CSI and NYDIG’s Partnership Aims to Provide Bitcoin Services to Financial Institutions

CSI | January 07, 2022

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) has announced its partnership with NYDIG to provide turnkey bitcoin services to the community of financial institutes. CSI is known for providing eminent end-to-end fintech and regtech solutions. And NYDIG is a leading bitcoin company.

The new bitcoin services are powered by NYDIG. The services will enable banking customers to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin directly through CSI’s digital banking platform. This platform will be a safe way for users to do bitcoin transactions efficiently and manage their transactions.

According to a 2021 survey commissioned by NYDIG, 81% of respondents said they would be interested in purchasing bitcoin from their bank if the service was available. In the same survey, 71% of respondents who already owned the digital asset said they would switch their primary bank to one that offered Bitcoin-related products and services.

In this venture. Gerald Reiter, president and CEO at Granite Bank, a CSI core banking customer shared, that “Bitcoin is one of the fastest-growing areas of consumer interest, and we feel strongly about giving customers the ability to buy, sell, and invest in it safely.”

NYDIG’s products are already renowned as they meet the industry’s highest regulations, governance standards, and audits. The products, therefore, enable financial organizations to uphold stringent compliance programs and keep enhancing the banking experience for their customers.

In addition to the new offering of bitcoins, Patrick Sells, NYDIG Chief Innovation Officer, also put in his comments. He says, “Community banks are excited about offering Bitcoin services to their customers, but they also know that they need to provide a secure and compliant environment to maintain the trust that their customers place in them. Therefore, by partnering with CSI, we can help community banks meet the growing demand for bitcoin while remaining compliant and secure with a seamless customer experience through the CSI digital banking platform.”

In the end, the new offering exhibits CSI’s full suite of digital banking technology. The technology provides a wide range of solutions for financial institutions, such as seamless mobile banking, web design and hosting, digital account opening, and digital payments.

At CSI, our top priority is helping our customers remain on the edge of innovation. We must enable community financial institutions to grow their assets and reach new customers by integrating Bitcoin along with our suite of innovative digital banking products.”

Giovanni Mastronardi, CSI’s group president of Enterprise Banking


You’re here to make it. We're here to make it easier. That’s why we’ve created a smarter banking experience designed around you.


You’re here to make it. We're here to make it easier. That’s why we’ve created a smarter banking experience designed around you.

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London-based fintech Zilch has joined the Financial Technology Association (FTA) to prioritize innovation through products and services before its upcoming launch in the US. Zilch provides alternative credit options to customers without any margin of interest. The fintech company was also one of t UK's first regulated buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) providers in the UK. Thus, it emphasizes the importance of financial health and education in its business model. FTA, with Zilch, now has 20 technology-based financial services companies as its members. The members range from personal finance apps, modern payment providers, and lending financial platforms to AI/ML innovators and beyond. We are thrilled to mark the expansion of FTA with the addition of another industry leader transforming financial services for the better. Zilch offers alternative credit options that allow consumers flexibility without charging interest or fees." Penny Lee, Chief Executive Officer of FTA. To build financial health as a core of our business model, Zilch was one of the foremost BNPL providers in the UK. With this in mind, we are thrilled to be collaborating with the Financial Technology Association in Washington as a voice for us and the industry as a whole." Philip Belamant, CEO and Co-Founder of Zilch. With economic instability causing a cost of living crisis, consumers need access to innovative payment options and stay aware of better alternatives for more responsible spending and lending. We are excited to work with other fintech companies to advocate for modernized financial policies that allow for responsible, consumer-friendly innovation." Philip Belamant. In addition, Zilch has developed BNPL 2.0, which will provide a BNPL option at up to 40 million locations or anywhere Mastercard is accepted. In this way, Zilch offers its customers the option of paying at once and earning instant rewards. Also, customers can pay in four over six weeks with no interest and no fees.

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Codat Sets its Path for Strategic Investments from PayPal Ventures and American Express Ventures

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Codat is going to set a path towards strategic investments from PayPal Ventures and American Express Ventures. Before, Amex Ventures and PayPal joined as investors in Codat's Series A Index Ventures. And now with the new investments, Codat also launched its U.S. operations. Codat, being a fintech startup, has been powering the small and medium business data ecosystem for a while. Codat's API connects the tools and services which small businesses often need for their operations. It also handles the heavy lifting of integrations, which leaves providers free to focus on improving their offerings for small businesses. In this agreement, Codat founder and CEO Peter Lord mention it is an exciting moment to have American Express Ventures and PayPal Ventures as investors. They will make life easier for small businesses. As it is known that small businesses are the backbone of global economies, so in the next few years, there will be a spectacular acceleration in the quality of financial products they are offered. By this, it will be a more connected ecosystem. The new investors further fuel ambition to improve operations for SMBs everywhere. Codat, founded in London in 2017 supported small- and medium-sized businesses. It provided a critical data exchange between SMBs and financial institutions and fintech. Codat customers include insurers, lenders, point of sale software, providers working in payments, debt collection, corporate cards, automation, venture capital, and expense management. On the same note, Dana Eli-Lorch, Managing Director at Amex Ventures says small businesses continue to seek more intuitive financial services solutions. And Codat's integrations have the potential to create value for financial providers. Also, it will help to deliver enhanced experiences and more efficient services for small and medium businesses. In addition, Zettle, a PayPal payments company leverages Codat's technology. Because it will transfer point of sale transaction data into their merchants' accounting software. This will further help Zettle to deliver a faster, more convenient experience for customers in the future. ABOUT CODAT Codat is the fintech startup powering the SMB data ecosystem. Codat's API connects the tools and services that small businesses need for their operations and handles the heavy lifting of integrations—ultimately leaving providers free to focus on improving their offerings for small businesses.

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I-payout Partnered With Afex Integrated Solutions to Enhance High-Volume Global Payment Service

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I-payout is the world's leading provider of customized SaaS software and continues to expand its global payment capabilities. I-payout serves industries that need a low-cost, reliable, and efficient solution for mass payments worldwide. It provides these services to gig networks, marketplaces, affiliate marketing companies, royalties, insurance companies, non-gambling eSports, direct sellers, and more. With an expanding presence of European and a growing client base in the Americas, i-payout must add capacity to its network. The AFEX API offers i-payout access to into whole global banking infrastructure and compliance capabilities. The technology automatically picks the most efficient payment rails, saving time and money for i-payout clients and simplifying the scheduling and reconciliation process. Eddie Gonzalez, i-payout President, and CEO mention that there has been continuous testing of the AFEX services first on the online platform, AFEXDirect. This quickly convinced the company to take the next step to full integration. The AFEX team made the process fast and easy. The services are a great fit and, now, with the AFEX payments infrastructure, there are even more clients around the world. Adding with the above statement, Laura McLoughlin, AFEX Americas Partnership Director, also mentioned that they are thrilled to be working with i-payout. It was a long courtship, and we got a lot to know about each other very well. i-payout is the world's primary financial software company that provides a custom platform that facilities global payment. It serves multi-national clients in over 180 countries. System users have over 40 ways to make payments worldwide. About i-payout i-payout is the world’s leading financial software company that provides a custom platform that facilities global payments. It serves multi-national clients in over 180 countries. System users have over 40 ways to make payments, worldwide. In addition to payment disbursal and related payment management services, the Company’s suite of solutions cover regulatory compliance, fraud/data security, escheatment services as well as identification of year-end taxes due as required by country and regional jurisdictions.

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