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FinTech Sandbox Allows Scientific Financial Systems, Inc to Collaborate

SFS (Scientific Financial Systems, Inc.) announced that it had been accepted into the FinTech Sandbox. The FinTech Sandbox provides market data and infrastructure technologies to FinTech startups from partners such as Factset, Refinitiv, and S&P. In exchange, the startups collaborate with other startup companies to share innovations and technologies for collaborating on projects.

We are ecstatic to be part of the FinTech Sandbox. The breadth and depth of our data will be beneficial for our product offering especially since we provide an open and data-agnostic environment to our clients to develop differentiated investment ideas."

SFS Founder and Chief Technology Officer Peter Millington.

Data is one of the most imperative resources for early-stage FinTechs as its inaccessibility poses a constant challenge and impedes innovation for their business and ultimately the entire financial services sector. We welcome Scientific Financial Systems to our Data Access Residency program, which enables entrepreneurs to build their companies, use their resources in more beneficial ways, and work more closely with financial firms to help them innovate."

Kelly Fryer, executive director, FinTech Sandbox.

SFS's Quotient platform combines modern, efficient, and robust analysis wide range of simplified financial content. With Quotient, investment managers can create differentiated investment strategies in an open environment by utilizing novel Python tools and data science.

The partnership with the FinTech Sandbox will prominently enhance our go-to-market strategy by broadening Quotient's appeal to institutional investment managers and hedge funds.”

Colin Longval, SFS Sales and Business Development Manager.


Experts predict record sales for US brands and retailers this holiday season. Unfortunately, with return rates at an all-time high and supply chain breakdowns fresh in our memory, it's hard to forecast just how much stock to produce or buy—and your business may well find itself with a surplus of unsold and returned merchandise a


Experts predict record sales for US brands and retailers this holiday season. Unfortunately, with return rates at an all-time high and supply chain breakdowns fresh in our memory, it's hard to forecast just how much stock to produce or buy—and your business may well find itself with a surplus of unsold and returned merchandise a

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IBM Payments Joins Swift Partner Programme for Enhanced Collaboration

IBM | September 22, 2023

IBM Payments Center's membership in Swift Partner Programme signifies a crucial step in enhancing collaboration between these organizations. IBM Payments provides a streamlined Swift cloud connectivity solution, liberating clients from hardware as well as software management and allowing them to focus on their core business operations. The company's participation in Swift Partner Programme enables streamlined access, integration, and development of payment solutions through expanded APIs and comprehensive documentation. IBM Payments Center has officially announced that it has earned a distinguished membership in the prestigious Swift Partner Programme. This achievement represents a significant step forward in strengthening the collaboration between these two organizations. This strategic partnership synergizes effectively with IBM's expansive payments-as-a-service solution, which capitalizes on open, standards-based technologies to provide meticulously managed payment and cash management services. This collaboration will further enhance the capabilities of IBM's payment services, offering financial institutions and businesses a well-rounded, technologically advanced solution to address their payment and cash management needs. Andrew Higgins, Senior Partner and Global Payments Leader at IBM Consulting remarked, Our platform partnership with Swift brings the power of IBM and the reach of Swift to deliver value for financial institutions and other businesses looking for end-to-end solutions for a broad array of payment services. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] In collaboration with Swift Partner Programme, IBM Payments Center will provide a comprehensive end-to-end cloud-based Swift connectivity solution that aligns with Swift's infrastructure and client security standards. It will also catalyze financial institutions and enterprises looking to modernize their payment platforms and harness cutting-edge cognitive and AI technologies within a highly secure environment. Andrew Higgins emphasized that the payments industry is on the brink of profound change, requiring modern infrastructure and heightened efficiency. He further noted that IBM is gratified to present a solution to the worldwide Swift community that harnesses the benefits of cutting-edge technology while reducing the substantial expenses linked to development, upkeep, and compliance. This partnership offers IBM Payments Center a unique opportunity to streamline access, seamlessly integrate, and drive innovation in payment solutions. It enables the center to leverage an extended range of application user interfaces (APIs) and gain comprehensive access to API testing materials, documentation, and accreditation status, empowering them to deliver cutting-edge financial solutions efficiently. Through its active engagement in Swift Partner Programme, IBM Payments Center has opened up new avenues for collaboration with a diverse network of over 11,000 banking institutions across more than 200 countries, fostering opportunities for synergistic partnerships and global cooperation.

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Investment Management

Finastra Advances Loan Document Strategy with Cloud-Based LaserPro

Finastra | September 08, 2023

In 2017, Finastra introduced, which has since become a leading open innovation platform for the industry. LaserPro, utilized by more than 2,500 financial institutions, is crafted to enhance and accelerate the loan processing journey for borrowers. LaserPro in the cloud will initially prioritize commercial and consumer closing document generation, with ongoing enhancements planned. Finastra has announced that its loan document preparation system, LaserPro, is currently accessible through cloud infrastructure. This introduction of LaserPro into the cloud environment aims to simplify loan document compliance management for financial institutions by employing a SaaS model. Mitch Lucas, Vice President of Retail Lending at Finastra, who heads the team based in Portland (Oregon) responsible for developing this solution, emphasized that deploying their lending technology in the cloud demonstrates their commitment to promoting cloud solutions across the financial services sector. He added that with the capabilities of LaserPro, borrowers can enjoy expedited decision-making, streamlined processes, and seamless integration with various vendors and services. LaserPro in the cloud equips financial institutions with the agility and scalability needed for expansion. It enables streamlined system access, accelerated compliance adjustments, and reduced IT costs for improved loan operation profitability. This solution lowers ownership expenses and enhances integration with core systems, e-signature solutions, and document management platforms, bolstering technological adaptability. LaserPro's provision of standard product templates and mandatory data fields also addresses evolving compliance requirements, expediting document preparation while ensuring compliance. Its cloud deployment strengthens regulatory adherence, bestowing a competitive edge by enabling swift adaptation to regulatory changes, reducing compliance costs, and fostering trust with customers and stakeholders. David O'Connell, Strategic Advisor at Datos Insights (formerly Aite Novarica Group), stated, The more cost-effectively lenders can have a uniform and automated approach to document generation, the better their borrower experience will be. This is particularly true in the case of the many smaller banks in North America competing against the small cohort of larger players. [Source: Cision PR Newswire] Finastra's introduction of LaserPro in the cloud underscores its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to financial institutions. This cloud deployment streamlines operational processes, ensures continual compliance, and elevates the borrower experience. Finastra, a global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, serves a diverse range of institutions, offering acclaimed software solutions and services encompassing lending, payments, treasury and capital markets, and universal banking, spanning retail, digital, and commercial banking. These solutions empower banks to foster direct customer relationships while expanding through indirect channels, such as embedded finance and banking-as-a-service.

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BNY Mellon Unveils Bankify, A Cutting-Edge Addition to Its Portfolio

BNY Mellon | September 11, 2023

BNY Mellon and Trustly have joined forces for an open banking payment solution with guaranteed settlement. This open banking payments solution ensures a smooth user experience and guarantees funds for business receivables. Bankify integrates BNY Mellon's proficiency in transaction payments with Trustly's prominent open banking capabilities. Bankify, BNY Mellon's latest innovation, introduces an open banking payments solution designed to streamline the process of accepting payments directly from consumers' bank accounts, making it more convenient for organizations. It represents a pivotal stride forward in modern finance, designed with meticulous care to simplify and optimize payment interactions. BNY Mellon clients will now have the power to empower their end-users with a straightforward method for conducting transactions directly from their bank accounts, presenting a viable and enticing alternative to credit cards, debit cards, and third-party payment platforms. Bankify's innovation is not confined to a single niche but embraces the entire digital finance ecosystem. Its meticulous design ensures that it caters comprehensively to diverse payment needs, offering simplicity, security, and choice. By bridging the gap between traditional banking and the dynamic world of digital finance, Bankify streamlines payments and enhances customer experiences. It stands as a testament to BNY Mellon's forward-thinking approach and dedication to pushing financial technology's boundaries. "Bankify moves the needle for the payments industry in both the depth of the solution and the diverse range of organizations it can support," expressed Jennifer Barker, Global Head of Treasury Services for BNY Mellon. [Source: Cision PR Newswire] Jennifer's emphasis on Bankify's capabilities underscores its remarkable versatility and effectiveness across various sectors of the financial industry. Bankify's account linking and settlement guarantee features stand out as powerful assets in a wide range of scenarios. Whether a merchant seeks cost-effective payment processing, a biller aims to modernize customer interactions and secure banking data sharing, or a brokerage firm requires guaranteed settlement for instant fund access during enrollment, these features provide significant benefits. They streamline operations and greatly enhance an organization's overall financial performance, highlighting Bankify's profound impact on the financial spectrum. Meanwhile, Alexandre Gonthier, Founder and CEO of Trustly, Inc., also highlighted the driving force behind the collaboration with BNY Mellon. The shared dedication to advancing the payment industry and establishing a fresh, open banking-based standard for consumer and business payments has been a central driving force. This partnership underscores a shared belief that consumers should have access to a financially responsible payment method while merchants stand to gain valuable insights from open banking-enabled data. Nevertheless, the essence of Bankify lies in its versatility, accommodating a broad spectrum of consumer-to-business payment scenarios, including merchant payments, bill settlements, and the funding of digital wallets or accounts.

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