FinTech Sandbox Allows Scientific Financial Systems, Inc to Collaborate

SFS | March 31, 2022

SFS (Scientific Financial Systems, Inc.) announced that it had been accepted into the FinTech Sandbox. The FinTech Sandbox provides market data and infrastructure technologies to FinTech startups from partners such as Factset, Refinitiv, and S&P. In exchange, the startups collaborate with other startup companies to share innovations and technologies for collaborating on projects.

We are ecstatic to be part of the FinTech Sandbox. The breadth and depth of our data will be beneficial for our product offering especially since we provide an open and data-agnostic environment to our clients to develop differentiated investment ideas."

SFS Founder and Chief Technology Officer Peter Millington.

Data is one of the most imperative resources for early-stage FinTechs as its inaccessibility poses a constant challenge and impedes innovation for their business and ultimately the entire financial services sector. We welcome Scientific Financial Systems to our Data Access Residency program, which enables entrepreneurs to build their companies, use their resources in more beneficial ways, and work more closely with financial firms to help them innovate."

Kelly Fryer, executive director, FinTech Sandbox.

SFS's Quotient platform combines modern, efficient, and robust analysis wide range of simplified financial content. With Quotient, investment managers can create differentiated investment strategies in an open environment by utilizing novel Python tools and data science.

The partnership with the FinTech Sandbox will prominently enhance our go-to-market strategy by broadening Quotient's appeal to institutional investment managers and hedge funds.”

Colin Longval, SFS Sales and Business Development Manager.


Increasingly, individuals and institutions want to invest in a manner that is consistent with specific beliefs and values. Morgan Stanley’s Investing with Impact Platform offers a wide range of strategies to help in this process, which also includes traditional considerations such as market outlook, industry prospects, company fundamentals and management’s ability to achieve its objectives.


Increasingly, individuals and institutions want to invest in a manner that is consistent with specific beliefs and values. Morgan Stanley’s Investing with Impact Platform offers a wide range of strategies to help in this process, which also includes traditional considerations such as market outlook, industry prospects, company fundamentals and management’s ability to achieve its objectives.

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Temenos’ SaaS Technology Allows FlowBank to Create Hyper-Efficient Cost Model and Offer Online Trading and Banking Services

Business Wire | October 12, 2020

Temenos, the banking software company, today announced that FlowBank has selected Temenos Transact delivered as SaaS to power its new digital bank in Switzerland. Temenos Transact core banking technology will enable FlowBank to rapidly launch and offer a new investing experience to private and institutional investors in Switzerland and internationally. FlowBank has recently secured its banking license in July 2020 and is planning to launch the operations by the end of 2020. The bank aims to meet the needs of both sophisticated and new investors, who wish to manage their banking and investments on their own. The bank addresses this growing market segment by offering a simple, reliable investment experience open to all, using an optimized trading platform underpinned by Temenos Transact. The bank is FINMA-regulated and deposits are guaranteed up to CHF 100,000. With Temenos SaaS, FlowBank will create a hyper-efficient cost model and reduce IT costs, which will enable it to go up against established players by offering online trading and banking services at competitive rates. Using cutting-edge technology, Temenos top-performing banks achieve cost-income ratios of 26.8% twice better than the industry average.

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Fundingo Joins Hands with TValue To Strengthen Financial Capabilities in The Financial Industry

Fundingo | December 24, 2021

Fundingo joins hands with TValue, the flagship product of TimeValue Software, Inc., over new integration capabilities. The software will be calculating and estimate cash flows faster and easier for firms utilizing Salesforce in the alternative lending market. TValue, the flagship product of TimeValue Software, Inc., is a repayment software that solves complex interest problems faster and effortlessly. TValue software majorly handles balloon payments, fixed principal payments, multiple interest rates, skip payment loans, and more different types of payments. TValue has over 500,000 financial professionals worldwide. They use the software to accurately monetize loans, price leases and perform accurate money calculations. TimeValue Software also specializes in workload management and helps tax professionals save their clients’ money on interest and penalties. TValue's software solutions boost efficiency and optimization when integrated with Fundingo's loan management software. The software will decrease errors caused by manual data from one system to another. By doing this, the organizations can solve the time value of money calculation. Together, TValue and Fundingo are working toward a solution-driven strategy. The solutions will allow our customers to access reliable data-based solutions without leaving their existing working environment. TValue users will gain a competitive advantage and can create great relationships with clients. So, as a result of the Salesforce integration, as they can make error-free calculations fast, effortlessly, and consistently. ABOUT TValue TValue, the flagship product of TimeValue Software, Inc., is an amortization software that solves the most complex interest problems quickly and easily. It allows the ability to do more than routine loans. TValue software handles balloon payments, multiple interest rates, fixed principal payments, skip payment loans, and much more. TValue has over 500,000 financial professionals worldwide that use its software to accurately amortize loans, price leases, and perform any time value of money calculations. TimeValue Software, Inc. is also known for its specialized workload management software and its interest and penalty calculation programs that are the market standards for helping tax professionals save their clients money on interest and penalties. ABOUT FUNDINGO Fundingo is a loan management software platform that helps companies manage their back-office operations. Utilizing built-in reports, alerts, and dashboards, Fundingo is designed by the experts to meet the needs of private lenders. Our product provides complete transparency from origination through underwriting to renewals and loan services resulting in fast growth, high profits with low risks. Fundingo's mission is to provide instant and accurate insights at every stage of the lending process. Our software offers risk management services through an efficient single platform for streamlined loan services and management.

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With C3 AI, FIS Introduces the First in a New Series of AI-Enabled Risk Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

FIS | June 11, 2021

FIS®, a financial technology pioneer, today launched the first in a new series of solutions developed in collaboration with C3 AI to assist capital markets organisations better manage regulatory compliance and risk by leveraging the power of their organisational data. To drastically improve the efficiency of financial crime detection, the AML Compliance Hub combines C3 AI's superior machine learning technology with FIS' extensive financial industry domain understanding. The machine learning-based technology, designed to help capital markets organisations combat the growing threat of financial crime, gathers and analyses client data across various systems to improve AML and KYC processes, improve decision-making, and reduce false positive alerts. Nasser Khodri, Head of Capital Markets at FIS, said, "As an early adopter of AI technology in our solutions, FIS is boosting its investment in machine learning to assist our clients better take advantage of the massive amount of structured and unstructured data within their systems." “AI provides significant promise for forward-thinking financial institutions that wish to tap into their data for competitive advantage, from cost savings through AI-powered automation to enhanced decisioning and analysis.” According to the FIS Readiness Report, 78 percent of capital markets organisations want to invest in AI in 2021 to achieve their strategic objectives. “We believe that AI will become a more important tool for capital markets organisations in a variety of use cases and applications,” said Chartis Research research director Sidhartha Dash. “The ability of AI to aggregate data and use learnings from previous events to automate decisioning has enormous potential in the battle against financial crime. The technology also offers a lot of promise in terms of optimising workflows and lowering expenses connected with time-consuming manual data evaluation processes.” Users can read reports and receive warnings about major risk factors, suspicious activity, and AML score on the FIS Compliance Hub's dashboard. Organizations can focus on serious dangers that require dedicated attention and quick response by eliminating false positives. “Money laundering and other illicit actions are dynamic, fast-moving concerns for the financial services sector, and the data needed to identify financial crimes is scattered across multiple dissimilar systems,” said Ed Abbo, president and chief technological officer of C3 AI. “Present rule-based detection systems generate a large number of false positives, which necessitates time-consuming and inefficient manual review and increases the danger of missing investigations. “The FIS AML Compliance Hub is a next-generation system that can properly identify, prioritise, and report suspicious behaviour while lowering the number of false positives by employing C3 AI's sophisticated capabilities to unify and analyse all relevant data using machine learning." FIS' commitment on partnering with innovative startups to accelerate the delivery of disruptive new technologies and solutions into the market is reflected in its cooperation with C3 AI. About FIS FIS is a global leader in providing technology to merchants, banks, and capital markets organisations. Using our scale, deep experience, and data-driven insights, our people are dedicated to improving the way the world pays, banks, and invests. We assist our clients in utilising technology in novel ways to solve business-critical challenges and provide outstanding consumer experiences. FIS is a Fortune 500® business with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, and is a member of the Standard & Poor's 500® Index. About is a leading provider of Enterprise AI software that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. C3 AI offers a suite of fully integrated products, including C3 AI® Suite, an end-to-end platform for developing, deploying, and operating large-scale AI applications; C3 AI Applications, a portfolio of industry-specific SaaS AI applications; C3 AI CRM, a suite of industry-specific CRM applications designed for AI and machine learning; and C3 AI Ex Machina, a no-code AI solution for applying data science to a variety of applications. The C3 AI platform is built on an open, model-driven AI architecture that makes data science and application development much easier.

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