J.P. Morgan Asset Management Acquires 55ip

J.P. Morgan, 55ip | December 04, 2020

J.P. Morgan Asset Management today reported that it has gone into a complete consent to procure 55ip, a financial technology company with proprietary capabilities empowering financial advisors to convey tax-smart investment strategies at scale. The company will keep on operating as a separate element, under its own image, with the full support of J.P. Morgan and stays focused on serving its current customers and enterprise partners. The details of the arrangement were not revealed.

55ip is a pioneer in automated tax technology and has provided financial advisors with a tax-smart investment technique motor for almost five years. Its natural experience and astute computerization improve portfolio plan and conveyance, sparing advisors time and helping to drive better results for financial specialists. At the core of the experience is 55ip's ActiveTax Technology®, which incorporates tax-smart advances, management (counting deliberate tax-misfortune reaping), and withdrawals. 55ip additionally helps advisors convey continuous tax-smart exchanging and tax advantage reporting to customers.

"Advisors are increasingly seeking intelligent, automated tools to provide simplicity, scale and efficiency, and by acquiring 55ip we are accelerating our significant investments in advanced advisor technology," said George Gatch, CEO of J.P. Morgan Asset Management. "This is an exciting development that signifies broad collaboration between fintech and asset managers, aimed toward improving capabilities and outcomes for advisors and their clients."

"55ip's unique application of automated tax management to the model portfolio universe has tremendous potential in today's market environment. Automating sophisticated strategies while also allowing for customization for tax and individual preferences is a differentiator and will be a key driver of success," said Jed Laskowitz, Global Head of Asset Management Solutions at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. "We are excited to work together to build a leading platform for asset managers to deliver model portfolio capabilities to financial advisors."

"55ip combines investment intelligence and modern technology to provide personalized and automated investment solutions with a focus on reducing barriers investors face," said Dr. Vinay Nair, Founder and Executive Chairman of 55ip. "Tax-related savings are first order, especially in a world with lower rates, lower returns and higher taxes. We are delighted that J.P. Morgan shares our vision to democratize sophisticated tax management."  Dr. Nair will stay on as a consultant and special advisor to J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

"Joining forces with J.P. Morgan will provide greater resources for our current clients and enterprise partners, accelerate our innovation and broaden access to our solutions," added Paul Gamble, CEO of 55ip. "55ip's purpose is to break down barriers to financial progress, by finding better ways to help more people through intelligent automation. Being part of J.P. Morgan will accelerate our ability to do just that, as the industry standard tax-smart investment strategy engine."

55ip remaining parts focused on its partnerships with outsider asset supervisors, tacticians and abundance management platforms to drive model portfolio use as an important part of its general technique. The potential addressable market for asset director and outsider tactician models is as much as $3.6T*, exhibiting the craving for financial advisors to carry simplicity and scale to their practices, while conveying tax-smart management and investment results.

About 55ip
55ip is a financial technology company whose purpose is to break down barriers to financial progress. Financial advisors use 55ip's tax-smart investment strategy engine to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. 55ip's intuitive experience and intelligent automation elevate portfolio design and delivery, helping advisors save time and drive better outcomes for their clients. At the heart of the experience is 55ip's ActiveTax Technology®, which includes tax-smart transitions, management, and withdrawals.

About J.P. Morgan Asset Management
J.P. Morgan Asset Management, with assets under management of USD 2.2 trillion (as of 30 September 2020), is a global leader in investment management. J.P. Morgan Asset Management's clients include institutions, retail investors and high net worth individuals in every major market throughout the world. J.P. Morgan Asset Management offers global investment management in equities, fixed income, real estate, hedge funds, private equity and liquidity


The digital age has changed the way many of us use our banking services, but with technology constantly evolving, what other innovations can we look forward to in the future? Our Group Head of Digital Banking.


The digital age has changed the way many of us use our banking services, but with technology constantly evolving, what other innovations can we look forward to in the future? Our Group Head of Digital Banking.

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Trilogy Financial Services Announces the Acquisition of Two Financial Advisory Firms

Trilogy Financial Services | August 29, 2022

Trilogy Financial Services (Trilogy), a national financial advisory firm with more than $3 billion in brokerage and advisory assets, today announces it has acquired two independent financial advisory practices. Trilogy is partnering with these firms to continue its dedication to helping everyday Americans get access to financial advice and ensure their clients have a trusted advisor for life. "We are excited to welcome both E. F. Heagen & Associates and Mandichak Investment Retirement & Estate Planning to the Trilogy family, This partnership makes sense because they are both like-minded firms with the same mission to support as many families as we can." -Jeff Motske, CEO and co-founder of Trilogy Financial Services Ed Heagen started E. F. Heagen & Associates in 1984 and has built a multi-generational financial services practice rooted in humility and dedication to its clients. The entire E. F. Heagen & Associates team will fold into Trilogy and have new access to Trilogy's resources, new technologies, MACK Service Center and advisory teams to support clients. Similarly, Joseph Mandichak has been a financial planner for more than 20 years and became a Certified Financial Planner™ in 2003. Since then, he's been dedicated to helping his clients navigate investment planning, generational wealth planning, retirement planning and more. In his new partnership with Trilogy, his clients can benefit from increased support and resources, and a multi-generational team to support his clients' families for generations. Both of these firms have been committed to doing what's best for their clients for many years, By merging with us, we can offer their clients the same level of service and advice they're used to, without out the fear of transition or disruption when their advisor retires,said Motske. The addition of these two firms increases Trilogy's brokerage and advisory assets by more than $160 million and brings more than 500 new clients. This is part of Trilogy's current efforts to partner with independent, mature financial advisory firms with $25 million to $200 million assets under management and who want to do what's best for their generational clients. Through these partnerships, Trilogy continues to work towards its goal of helping as many Americans as possible and to provide excellent planning to support their financial goals. We're committed to providing opportunities for people to live their best lives, The addition of these two firms and their clients is exciting because we can see our impact and the team's good work grow in our communities,said Motske. About Trilogy Financial Services Trilogy Financial was founded in 1999 by Jeff Motske and Kevin Mackintosh with the goal of not only helping financial advisors be better advisors for their clients, but to help everyday Americans gain financial independence. Trilogy has built multi-generational advisor teams to better support clients and provide them a trusted team for generations. The company also recently launched the MACK Service Center, in honor of the late co-founder Kevin Mackintosh, to provide a unique approach to customer service and advisory services for clients. Trilogy has more than $3 billion in brokerage and advisory assets and has financial advisors active nationwide.

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Finotta Selected to Demo at FinovateFall 2022

Finotta | July 20, 2022

Finotta, a provider of embedded fintech for digital banking, has been selected to demo its Personified platform at FinovateFall 2022, taking place September 12-14 in New York. Finotta’s Personified platform is a combination of products that help financial institutions better meet the needs of their customers directly in their mobile banking application. Finotta launched its Personified platform earlier this year in partnership with First United Bank & Trust, a $12.5 billion bank headquartered in Durant, Oklahoma. “The Finovate stage is renowned for showcasing cutting-edge innovation in banking,” said Greg Palmer, VP of Strategy at Finovate. “Combining personalization and gamification, we look forward to having Finotta join us this Fall and show how they are empowering banks’ customers to make better financial decisions but in a unique way.” In addition to being bank-tested, Finotta is led by a team of ex-bankers and bank technologists, providing the company a unique and powerful understanding for what financial institutions need to better engage their customers and members. Finotta also partnered with Q2 this year to integrate its Personified platform with Q2’s Digital Banking Platform. Now, Finotta’s Personified platform is available to the more than 450 financial institutions that work with Q2, providing a way to add compassion back into banking at scale. Finotta is also a part of the Q2 Partner Accelerator program and was a winner of Q2’s Innovation All-Stars Contest last month. “Unlike other platforms, Finotta focuses on more complex financial strategies than budgeting and spending,” said Parker Graham, Founder and CEO of Finotta. “Unlike other platforms, Finotta focuses on more complex financial strategies than budgeting and spending,” said Parker Graham, Founder and CEO of Finotta. “The platform takes a holistic view of users’ financial lives and guides them towards financial independence, but in an encouraging way. Rather than making users feel guilty about their purchases, the platform encourages healthy financial habits. I look forward to showcasing our platform at FinovateFall and the value it will bring to financial institutions and consumers alike.” Finotta empowers its financial institution customers to deliver precisely the right experience, service or product at the right time to their users with a gamified Financial Health Level that helps improve their financial life. By combining the importance of financial wellness with the fun of gamification, customers have a fun, interactive and engaging way to improve their financial health regardless of what journey they might be on. About Finotta Finotta helps banks and credit unions personalize their mobile banking experience to increase engagement, combat larger financial institutions, and create new revenue streams. Built by bankers, Finotta’s Personified platform is a combination of products that help financial institutions better meet the needs of their customers directly in their mobile banking application. Finotta empowers financial institutions to deliver customers and members the right experience, service, or product at the right time with a gamified Financial Health Level, all while helping improve their financial life.

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Mobility Fintech Moove Joins Forces With Uber UK to Bring Thousands of Electric Vehicles to London

Moove | September 02, 2022

Moove, the world’s first mobility fintech and Uber’s largest vehicle supply partner in EMEA, is announcing its launch in London as part of its global expansion. Moove, an African-born startup with a growing global customer base of mobility entrepreneurs, has launched in Europe with a 100% EV rent-to-buy model that provides access to brand new, zero-emissions vehicles for a flat weekly fee. Moove aims to be the largest EV partner on Uber’s platform in London with plans to scale to up to 10,000 vehicles by the end of 2025, creating sustainable earnings opportunities and contributing to the city’s net zero carbon emissions goals. London is the global leader for Uber’s electrification efforts with over 6,000 EVs on the platform – the most of any Uber city. Moove’s London launch will enable Uber to progress towards its goal of becoming an all-electric platform in the capital by 2025. “We are proud to have built a business in Africa to now be able to scale our model here in Europe, which is something that no other African fintech company has done before. This also marks a milestone of firsts for us; as we are excited to be launching with our first 100% EV fleet. We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Uber to drive our commitments towards the electrification of mobility.” -Ladi Delano, co-founder and co-CEO at Moove Transforming mobility gig economies through vehicle finance Founded by British-born Nigerian entrepreneurs Ladi Delano and Jide Odunsi, Moove launched in Lagos, Nigeria in 2020 to democratise access to vehicle ownership. Having now scaled to nine markets across sub-Saharan Africa and India, Moove is leading the charge in the ‘mobility fintech sector’, a white space it created and which is solving the challenge of limited access to vehicle financing for millions of gig workers across ride-hailing, logistics, and instant delivery sectors, of which there are around 4.5 million in the UK alone. Moove’s alternative credit scoring technology provides access to vehicle financing to gig worker customers who may have previously been excluded from financial services. Over the past two years, Moove has enabled sustainable job creation and a path to asset ownership with its customers having completed over 7 million trips in Moove-financed vehicles. In London, Moove’s innovative approach to vehicle financing is designed to empower its customers with access to brand new, zero-emission vehicles with an easy sign-up process as well as no credit checks, upfront costs, or deposit needed. Other services include regular maintenance, MOT, vehicle insurance, health insurance and a dedicated customer success team, a product offering not matched by any other company partnered with Uber's Clean Air Plan. In addition, Moove customers driving with Uber can reduce their weekly payments by using funds raised through Uber’s Clean Air Plan to help them meet the cost of switching to an EV. Uber’s Clean Air Plan has raised over £145 million, equating to approximately £3,000 per driver. Moove estimates that the 10,000 EVs it plans to finance by 2025 in London will contribute a reduction of around 63,000 megatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Andrew Brem, general manager at Uber UK, said: Our aim at Uber is to become a 100% electric platform in London by 2025 and we understand that drivers need access to financing if they want to make the transition to an electric vehicle. Moove’s model will help more Uber drivers switch to pure electric faster, to reduce their running costs and help clean up London’s air. With demand from riders higher than ever, our partnership with Moove will benefit drivers and riders alike. Driving the electrification of mobility Moove aims to solve many of the pain points facing its customers when switching to an electric car over a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. Moove has launched the first end-to-end charge experience and complete EV charging network app specifically for ride-hailing drivers called Moove Charge™. The app enables Moove customers to locate, control, and pay for charging across one of the largest roaming networks in London, covering over 6,600 slow, fast and rapid charge points. Altogether, this provides a better and easier experience for drivers as well as riders as it enables more electric cars to be on the road and reduced wait times for Uber’s growing customer base. About Moove Moove is an African-born global start-up and the world’s first mobility fintech, providing revenue-based vehicle financing and financial services to mobility entrepreneurs. By embedding its alternative credit scoring technology onto ride-hailing, e-logistics and instant delivery platforms, Moove uses proprietary performance and revenue analytics to underwrite loans to drivers that have previously been excluded from financial services.

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