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Ocrolus Adds OpenAI GPT Embeddings for Deeper Automation in Financial Document Analysis

PRnewswire | May 09, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Ocrolus Adds OpenAI GPT Embeddings for Deeper Automation

Ocrolus, a leader in AI-driven document automation for faster and more accurate lending decisions, announced it has integrated GPT embeddings from OpenAI into its set of technologies.

The addition of OpenAI GPT embeddings strengthens Ocrolus' ability to process semi-structured and unstructured documents, such as bank statements, paystubs and mortgage applications, without human involvement. Integrating GPT embeddings from OpenAI further cements the company as a leader in creating best-in-class automation solutions for small business, mortgage and consumer lenders.

Ocrolus document automation combines state-of-the-art AI from across the industry within a single solution to help lenders make decisions with confidence. In addition to the OpenAI integration, the company's technology set includes subsystems from Amazon, Google and its own proprietary deep learning architectures. These models are enabled by its massive document dataset, built from processing hundreds of millions of document pages, and the company's unique ability to create accurate training data in-house to constantly improve its algorithms.

"Ocrolus continuously seeks to integrate AI solutions that can improve our machine learning models as well as our Human-in-the-Loop (HiTL) verification process," said Zach Haehn, SVP of engineering at Ocrolus. "Today, most documents we receive are processed with no human interaction, and we're staying on the offensive by continually adding the best technology from leaders like OpenAI. By expanding our technology platform, we're creating more efficient ways to deliver the accurate data and analysis lenders require to make more informed decisions in the fastest way possible."

Leading small business, mortgage and consumer lenders across the financial services sector use Ocrolus to classify, capture and analyze financial documents for more informed lending decisions. This integration will lead to even more efficient document automation for Ocrolus customers, enabling them to process more loans while continuing to deliver the precise data required for financial decision-making.

"Ocrolus' AI technology has transformed our lending business," said Ocrolus customer and Head of Operations Strategy & Enterprise Projects at Kapitus, Murugappan Chettiar. "The automation and accuracy have saved us many hours of manual work and drastically reduced errors in our lending decisions. It's been a game-changer for us, allowing us to handle more loan applications without sacrificing accuracy or speed."

Ocrolus will demonstrate its AI-driven document automation technology at booth #343 during Fintech Nexus USA 2023, taking place at the Javits Center in New York City May 10-11. For additional information or to book a product demo, visit

About Ocrolus

Ocrolus is an AI-driven document automation platform that powers the digital lending ecosystem, optimizing credit decisions in small business, mortgage, and consumer lending. Ocrolus enables financial services companies like Brex, Cross Country Mortgage, Enova, PayPal, and SoFi to make high-quality decisions with trusted data. By empowering lenders to automate financial analysis, we help borrowers access credit faster and on better terms.


Embracing the Fintech Revolution Discover how fintech startups are reshaping finance with cutting-edge solutions for payments, lending, insurance, and wealth management. From AI to blockchain, witness the future of finance unfold!


Embracing the Fintech Revolution Discover how fintech startups are reshaping finance with cutting-edge solutions for payments, lending, insurance, and wealth management. From AI to blockchain, witness the future of finance unfold!

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Alkami Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALKT) ("Alkami"), a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the U.S., has developed and launched an Engagement AI Model via its AI Predictive Modeling solution. The new model—the first of its kind in the industry—combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Alkami's proprietary Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs) empowering financial institutions to identify account holders who demonstrate behaviors most likely to lead to retention and account growth, and increase their engagement with products, service offerings and digital channels. Financial institutions can use an attrition model to identify account holders that have a high risk of leaving, allowing the institution a chance to develop win-back strategies. According to Alkami's internal research, account holders who score the highest risk for attrition are, on average, 15x more likely to leave a financial institution than account holders who score as highly engaged. Alkami's Engagement AI Model inverts their attrition model so financial institutions can focus their time and budget where it matters most—in retaining and growing their engaged account holders. "When we looked at the full spectrum of attrition scoring, our research showed that attrition is significantly lower among highly engaged account holders, so we developed a model that not only identifies these highly engaged account holders but also layers in Alkami's KLIs—labels describing the type of transaction or behavior a customer or member engages in—to best predict which behaviors drive incremental engagement," said Mark Leher, director, product management at Alkami. "The model assesses the entire universe of a financial institution's account holders on a daily basis to identify those account holders exhibiting behaviors that have historically led to deeper engagement," Leher continued. "This allows the financial institution to auto-surface highly relevant campaigns that are more effective at driving growth. Not only does this save on account acquisition costs, but it also empowers the financial institution to engage with those who are more likely to take action on a targeted campaign." About Alkami Alkami Technology, Inc. is a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the United States that enables clients to grow confidently, adapt quickly, and build thriving digital communities. Alkami helps clients transform through retail and business banking, digital account opening, payment security, and data analytics and marketing solutions. To learn more, visit

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Optty partners with Triple-A to expand payment architectures into Cryptocurrencies

PR Newswire | July 31, 2023

Optty, the world's first universal payments platform, today announced a new partnership with Triple-A, a licensed crypto payment gateway, to add cryptocurrency as a payment option on the platform. As the central hub connecting and streamlining a robust global network of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) providers, this milestone marks the launch of Optty's sixth payment architecture, further expanding viable payment options for merchants and convenience for their end customers. "As the world's first true universal payments platform, Optty is agnostic and supportive of payments inclusion, a unique position that is designed to help retailers offer more choice than ever at checkout," said Natasha Zurnamer, CEO and founder of Optty. "With one simplified integration, not only can retailers access over 90 BNPLs and local payment methods in over 120 countries — they can now switch on crypto payments, a natural progression in our aim to simplify payments for retailers all over the world." The first crypto payment gateway to be licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Triple-A is also licensed in Europe, through Banque de France's ACPR, and registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Through the collaboration with Triple-A's white label crypto payment gateway, Optty enables retailers and merchants to offer a wide range of payment methods. This allows them to test and learn which payment types best resonate with their customers. Tapping into diverse consumer payment preferences With Optty's vast global network of gateways that license the company's unique payment stacks, merchants and retailers can now leverage Triple-A's gateway to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC). Triple-A's crypto payment gateway is compatible with all crypto wallets, allowing customers to make hassle-free payments using their preferred wallet. Through real-time crypto-to-fiat conversions facilitated by Triple-A, retailers can receive payments in cryptocurrencies without the need to manage them on their balance sheets and constantly monitor fluctuating exchange rates. Retailers enjoy next-day local currency bank settlements in 50+ currencies, enabling quick access to funds in their preferred currency. Additionally, businesses have the option to offer their customers the convenience of paying through Binance Pay. Optty already offers Buy Now Pay Later, Debit and Credit, Digital Wallets, Peer to Peer payments, and bank transfer options, and the addition of crypto enables merchants to tap into the spending power of 420 million crypto owners worldwide. Optty plans to further expand payment architectures to a total of nine by the end of 2023. "We are excited to partner with Optty and bring crypto payments to their merchants," said Eric Barbier, CEO of Triple-A. "This collaboration will help merchants take advantage of the growing demand for cryptocurrency payments, without the hassle of managing crypto assets on their balance sheets." Disruption through simplification Previously, retailers and merchants would need to spend a great deal of time and money on complex, one-by-one payment integration processes. Optty changed all this by eliminating it, revolutionizing the way merchants access payments methods globally. Available across ecommerce, IVR, and in-store, it is a true PaaS that offers retailers a simplified integration while providing a seamless and direct commercial partnership channel, enabling an application process with every payment provider in the solution. About Optty As a PaaS, Optty is the world's first true universal payments platform that integrates over 90 installment (BNPL) brands — more than any other existing single integration solution globally — and offers six payment architectures, soon to be nine by the end of 2023. Its payments-, partner- and channel-agnostic approach delivers wide payments connectivity globally to schemes, acquirers, gateways and retailers alike and offers a full white-label, customisable interface with hierarchy built in for network expansion ease. About Triple-A Triple-A is a licensed crypto payment gateway that helps businesses increase their revenue by enabling crypto payments and payouts, giving them access to the spending power of the fast-growing 420m+ cryptocurrency users. Triple-A's white label crypto payments solutions allow businesses from all industries to leverage the benefits of the growing crypto market without being exposed to volatility risk or having to handle or convert digital currencies. Their solutions are compatible with all wallets, easy to integrate and offer instant confirmation, locked-in exchange rates and chargeback protection. Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and trusted by over 15,000 businesses, Triple-A makes accepting crypto payments simple for businesses across the globe.

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iuvity Partners with MX to Enable Actionable Financial Insights with Robust Data Access

PRweb | June 29, 2023

iuvity, a cloud-first digital banking and open service platform provider, announced today that it has partnered with MX Technologies, Inc., a leader in open finance, to enable secure data sharing and financial account aggregation within iuvity’s digital banking platform. Through this partnership, iuvity’s clients will be able to leverage MX’s open finance APIs to provide their customers with a more secure and reliable data sharing experience and power insights to help customers meet their financial goals. “Open banking is the future of financial services, and by partnering with MX, we further strengthen our commitment to empower our financial institution clients to provide more meaningful, personalized online experiences that better connect users with their financial world,” said Brian Abele, General Manager US, iuvity. “Since both MX and iuvity embrace modern, open finance APIs, we were able to quickly connect our solutions, and in turn, open new opportunities for our clients to provide their customers and members a single view of their financial environment – all within their preferred financial institution’s digital banking solution.” The partnership between iuvity and MX enables financial institutions and their customers and members to securely connect multiple financial accounts across various institutions within iuviBANKING. With this combined offering, banks and credit unions gain valuable insights to drive better user experiences, increase operational efficiency, and enhance security. With Data Access and industry-leading data cleansing and categorization capabilities, it also facilitates the delivery of real-time, predictive guidance based on consumer behaviors to help customers and members improve their financial wellness all within a single view in iuviBANKING. “With multiple accounts spread across various financial institutions, consumers — and their financial providers — lack a clear view of their full financial picture. By offering a way to quickly connect accounts into a comprehensive view, iuvity is empowering its clients and their customers and members to gain greater visibility to drive better financial outcomes,” said Brett Allred, Chief Commercial Officer, Fintech, at MX. “By partnering with iuvity, we’re able to help iuvity’s financial institutions to deliver valuable insights at speed to meet consumer needs for proactive guidance and automated insights.” iuvity will also leverage MX’s Instant Account and Identity Verification solution to streamline the account aggregation process and enable future use cases within the iuviBANKING platform, such as account opening. Time-to-market is of the utmost importance in today’s financial world and iuvity is well-positioned to deliver integrations such as these in record time, providing the peace of mind to stay at pace with the dynamic speed of digital. About iuvity For more than 20 years, iuvity has been transforming the banking industry with its cloud-first, digital-native solutions that power flexible, open, and inclusive financial services. iuvity’s Open Service Platform and micro frontend technology uniquely empower banks, credit unions, and fintech companies to securely deliver personalized, meaningful online customer experiences while innovating at the pace the digital world demands. iuvity’s track record of success with both large and small institutions across seven countries in North and South America speaks to the advanced multinational, multilingual capabilities required in today’s global financial economy. The company’s accountable and collaborative culture serves as the foundation on which customer and employee relationships are built, which in turn has fueled 95+% customer satisfaction and retention rates as well as rapid growth across markets and geographies. To learn more about iuvity, visit About MX MX Technologies, Inc., a leader in Open Finance, makes data accessible and actionable for everyone. MX is building the largest open finance ecosystem to help drive innovation and improve experiences through secure and reliable access to financial data. MX combines trusted open finance APIs with enhanced financial data to quickly and securely connect to and verify data for hundreds of use cases including account opening, money movement, and underwriting. To learn more, follow us on Twitter @MX or visit

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