Finastra Joins Hands With Plug And Play To Enhance Platform For Open Innovation

Finastra, a platform that delivers latest technologies to financial institutions of all sizes across the globe, collaborates with Plug and Play, a global innovation platform to expand its Fusion Fabric platform for open innovation. The Plug and Play platform endorse Finastra to uphold its ultimate goal of helping more Fintechs with the latest innovations in the industry.

Finastra sets to build an open platform for businesses, peoples, and communities in the Fintech industry that helps them accelerate collaboration and innovation in financial services. This open platform will serve better experience for its consumers and will be backed by a comprehensive portfolio of financial services software. Finastra delivers the latest technology in the Fintech industry to the financial institutes all across the globe, including 90 of the world’s top 100 banks.

In this collaboration, Plug and Play takes the responsibility of sourcing and onboarding Fintech-relevant startups from around the globe and encourage them to create apps with the help of Finastra’s Open API and Data Sets that is available on platform.  

“Finastra commits itself in fabricating a truly open ecosystem for building, deploying, and consuming financial service technology”, says Philip Taliaferro, Head of Partner and Fintech Ecosystem at Finastra. He also adds, “we are excited to join hands with Plug and Play to expedite the speed at which we are delivering the modern and innovative solutions to our open development platform.”

Experts consider this collaboration to be a great asset as Plug and Play aims to facilitate their partnership on this project by bringing in large financial institutions and Fintechs.  The Finastra platform will support the collaboration with the required APIs and dataset, while Plug and Play supplying innovative startups across several verticals to create an effective teamwork. 

“We are thrilled to have join hands with Finastra to help expand the working of Such a move will assist us to provide a ground-breaking way for our startups to create new products and APIs”, says Fernando Zornig, Director at Plug and Play Fintech.

About Plug and Play
Having presence over 30 locations globally, Plug and Play is a global innovation platform that helps create the ultimate startup ecosystem in several industries. Since its inception in 2006, the Plug and Play program have reached over 30,000 startups and 500 official corporate partners and has raised over $9 billion funding. The platform is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has built accelerator programs, corporate innovation services, and in-house VC to enhance the technological advancement faster than ever before. The company has several successful portfolios exits like Danger, Dropbox, Lending Club and PayPal.

About Finastra
Finastra is a financial service software setting up to create the better experience for its users. Finastra provides the most vital technological advancement to the financial institutions of all sizes worldwide, including 90 out of 100 world’s top 100 banks. The open architecture approach of Finastra collaborates with number of partners and innovators to give convenience to the Fintech clients. Finastra is leading the way of finding new methods of writing applications, its deployment, and consumption in the financial services to evolve with the dynamic requirements of consumers.



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