Nium Launches Virtual Card Issuing Solution for the United States Travel Industry

Nium | December 16, 2021

Nium, a leader in global payments and card issuance for businesses, today launched its virtual card issuing solution in the United States, making it faster and easier for travel-related businesses to pay suppliers. The Nium virtual card solution enables online travel agencies (OTAs), travel management companies, travel tour operators, and corporations to streamline, revamp their spend management processes, and drive greater productivity and cost savings. Businesses can now digitize their supply chain, such as payments to suppliers and vendors, or internal processes, such as automated reconciliation - all with better rebates and higher levels of security.

Even before the current global pandemic, the travel industry has been long overdue for technology and process modernization. Our virtual cards solve an urgent need for online travel companies looking to improve operations and to create long-term efficiencies that improve margins and cash flow."

Spencer Hanlon, Global Head of Travel Payments at Nium.

Recent events including COVID-19 have propelled virtual card issuance capabilities from "nice to have" to "essential" status for travel businesses, and card issuance is a particular opportunity for growth within the United States. It is estimated that the annual value of virtual cards used by businesses will exceed $1 trillion by 20221.

The Nium virtual card issuing solution helps travel-related businesses optimize payments across the value chain, by:

  • Unlocking more working capital Straight through funding closes funding gaps, while scheduling card loads 'just in time' for charges maximizes working capital
  • Reconciling transactions faster Easily attach and match booking references to payments with a unique card for every booking
  • Minimizing fraud Single use cards, individual card limits, scheduled card loads, and automated deletion minimize fraud exposure
  • Efficiency in implementation Nium virtual cards come with a host of features to power efficiency including implementation in as little as two weeks
Following the acquisition of Ixaris earlier this year and the great success of its card issuance business in EMEA and APAC, Nium will use its new virtual card solution to expand its card issuing capabilities in the United States, initially within the travel sector, with plans to expand into new verticals. The global reach of Nium's card issuance business now includes 34 countries, with more than 31 million physical and virtual cards already issued. Nium's customer centric approach and modular platform allows  businesses to embed financial services, including virtual card issuing, in weeks, not months. In addition to card issuance, Nium supports pay-outs to as many as 190 countries (85 in real time) in 100+ currencies and pay-ins to 35 markets, all supported by 11 global financial licenses and a robust suite of regulatory and compliance technologies.

About Nium
Nium is a leading embedded fintech company that provides banks, payment providers, and businesses of any size with access to global payment services. Its modular platform powers frictionless commerce, helping businesses pay and get paid across the globe with services for pay-outs, pay-ins, card issuance, and banking-as-a-service. Once connected to the Nium platform, businesses have the ability to pay out in more than 100 currencies to over 190 countries - 85 of which in real time. Funds can be received in 27 markets, including Southeast Asia, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, India, and the US. Nium's growing card issuance business is already available in 34 countries, including Europe (SEPA), the UK, Australia and Singapore. Nium's license portfolio covers 11 of the world's jurisdictions, enabling seamless global payments and rapid integration, regardless of geography.


First to the Australian market, Citibank continues to deliver customer-centric solutions via their digital channel, through the launch of a new online Fixed Payment Option for its Lending customers. This offer will allow existing customers to request funds within their available credit limit or convert unbilled retail purchases at a low interest rate for a fixed repayment term of customer’s choice.


First to the Australian market, Citibank continues to deliver customer-centric solutions via their digital channel, through the launch of a new online Fixed Payment Option for its Lending customers. This offer will allow existing customers to request funds within their available credit limit or convert unbilled retail purchases at a low interest rate for a fixed repayment term of customer’s choice.

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London-based Fintech Zilch Unites with Financial Technology Association Ahead of its Launch

Zilch | May 09, 2022

London-based fintech Zilch has joined the Financial Technology Association (FTA) to prioritize innovation through products and services before its upcoming launch in the US. Zilch provides alternative credit options to customers without any margin of interest. The fintech company was also one of t UK's first regulated buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) providers in the UK. Thus, it emphasizes the importance of financial health and education in its business model. FTA, with Zilch, now has 20 technology-based financial services companies as its members. The members range from personal finance apps, modern payment providers, and lending financial platforms to AI/ML innovators and beyond. We are thrilled to mark the expansion of FTA with the addition of another industry leader transforming financial services for the better. Zilch offers alternative credit options that allow consumers flexibility without charging interest or fees." Penny Lee, Chief Executive Officer of FTA. To build financial health as a core of our business model, Zilch was one of the foremost BNPL providers in the UK. With this in mind, we are thrilled to be collaborating with the Financial Technology Association in Washington as a voice for us and the industry as a whole." Philip Belamant, CEO and Co-Founder of Zilch. With economic instability causing a cost of living crisis, consumers need access to innovative payment options and stay aware of better alternatives for more responsible spending and lending. We are excited to work with other fintech companies to advocate for modernized financial policies that allow for responsible, consumer-friendly innovation." Philip Belamant. In addition, Zilch has developed BNPL 2.0, which will provide a BNPL option at up to 40 million locations or anywhere Mastercard is accepted. In this way, Zilch offers its customers the option of paying at once and earning instant rewards. Also, customers can pay in four over six weeks with no interest and no fees.

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Flipside Crypto Release SDK for Blockchain Analytics to be Accessed Through SaaS NFT

Flipside | June 30, 2022

ShroomDK, an NFT-based SDK that offers programmatic query access to the most complete blockchain data available anywhere, was just released by Flipside Crypto, a leading blockchain ecosystem growth and analytics business. Open access to blockchain data is a foundational component to enabling the growth of Web3 ecosystems. The ability to query that data programmatically has been a critical piece of missing infrastructure for blockchain developers and analysts. An SDK solves that, but one enabled via a SaaS-inspired NFT brings added Web3 advantages of not just community, but flexibility for future utilization. It might be upgrades to additional toolkits, power-ups, or even the ability to sell components of your access if you determine it's no longer a fit." Jim Myers, Co-Founder and CTO, Flipside Crypto Developers can programmatically query data on a wide range of blockchains using ShroomDK NFTs, including historical state Ethereum access, Layer 2s like Arbitrum and Optimism, additional EVMs like Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain, and multi-chain access to Flipside L1 partners like Solana, NEAR, FLOW, Thorchain, and Algorand. An SDK is about applying data to nurture and grow products and derive benefits via insights. Mushrooms are very similar, as they release spores that germinate and spur new growth, and then decay into nutrients that feed the entire ecosystem." Dave Balter, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Flipside Crypto

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United Fintech Announces Acquisition of Trading Analytics Firm FairXchange

United Fintech | November 23, 2021

As a first transaction in a multi-stage acquisition towards full ownership, United Fintech has acquired a 25% stake in London-based FairXchange (the “Company”) for an undisclosed amount in a transaction integrating the Company, its products and employees onto its digital platform. Trading firms use FairXchange’s state-of-the-art analytical tools to facilitate data-driven dialogue with their counterparties, bringing clarity and transparency to execution performance through the provision of independent data. And according to United Fintech CEO Christian Frahm, FairXchange fits hand-in-glove with United Fintech’s strategy of acquiring state-of-the-art Capital Markets software products ready for scaling and global roll-out on United Fintech’s platform. “FairXchange’s business critical, data-driven product, Horizon, is already being used by an extensive client base including a number of global financial institutions, and with the onboarding to United Fintech’s platform, we look forward to enabling FairXchange to continue its growth journey and scale with us. As United Fintech will onboard the Company’s clients and FairXchange will get an opportunity to grow within our clientele, this is a mutual win for both parties - and a milestone for United Fintech, completing its third transaction in just one year,” says Christian Frahm, noting that the acquisition won’t have any impact on everyday business for FairXchange’s clients or employees, adding that ahead of the transaction, United Fintech showed Horizon to six major global banks, aligning it with their product roadmaps. From start-up to scale-up Over the next few years, it is United Fintech’s ambition to complete multiple strategic acquisitions of ready-to-scale fintechs with proven Capital Markets products, positive cash flow and growth potential; to build a fintech “one-stop-shop” that global banks can benefit from - and become market leader in this niche. The ambition is to help big banks and financial institutions accelerate the implementation of innovative digital technology, and according to FairXchange’s Founder and CEO, former Morgan Stanley executive Guy Hopkins, United Fintech’s platform is the market’s most suitable candidate to fulfil that exact mission. FairXchange has seen rapid, exciting growth in recent years; however we are still a small team and as we scale up we recognise the importance of choosing the right partner to help us accelerate that growth. From the first conversation, we knew United Fintech was the perfect fit; a compelling vision, an innovative business model and a very impressive management team with deep expertise in financial markets. We’re looking forward to joining the United Fintech platform, increasing our own reach while also contributing to the wider success of the group" Guy Hopkins, Trading Analytics product on United Fintech’s platform. Banks at slow motion in a lightspeed world With more than 100 employees in Copenhagen, London, New York, Berlin and Romania and having completed three acquisitions already, it may come as a surprise that United Fintech launched just a year ago in November 2020 during the Corona crisis. However, United Fintech has been a long way coming for Danish-born Christian Frahm, who in 2016 sold his first fintech firm CFH Group to British-listed Playtech Plc. Although the discreet deal made Frahm a familiar face in fintech, it didn’t fulfill the native Dane’s ambition to “save big banks from Big Tech” - a phrase which has become the informal mission slogan of United Fintech. And according to Christian Frahm, fintech is what all of the financial industry is currently scrambling to get ahead of; to compete with the emerging threats from startups and scaleups like Stripe, Revolut etc. as well as Big Tech and Silicon Valley. "The City and Wall Street will see bigger disruption in the next 10 years than they have seen in the past 100 years. The whole industry desperately needs to access the most innovative minds and products globally, but the onboarding at all bigger institutions is killing any chance of new products actually getting into the banks in the first place. We are born as a partner for banks to help them transition quickly from slow motion into this lightspeed world. The next 10 years is all about speed for the banks. And they no longer have the luxury to do it by themselves. Banks need partners. United FIntech unites founders of the most innovative fintech businesses globally and brings them to the big banks under one central umbrella - an innovation platform where banks feel comfortable taking risk on new products; so that they can faster and more seamlessly onboard new technology. And the acquisition of FairXchange is a great example of doing exactly that,'' concludes Christian Frahm. About FairXchange FairXchange specialises in microstructural analysis of financial markets and brings clarity and transparency to execution performance through the provision of independent data. Its state-of-the-art analytical product, Horizon is designed to facilitate constructive, data-driven dialogue between counterparties, helping them to identify mutually profitable opportunities. FairXchange is completely independent and has no affiliation with any liquidity providers or trading venues. About United Fintech United Fintech acquires and scales innovative fintechs in capital markets, creating a go-to fintech platform that financial institutions can benefit from to accelerate their transition to a digital world. In addition to FairXchange, United Fintech acquisitions to date include NetDania, which provides market data, APIs, market terminals, charting components and full white-labels, and TTM Zero, which develops fully digitized RegTech and Capital Markets Tech solutions. Headquartered in London, United Fintech’s team consists of world-class experts in each aspect of building, growing and scaling fintech businesses. United Fintech employs over 100 people across five offices: London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Romania and the US.

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