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NOYACK Logistics Income (NLI) Started Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments with Partnership with BitPay

NOYACK | March 21, 2022

NOYACK Logistics Income (NLI) is now accepting cryptocurrency payments for share with the partnership with BitPay. NLI is sponsored by NOYACK Capital and for investing in supply chain real estate. The partnership has made NLI the first-ever REIT to accept cryptocurrency and enables investors to fund their commitment with Bitcoin (BTC), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Litecoin (LTC). In addition, investors can also use Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ShibaInu (SHIB), and five USD-pegged stablecoins (BUSD, DAI, GUSD, USDC, and USDP) for payments.

NLI is the first REIT to partner with BitPay, a leading crypto payment service provider and one of the initial alternative investment offerings that enable investors to convert digital cryptocurrency into ownership of a hard asset seamlessly.

This partnership is a critical way to connect with today's investors to include investment real estate and cryptocurrency in their retirement accounts. NOYACK's BitPay payment integration is one of the pioneering initiatives for structured commercial real estate investment. Investors can now divide investment between traditional and cryptocurrency. They can easily select their preferred wallet or exchange, select a cryptocurrency, scan a QR code or manually enter payment details. Interestingly, they can easily do it through their mobile devices.

CJ Follini, CEO of NOYACK Capital.

This is another example of moving crypto mainstream. More investors are asking to move cryptocurrency allocations into physical assets like real estate. This ability puts Noyack at the forefront of alternative investment management. The market potential for crypto adoption bridging into the physical world is huge. We estimate $55 Billion in purchases and investments using cryptocurrency in the next 12 months."

Stephen Pair, CEO of BitPay.

Therefore, bbeingNOYACK's proprietary analytics and market research, NLI will further identify properties serving emerging needs for autonomous vehicle infrastructure, climate-controlled storage, same-day delivery, and solving other rapidly evolving uses.


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Bank of America's Global Digital Disbursements Now Available in Canada

Bank of America | September 05, 2023

Bank of America has introduced its alias solution, Global Digital Disbursements, to cater to its corporate clientele who maintain deposit accounts at the bank's Canadian branch. With the launch of this digital solution, the company will become the first U.S. financial institution operating in Canada to provide both C2B 'Request for Pay' and B2C payment processes. This development marks a significant achievement for Bank of America in Canada as it aligns itself with the dynamic digital requirements of its multinational clientele. It will provide heightened expediency, adaptability, and transparency in managing the payment and receipt procedures. Global Digital Disbursements will streamline handling numerous B2C payments and C2B collections, utilizing an individual's email address or mobile phone number as the identifying information. This solution represents a cost-effective and user-friendly payment alternative for enterprises seeking to substitute cash or check transactions. The application of Global Digital Disbursements exhibits divergence across various industries. For instance, its agility is harnessed within the insurance sector to facilitate expeditious claim settlements. Similarly, technology firms find utility in this solution for its convenience in compensating freelance employees or 'gig' workers, eliminating the necessity to handle sensitive financial data. Moreover, in emergencies, non-profit organizations place significant stakes in the capability to electronically disburse financial aid to individuals who may find themselves displaced from their physical locations. Canada represents one of the pioneering markets where the 'Request for Pay' feature will be accessible in conjunction with Global Digital Disbursements. This feature enables a business to send invoices to customers via text message or email along with a payment link, speeding up the receipt of payments. Moreover, the company added that introducing Global Digital Disbursements in Canada coincides with the bank's 75th anniversary of operations. This eagerly-awaited launch underscores its dedication to fostering indigenous advancements in financial services, enabling its clients to achieve cost efficiencies and maintain a competitive advantage.

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JP Morgan Explores Adoption of Blockchain-Based Digital Deposit Token

JPMorgan Chase & Co. | September 13, 2023

JP Morgan aims to expand its blockchain efforts with a new blockchain-based digital deposit token. Deposit tokens are digital representations of bank-held deposit claims, enabling swift transactions through blockchain technology for instant settlements. In 2022, the bank carried out a trial, issuing deposit tokens as a component of Singapore's Project Guardian, and subsequently emphasized their potential in a recent study. JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the leading financial institutions globally, is currently in the initial phases of considering the development and implementation of a blockchain-based digital deposit token. The primary objective of this strategic initiative is to enhance and expedite the traditionally complex, delayed, and inefficient process of cross-border payments and settlements. The bank has embarked on comprehensive preparatory efforts to establish the essential infrastructure for its envisioned blockchain-based digital deposit token. These preparations encompass the development of a robust blockchain network, ensuring scalability and security, as well as the creation of a seamless digital architecture for token issuance and transfer. However, JPMorgan's ability to secure the necessary approvals from regulatory authorities within the United States, where it is headquartered, ultimately determines the deployment of this transformative financial instrument. JPMorgan’s representatives addressed this advancement by highlighting the potential benefits of deposit tokens and the cautious regulatory approach required before introducing any new financial product. They also revealed that the bank has proactively prepared its blockchain infrastructure to support the swift launch of deposit tokens. This strategic move underscores JPMorgan's commitment to innovation, operational readiness, and ability to adapt to regulatory requirements, marking a significant step in its ongoing pursuit of financial innovation. This action marks a significant broadening of JPMorgan's engagement with blockchain technology, highlighting the bank's leading role in Wall Street's ongoing endeavors to harness blockchain's potential for simplifying complex banking procedures. JPMorgan's persistent commitment to exploring blockchain applications in finance reflects its proactive approach to technological innovation. By expanding its blockchain initiatives, the bank reasserts its dedication to remaining at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge solutions to address the intricate challenges within the financial sector. In addition to this new initiative, JPMorgan has already developed several applications leveraging blockchain technology; one notable example is JPM Coin, introduced in 2019. JPM Coin facilitates the seamless transfer of dollars and euros among select JPMorgan corporate clients within the financial institution. As of June 2023, the bank reported processing approximately USD 300 billion in transactions through this system since its inception. Besides, JPMorgan manages US dollar transactions amounting to USD 10 trillion daily. Compared to JPM Coin, the proposed deposit token serves a unique purpose. It is designed to facilitate effortless fund transfers to clients of other banks and is particularly well-suited for settling transactions involving tokenized securities or financial instruments issued on a blockchain. Like JPM Coin, its infrastructure will seamlessly integrate with the bank's existing compliance systems, guaranteeing adherence to crucial protocols such as KYC procedures, anti-fraud measures, and regulatory reporting obligations.

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IBM Payments Joins Swift Partner Programme for Enhanced Collaboration

IBM | September 22, 2023

IBM Payments Center's membership in Swift Partner Programme signifies a crucial step in enhancing collaboration between these organizations. IBM Payments provides a streamlined Swift cloud connectivity solution, liberating clients from hardware as well as software management and allowing them to focus on their core business operations. The company's participation in Swift Partner Programme enables streamlined access, integration, and development of payment solutions through expanded APIs and comprehensive documentation. IBM Payments Center has officially announced that it has earned a distinguished membership in the prestigious Swift Partner Programme. This achievement represents a significant step forward in strengthening the collaboration between these two organizations. This strategic partnership synergizes effectively with IBM's expansive payments-as-a-service solution, which capitalizes on open, standards-based technologies to provide meticulously managed payment and cash management services. This collaboration will further enhance the capabilities of IBM's payment services, offering financial institutions and businesses a well-rounded, technologically advanced solution to address their payment and cash management needs. Andrew Higgins, Senior Partner and Global Payments Leader at IBM Consulting remarked, Our platform partnership with Swift brings the power of IBM and the reach of Swift to deliver value for financial institutions and other businesses looking for end-to-end solutions for a broad array of payment services. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] In collaboration with Swift Partner Programme, IBM Payments Center will provide a comprehensive end-to-end cloud-based Swift connectivity solution that aligns with Swift's infrastructure and client security standards. It will also catalyze financial institutions and enterprises looking to modernize their payment platforms and harness cutting-edge cognitive and AI technologies within a highly secure environment. Andrew Higgins emphasized that the payments industry is on the brink of profound change, requiring modern infrastructure and heightened efficiency. He further noted that IBM is gratified to present a solution to the worldwide Swift community that harnesses the benefits of cutting-edge technology while reducing the substantial expenses linked to development, upkeep, and compliance. This partnership offers IBM Payments Center a unique opportunity to streamline access, seamlessly integrate, and drive innovation in payment solutions. It enables the center to leverage an extended range of application user interfaces (APIs) and gain comprehensive access to API testing materials, documentation, and accreditation status, empowering them to deliver cutting-edge financial solutions efficiently. Through its active engagement in Swift Partner Programme, IBM Payments Center has opened up new avenues for collaboration with a diverse network of over 11,000 banking institutions across more than 200 countries, fostering opportunities for synergistic partnerships and global cooperation.

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