often the regional and community banks are among the hardest to serve underrepresented populations. By partnering, customers are empowered to unlock direct access to account funding streams without needing to invest in modern technological infrastructure or build in-house APIs and integrations required to launch competitive, cutting-edge financial solutions. We’re thrilled about this integration with Jack Henry and the Banno digital banking platform.” -Jordan Wright, Co-founder and CEO at Atomic About Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. Jack HenryTM (Nasdaq: JKHY) is a well-rounded financial technology company that strengthens connections between financial institutions and the people and businesses they serve. We are an S&P 500 company that prioritizes openness, collaboration, and user centricity – offering banks and credit unions a vibrant ecosystem of internally developed modern capabilities as well as the ability to integrate with leading fintechs. For more than 45 years, Jack Henry has provided technology solutions to enable clients to innovate faster, strategically differentiate, and successfully compete while serving the evolving needs of their accountholders. We empower approximately 8,000 clients with people-inspired innovation, personal service, and insight-driven solutions that help reduce the barriers to financial health. Additional information is available at About Atomic: Atomic is the market-leading provider of payroll connectivity, trusted by over 160 financial institutions, fintech firms, and partners, including 13 of the largest fintech apps, as well as financial firms offering digital-first neobanks, alternative lending, crypto exchanges, and digital brokerages. Atomic provides the infrastructure to connect consumers to their financial data, automate set-up and updates to direct deposits, digitize income and employment verifications (VOI/VOE), repay financial obligations from their paycheck, access earned but unpaid wages, and tap tax filing advantages, as well as supporting financial wellness benefits through its EmployerLink solutions. Atomic’s suite of API solutions simplifies complicated payroll and human resource platform integrations that cover over 480 unique payroll connections, including incumbent payroll providers, bespoke enterprise solutions, modern HR tech providers, gig-economy platforms and government systems. Atomic is ranked by CB Insights as a Fintech 250, selected by Fintech Breakthrough Awards as a Best Banking Transaction Solution, and is recognized as a Top Work Places 2022. Atomic has raised $78.6 million from investors, including Greylock, Mercato Partners, Core Innovation Capital, Portage, and ATX Venture Partners. For more insights on the intersection of fintech and payroll, you can subscribe to Atomic's Intelligence newsletter.

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STP Investment Services Acquires WealthSite, A wealth Advisory Fintech

STP Investment Services | January 10, 2023

In a recent development, STP Investment Services (STP) has acquired WealthSite. With the acquisition, STP will now manage more than $400 billion in assets. It will also improve its cloud-based BluePrintTM platform, which gives clients and end investors the analytics, reporting, and digital experiences they need to compete and do well. When it comes to meeting the needs of its customers, STP puts service first and is committed to constantly improving its technological infrastructure, which is the best in the business. STP will be better equipped to meet the needs of single and multi-family offices, traditional wealth advisory companies, and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients with the addition of WealthSite's accounting and performance engine, extensive reporting, and portfolio management capabilities. Russell Burns, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WealthSite said, "Our team has spent years building and fine-tuning nuances specific to these advisors and clients, including balance sheet reporting and complex ownership accounting, in addition to alternative and esoteric assets." He further added, "We believe blending our foundational elements with STP's groundbreaking BluePrint™ platform creates a compelling solution for family offices and ultra-high-net-worth investors not available anywhere else on the market." (Source: Business Wire) Adding to this, Patrick Murray, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of STP stated, "WealthSite's customizable, cloud-based solution was purpose-built to address the most sophisticated accounting and reporting demands, such as private asset classes and multi-layered ownership structures." He further expressed, "By adding the firm's experienced professionals and best-of-breed reporting solutions to our existing capabilities, we'll not only be able to accelerate the BluePrint technology roadmap, but also reinforce our commitment to providing high-touch operational outsourcing services that enable family offices and wealth advisory firms to navigate and deliver against the complex needs of the clients they serve." (Source: Business Wire) WealthSite's reporting system helps clients tackle current and future difficulties by being customizable to each firm's needs. By assisting customers in perceiving their overall wealth more simply and accurately, advisors can focus on having more insightful client interactions and scaling their practices. About STP Investment Services STP Investment Services is a collaborative partner that gives investment managers, funds, and plan sponsors scalable, transparent middle and back-office solutions. It is an international company with fully-owned offices in the United States and India. The company offers a wide range of services for the asset management industry, including the ability to handle all asset classes and meet changing business needs.

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Quant and UST Partner to Accelerate the Adoption of Institutional Digital Assets Across Financial Services

Quant and UST | November 23, 2022

Quant, the blockchain for finance pioneer, has partnered with UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, to provide technical integration and tokenisation services to central and commercial banks and capital markets participants. These services will help financial institutions adopt digital assets, as they increasingly realise the benefits of distributed ledger technologies by issuing digital money and tokenising existing asset classes for greater settlement speed and access to new markets and clients Quant will provide the foundational technology, and UST will provide support through user interface design and integration via its Sandbox based in their London Innovation Lab. The partnership facilitates the issuance of central bank digital currencies, digital money in the form of commercial stablecoins, and digital securities onto major distributed ledger networks. By working with the two firms, financial institutions can shorten the lifecycle of their blockchain projects to just a few weeks. Quant utilises low-code APIs to issue highly secure and externally validated digital assets and tokenised currencies. Its Overledger gateway enables business flows used by banks for accounts, payments and settlement, and can plug into exchanges and venues for asset management. The global tokenisation market was valued at $2 billion in 2021; compounding growth of 24 percent is expected over the next eight years, according to Grand View Research. Additionally, CBDC pilots are now taking place worldwide, which will unlock new capabilities for governments, businesses, and consumers. Today, more than 50 countries are in an advanced phase of exploration for CBDCs, and 19 of the G20 countries are considering a digital currency. Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO of Quant, said UST has been at the forefront of blockchain services for almost a decade and their customer focus is aligned with our approach. The partnership will ensure that financial institutions can create new business opportunities and innovate with new DLT-embedded products and services to tokenise existing asset classes. "We have partnered with Quant because of the flexibility and agility inherent in its technology. Built with financial institutions in mind, Quant's Overledger API gateway is the perfect foundation to bring the benefits of blockchain to a multitude of businesses in this sector." -Daniel Field, Global Head of Blockchain, UST About Quant Quant is the future of finance. Today. We unlock the power of blockchain for everyone, by delivering interoperable ecosystems and real-world solutions that simply work so our customers create new business opportunities and build competitive advantage in record time. We work with financial institutions, governments, multinational companies, and the partners and fintech developers who support them, to deliver enterprise-grade technology built with security and compliance front of mind. Founded in 2018, Quant is UK-based with a presence in the European Union and the Americas. We spearheaded the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 adopted by 57 countries and organisations worldwide and solved interoperability with the creation of the world's first blockchain-agnostic API gateway, Overledger. Our leadership team has deep experience in government, financial services, technology, healthcare, and management consulting. Our partners include Amazon Web Services and Oracle, and we're a founding member of the Digital Pound Foundation. About UST For more than 22 years, UST has worked side by side with the world's best companies to make a real impact through transformation. Powered by technology, inspired by people, and led by our purpose, we partner with our clients from design to operation. Through our nimble approach, we identify their core challenges, and craft disruptive solutions that bring their vision to life. With deep domain expertise and a future-proof philosophy, we embed innovation and agility into our clients' organizations—delivering measurable value and lasting change across industries, and around the world. Together, with over 30,000 employees in 30+ countries, we build for boundless impact—touching billions of lives in the process.

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