NBT Bank | June 16, 2022

NBT Bank and CEI-Boulos Capital Management announce the launch of the NBT CEI-Boulos Impact Fund, a $10 million real estate equity investment fund with NBT Bank as the sole investor. The fund is designed to support individuals and communities with low- and moderate income through investments in high-impact, community supported, commercial real estate projects located within the bank's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) assessment areas in New York.

As a community bank, NBT is committed to the communities we serve, This includes doing our part to create stronger, healthier neighborhoods. We believe that investments in projects that deliver critical affordable housing can also have a ripple effect in supporting job creation and strengthening our communities."

NBT Bank President & CEO John H. Watt, Jr.

The NBT CEI-Boulos Impact Fund is managed by CEI-Boulos Capital Management, a fund management company focused on delivering competitive financial returns and social impact. CEI-Boulos helps banks achieve their CRA objectives by organizing and managing funds that invest in financially attractive, high-impact commercial real estate projects that benefit the communities in which they are located. CEI-Boulos prioritizes projects that represent collaborations between various entities—including non-profits, local and state government, philanthropic institutions, banks, community development finance institutions, community-based organizations, private investors, and local developers—that share a vision for their community.

NBT will create a social impact advisory board to evaluate redevelopment and new construction projects, such as multi-family, mixed-use, industrial, office, retail and hospitality projects that closely align with community needs. The advisory board will provide input related to the social and environmental impacts of the fund's proposed investments. Areas of targeted impact will include:

  • Projects that support job creation
  • Affordable and workforce housing
  • Main Street revitalization/historic preservation developments that do not contribute to gentrification/displacement
  • Developments that serve non-profit organizations
  • Environmentally sustainable real estate developments
  • The project investment area includes the following counties: Chenango, Clinton, Cortland, Delaware, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery, Otsego, St. Lawrence, Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Madison, Onondaga, Oswego, Herkimer, Oneida, Broome, Tioga, Warren and Washington.

About NBT Bank
NBT Bank offers personal banking, business banking and wealth management services from locations in seven states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut. The bank and its parent company, NBT Bancorp, are headquartered in Norwich, NY. NBT Bancorp had assets of $12.1 billion as of March 31, 2022 and is traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol NBTB.


Are retail banks and insurers a safe pair of hands when it comes to customer data? Our global survey of more than 180 senior data privacy and security professionals as well as 7,600 consumers found that less than a third (29%) of these organizations offer both strong data privacy practices and a sound security strategy. In fact, just one in five (21%) organizations are highly confident that they can detect a cybersecurity breach. This picture has so far not unduly affected consumers’ perceptions of the industry. We found that 83% of consumers trust banks and insurers when it comes to data.


Are retail banks and insurers a safe pair of hands when it comes to customer data? Our global survey of more than 180 senior data privacy and security professionals as well as 7,600 consumers found that less than a third (29%) of these organizations offer both strong data privacy practices and a sound security strategy. In fact, just one in five (21%) organizations are highly confident that they can detect a cybersecurity breach. This picture has so far not unduly affected consumers’ perceptions of the industry. We found that 83% of consumers trust banks and insurers when it comes to data.

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Financial Finesse Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Venture Arm Supporting FinTech For The Greater Good

Financial Finesse | October 17, 2022

Financial Finesse, the country's leading independent provider of financial wellness coaching as an employer-paid benefit, today announced the launch of Financial Finesse Ventures—a first-of-its-kind venture arm for socially responsible FinTech. As the pioneer of financial wellness, Financial Finesse is bridging the financial literacy gap by delivering unbiased, life-changing financial coaching to millions of Americans. The launch of Financial Finesse Ventures—a natural extension of the company's people-first mission—will support a new era of FinTech that is 100 percent aligned with the best interests of consumers. The new venture arm, company-backed and led by Liz Davidson, Financial Finesse Founder and CEO, will seek investments in purpose-driven companies dedicated to driving positive social impact. "While there is increased discussion about social responsibility and some encouraging macro trends in the ESG space, FinTech is significantly lagging in these areas, We are at a critical crossroads—what we do now as investors, employers, and consumers has the potential to change the trajectory of the industry. With Americans facing significant financial challenges, there is a lot hanging in the balance. FinTech has the potential to be a powerful solution; we want to do our part to make sure it is." -Liz Davidson, CEO of Financial Finesse and Financial Finesse Ventures The explosion in FinTech in recent years has led to an escalation in services that place profit above purpose—with a recent surge in companies selling high interest rate loans, encouraging irresponsible investing, or connecting investors with overly expensive financial products and services in exchange for high commissions. This trend is not only concerning for consumers who could fall prey to these predatory practices, but also business leaders who worry about problematic service offerings being embedded into employee-facing platforms. Financial Finesse Ventures was launched to change the trajectory of the industry, support companies that both consumers and employers can trust, and inspire other firms to begin investing in innovation for good. We have seen a surge in FinTech firms with predatory practices selling their services to employers as an employee benefit, I'm excited to be a part of the evaluation process for Financial Finesse Ventures' investments, using standards our Financial Wellness Think Tank has developed to verify pro-consumer business models and quantify their potential social impact,said Greg Ward, CFP® and Director of the Financial Finesse Financial Wellness Think Tank™. Through an intensive and selective process, Financial Finesse Ventures has identified a number of early-stage companies with pro-consumer models and will announce its first investment in Q4 2022. Beyond funding, Financial Finesse Ventures will help incubate its portfolio companies, leveraging Financial Finesse's relationships and expertise to fast-track their path to success. Financial Finesse Ventures is a long overdue addition to the venture capital and FinTech industries, It is refreshing to see a company committed to financial wellness at its core, making mission-aligned investments at a time when the market for funding is tightening. With this launch, Financial Finesse is taking a key leadership role as an arbiter of socially responsible FinTech,said Elaine Hagan, Associate Dean of Entrepreneurial Initiatives at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, who works with entrepreneurs to accelerate growth of their businesses and shares Davidson's views on social impact. About Financial Finesse Financial Finesse is the country's leading independent provider of unbiased workplace financial wellness coaching programs. Since 1999, the firm has helped tens of thousands of organizations improve their bottom lines and become more competitive by empowering their employees to achieve financial security. The company's award-winning financial wellness programs are made available to employees at no cost as an employer-sponsored benefit. With highly personalized and ongoing one-on-one coaching from CFP® professionals, AI-powered virtual coaching, live workshops, webcasts, educational tools and content, Financial Finesse reaches over 2.4 million individuals every year.

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Paysend Introduces 'Paysend Libre' a Remittance Solution Aimed at Driving Financial Inclusion in Northern Central America

PAYSEND | November 15, 2022

Paysend, the UK-based fintech, today introduced Paysend Libre, which will allow unbanked users in Northern Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) to receive remittances from the U.S. instantly to a Paysend virtual Mastercard digital card. The virtual card is ready to use in minutes for cash withdrawals and online purchases, allowing the millions of people that rely on funds from family members abroad to access their money safely and simply. Paysend Libre is set to launch in Guatemala in December 2022, and will expand into the broader Northern Central America region in 2023, where 60% of the adult population is unbanked. With Paysend Libre – powered by Mastercard Send technology – U.S. customers simply use a recipient's phone number to send them funds. As soon as the funds are sent, the recipient receives a notification with a link to log in via Paysend's website or app. Unbanked recipients and those without a debit card, will be issued a free Paysend virtual Mastercard that can be used to make online purchases or withdraw funds from thousands of Cajero 5B ATMs - providing them with a digital financial tool that gives them greater control of their money and enables them to participate in the digital financial system. "International remittances to Guatemala serve as a safety net for millions of people in the country. Paysend Libre offers a simple, convenient, and safe way to facilitate money transfers to those who need it the most. It also helps us move the needle in expanding financial inclusion for all," - Jairo Riveros, Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director of North America and LATAM at Paysend Paysend and Mastercard will introduce Paysend Libre at the 56th Felaban Guatemala Convention happening from November 12-15 in Guatemala City. They will be joined by other financial inclusion leaders, including representatives from the Partnership for Central America for a discussion on how to scale financial inclusion efforts. We know there's greater impact when industry players come together to maximize our strengths and our technologies. This program is a clear example of that and will help give millions across Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador a fast, simple and secure to access – and use – their funds, said David Goldschmidt, Vice President of Cross Border Payments for Mastercard Latin America and the Caribbean. "Libre", which translates to "free" in Spanish, represents Paysend's mission to free unbanked individuals from the challenges that come with traditional solutions, the lack of financial options for international money transfers, and the security risk of receiving money in cash. Spending and Withdrawing Money With Paysend Libre To use the Paysend virtual Mastercard online, recipients need only to tap the card to reveal the card number, expiration date and three-digit security code, which can be used to make online purchases. Using their cell phone number, recipients can withdraw funds from their Paysend virtual Mastercard at a Cajero 5B's contactless ATM. After following a few steps, the user will receive a one-time passcode to withdraw their desired amount from their Paysend virtual Mastercard balance. Increasing Financial Inclusion in Guatemala Guatemala is home to Central America's largest population and economy, yet it has the region's lowest human development index – a measurement of life expectancy, health, and education outcomes – with over 50% of the country living below poverty. As a result, remittances play a critical role in Guatemala, where 18% of Guatemala's GDP relies solely on the money sent from migrants. Although migrants leave their home country for new opportunities, they still play critical roles in financially supporting their friends and family back home. In fact, Guatemalans living abroad sent a record $15 billion in remittances in 2021, a 35% increase from 2020. ABOUT PAYSEND Paysend is a next-generation integrated global payment ecosystem, enabling consumers and businesses to pay and send money online anywhere, anyhow and in any currency. Paysend is UK-based and has global reach having been created in April 2017 with the clear mission to change how money is moved around the world. Paysend currently supports cross-network operability globally across Mastercard, Visa, China UnionPay and local ACH and payment schemes, providing over 40 payment methods for online SMEs. Paysend can send money to over 170 countries worldwide. As a global end-to-end payment platform, Paysend has its own global network of banks and international and local payment systems and has partnerships with the major international card networks Visa, Mastercard and China Union Pay as a principal member and certified processor.

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Quaint Oak Bank Partners with Cable for Fintech Sponsorship Program

Quaint Oak Bank | November 25, 2022

Quaint Oak Bank, a Pennsylvania-based community bank, will leverage Cable’s centralized platform to enhance financial crime compliance oversight across its fintech partner portfolio, using Cable’s suite of automated and smart tools to efficiently onboard and continuously monitor its fintech partners on a single platform. “We are excited to partner with Cable to scale our fintech sponsorship program in a safe and sound manner, Our primary responsibility as a partner bank is to ensure that every fintech program complies with applicable banking and consumer protection regulations, with a heightened focus on combating money laundering, identity theft, and other financial crime related activities. Cable’s real-time integrated platform provides us the visibility and unrestricted access necessary to identify and target compliance deficiencies quickly and efficiently. Deploying Cable aligns perfectly with our enterprise-wide initiative to leverage technology for accuracy and scalability. We believe by using Cable we can onboard our partners faster, have significantly greater oversight of their financial crime controls, provide a streamlined experience for our partners, and give us greater assurance about our compliance.” -William Gonzalez, EVP of Quaint Oak Bank Cable gives partner banks such as Quaint Oak Bank and other institutions confidence in their compliance with financial crime requirements, providing a single platform for conducting tech-enabled risk assessments, automated assurance, quality assurance, management information, reporting, and more. We are honored to partner with Quaint Oak Bank to help grow its fintech partner program, Our technology will help them meet regulatory requirements and launch fintech partners faster, while implementing oversight processes that scale seamlessly as its business expands,said Natasha Vernier, Cable CEO. There is a lot of opportunity now to level up partner bank oversight of fintech partners. We’re excited to build our relationship with Quaint Oak Bank and raise the bar on what’s possible for fintech partner management together.

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