Goldfinch Partners and Baupost Closes Acquisition of Western Union Business Solutions for $910 million

Goldfinch Partners LLC and The Baupost Group, LLC announce their milestone achievement by closing the Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) acquisition for $910 million. WUBS will be renamed Convera as a new standalone B2B global payments company. In 2021, it registered beyond 20 percent revenue gain and payments volume of $170 billion. Patrick Gauthier will be serving as Convera’s CEO.

About this news, Mr. Gauthier shared his words. He says, “At Convera, our purpose is to make global payments so easy that every business around the world can grow with confidence. Convera incorporates the agility of a fintech with the scale, sophistication, and breadth of capabilities of a global financial institution. We plan to bring innovation, value, and exceptional service to our customers with focused investments in our product offerings, technology, and people.”

Convera is known for being the largest non-bank fintech in B2B payments at the global level. Its seamless payment infrastructure makes the cross-border money transfer process stress-free and straightforward, thus allowing its customers to use the platform with ease globally. The payment business significantly reaches 140+ currencies around 200+ countries and 60+ global banking partners. Customers registered with the platform’s usage is recorded to be more than 30,000 from across small and medium-sized businesses, law firms, financial institutions, educational institutions, and NGOs.

We are eager to reach this important milestone in Convera’s next chapter. We’re particularly excited to be bringing Patrick on board, which we have known and admired for years. We have full confidence in his ability to further position Convera for significant growth, with its unparalleled scale, diverse and loyal customer base, and breadth of solutions.”

Bill McNichols, managing partner and co-founder of Goldfinch Partners

Furthermore, Convera will involve multiple veteran fintech professionals to its leadership team, mainly from Amazon, BCG Digital Ventures, BCG, PayPal, and Visa. The names include Dharmesh Syal (Chief Technology Officer), Jodi Krause (Chief People Officer), Drew Weinstein (Chief Commercial Officer), and Jody Visser (Chief Transformation Officer). They are joining the existing WUBS leadership team, including Andrew Summerill (Chief Financial Officer), Michel Foricher (Head of Operations), and Tristan van der Vijver (Chief Compliance and Risk Officer).


As digital transformation efforts progress in all industries, few companies or organizational functions are finding that they can thrive without cloud technology—including the tax department. This white paper, which serves as a practical cloud-adoption handbook, reviews cloud technology’s adoption and benefits, including approac


As digital transformation efforts progress in all industries, few companies or organizational functions are finding that they can thrive without cloud technology—including the tax department. This white paper, which serves as a practical cloud-adoption handbook, reviews cloud technology’s adoption and benefits, including approac

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JP Morgan Explores Adoption of Blockchain-Based Digital Deposit Token

JPMorgan Chase & Co. | September 13, 2023

JP Morgan aims to expand its blockchain efforts with a new blockchain-based digital deposit token. Deposit tokens are digital representations of bank-held deposit claims, enabling swift transactions through blockchain technology for instant settlements. In 2022, the bank carried out a trial, issuing deposit tokens as a component of Singapore's Project Guardian, and subsequently emphasized their potential in a recent study. JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the leading financial institutions globally, is currently in the initial phases of considering the development and implementation of a blockchain-based digital deposit token. The primary objective of this strategic initiative is to enhance and expedite the traditionally complex, delayed, and inefficient process of cross-border payments and settlements. The bank has embarked on comprehensive preparatory efforts to establish the essential infrastructure for its envisioned blockchain-based digital deposit token. These preparations encompass the development of a robust blockchain network, ensuring scalability and security, as well as the creation of a seamless digital architecture for token issuance and transfer. However, JPMorgan's ability to secure the necessary approvals from regulatory authorities within the United States, where it is headquartered, ultimately determines the deployment of this transformative financial instrument. JPMorgan’s representatives addressed this advancement by highlighting the potential benefits of deposit tokens and the cautious regulatory approach required before introducing any new financial product. They also revealed that the bank has proactively prepared its blockchain infrastructure to support the swift launch of deposit tokens. This strategic move underscores JPMorgan's commitment to innovation, operational readiness, and ability to adapt to regulatory requirements, marking a significant step in its ongoing pursuit of financial innovation. This action marks a significant broadening of JPMorgan's engagement with blockchain technology, highlighting the bank's leading role in Wall Street's ongoing endeavors to harness blockchain's potential for simplifying complex banking procedures. JPMorgan's persistent commitment to exploring blockchain applications in finance reflects its proactive approach to technological innovation. By expanding its blockchain initiatives, the bank reasserts its dedication to remaining at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge solutions to address the intricate challenges within the financial sector. In addition to this new initiative, JPMorgan has already developed several applications leveraging blockchain technology; one notable example is JPM Coin, introduced in 2019. JPM Coin facilitates the seamless transfer of dollars and euros among select JPMorgan corporate clients within the financial institution. As of June 2023, the bank reported processing approximately USD 300 billion in transactions through this system since its inception. Besides, JPMorgan manages US dollar transactions amounting to USD 10 trillion daily. Compared to JPM Coin, the proposed deposit token serves a unique purpose. It is designed to facilitate effortless fund transfers to clients of other banks and is particularly well-suited for settling transactions involving tokenized securities or financial instruments issued on a blockchain. Like JPM Coin, its infrastructure will seamlessly integrate with the bank's existing compliance systems, guaranteeing adherence to crucial protocols such as KYC procedures, anti-fraud measures, and regulatory reporting obligations.

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Trading Systems

Finastra signs global agreement with Microsoft to accelerate trade platform modernization

PR Newswire | September 27, 2023

Finastra today announced a multi-year global agreement with Microsoft focused on trade platform modernization, building on the existing availability of Finastra Trade Innovation in the cloud. Delivering the full functionality of Trade Innovation via a full microservices architecture using Microsoft Azure, will give banks increased agility, flexibility and scalability, enabling them to continue to provide service excellence to customers throughout their modernization journey. As the expectations of corporate customers evolve, financial institutions need to deliver a seamless and engaging transactional experience across their trade finance and supply chain finance operations in support of open finance. Further extending the open APIs available through Trade Innovation and Finastra's open innovation platform,, will allow customers to leverage a vibrant digital trade ecosystem, supporting the digitalization of the full transaction lifecycle. Partnering with Microsoft builds on our joint strategic vision to help accelerate the digital transformation of financial services, and support customers on their journeys to be open, said Isabel Fernandez, Executive Vice President for Lending at Finastra. Customers are eager to transform their trade finance and supply chain offerings, and to access the latest innovations, working with partners across the ecosystem. Via this agreement, existing and new customers will benefit from increased flexibility to connect, collaborate and adapt to evolving customer needs and new regulations. Bill Borden, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft added: We're excited to deepen our relationship with Finastra to support banks on their trade modernization journey. Using the rich functionality of Finastra's Trade Innovation platform and, combined with the power of Microsoft Azure and data and AI advancements, we look forward to helping financial institutions further accelerate innovation, increase efficiencies, enhance customer engagement and transform their operations at scale. Finastra Trade Innovation was recognized once again as "Best in Class" in the Aite Matrix of Trade Finance Software (Feb 2023) from Datos Insights (formerly Aite-Novarica Group). Enrico Camerinelli, Strategic Advisor at Datos Insights said: "The decline of manually intensive and paper trade finance operations, the continued growth of supply chain finance, and the rise of fintech players are encouraging banks to transform the status quo with API-based open banking, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. To achieve this, banks need modern, open systems and the support of industry leaders in this space, supporting them on their transformation journeys."

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Financial Management

LTX by Broadridge Launches BondGPT+ To Empower Enterprise Financial Services Clients with Custom Generative AI Solutions

PR Newswire | October 20, 2023

LTX, a subsidiary of global Fintech leader, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR), today announced the launch of BondGPT+, the enterprise version of its award-winning BondGPT application, which incorporates Broadridge's unique patent-pending technology and OpenAI GPT-4 to answer complex bond-related questions and rapidly assist users in their identification of corporate bonds on the LTX platform. BondGPT+ contains a range of new capabilities focused on the needs of its most sophisticated enterprise clients. Since the successful launch of BondGPT in June 2023, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback and thoughtful suggestions from our clients, said Jim Kwiatkowski, CEO of LTX. Based on that feedback, we have moved quickly to incorporate clients' own data as well as a range of new features in the second generation of BondGPT. The result is that BondGPT+ not only meets our clients' enterprise requirements, but also sets a new standard for generative AI solutions in the financial industry by providing a single natural language interface for seamless access to much of the data used by busy fixed income professionals. Enterprise data and workflow integration BondGPT+ allows clients to securely integrate their own data and other third-party datasets, providing easier access to critical information. Offering multiple implementation options and a robust API suite, BondGPT+ seamlessly integrates into clients' enterprise applications, including trading workflows. This means businesses can harness the full spectrum of BondGPT+'s natural language capabilities to receive quick answers to complex questions, which can help clients optimize portfolio strategies and make better-informed trading decisions when time is of the essence. User-level customization and premium features The personalized BondGPT+ dashboard with resizable answer panels allows users to take up as much or as little screen real estate as required. Critical questions can be saved as "favorites" on the dashboard and scheduled to run at a desired frequency, time of day, or when key data changes. Users can tailor BondGPT+ to their requirements by adding preferences that should be considered when generating responses. For example, if a user or firm has a policy where they only trade high yield bonds that are above a certain credit rating, BondGPT+ can be instructed to only include those types of bonds in its responses. Accuracy, security, and control From the first instance, BondGPT was created with architectural design patterns that ensure accuracy, data security, and privacy. These principles are equally central to BondGPT+ enterprise implementations, and they are especially critical given the capabilities within BondGPT+ to integrate with proprietary client data and systems. Because it was purpose-built for institutional fixed income users, accuracy is paramount in BondGPT, and BondGPT+ continues this heritage. The application relies on verified, curated data sources, which mitigates hallucination risk and eliminates the need to pass sensitive data through the LLM. Further, explainable AI capabilities allow users and administrators to understand how BondGPT+ arrives at its responses. The patent-pending technology behind the "Show your work" feature offers transparency by showing, step-by-step, how each response was created. Another key differentiator of BondGPT+ is its focus on enterprise control and governance. With its Admin Center, system administrators gain the ability to configure various levels of data access through user and firm level entitlements. BondGPT+ builds on BondGPT's AI-powered compliance layer, allowing compliance officers at client firms to add custom rules based on their firm's unique compliance and risk management processes. AI-powered usage analysis provides invaluable insights into user interactions with BondGPT, offering businesses a powerful tool for improving user engagement. "Generative AI has the potential to transform the financial services industry by bringing unparalleled efficiencies to core operations," said Jean Sullivan of Celent. "BondGPT is a transformative industry-first use case that enables streamlined pre-trade fixed income workflows. By integrating BondGPT+'s natural language capabilities and curated data sources with clients' own data in their own systems, LTX is helping market participants make smarter, more streamlined decisions through easier access to the mountains of disparate data they deal with every day."

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