CSI and NYDIG’s Partnership Aims to Provide Bitcoin Services to Financial Institutions

CSI | January 07, 2022

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) has announced its partnership with NYDIG to provide turnkey bitcoin services to the community of financial institutes. CSI is known for providing eminent end-to-end fintech and regtech solutions. And NYDIG is a leading bitcoin company.

The new bitcoin services are powered by NYDIG. The services will enable banking customers to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin directly through CSI’s digital banking platform. This platform will be a safe way for users to do bitcoin transactions efficiently and manage their transactions.

According to a 2021 survey commissioned by NYDIG, 81% of respondents said they would be interested in purchasing bitcoin from their bank if the service was available. In the same survey, 71% of respondents who already owned the digital asset said they would switch their primary bank to one that offered Bitcoin-related products and services.

In this venture. Gerald Reiter, president and CEO at Granite Bank, a CSI core banking customer shared, that “Bitcoin is one of the fastest-growing areas of consumer interest, and we feel strongly about giving customers the ability to buy, sell, and invest in it safely.”

NYDIG’s products are already renowned as they meet the industry’s highest regulations, governance standards, and audits. The products, therefore, enable financial organizations to uphold stringent compliance programs and keep enhancing the banking experience for their customers.

In addition to the new offering of bitcoins, Patrick Sells, NYDIG Chief Innovation Officer, also put in his comments. He says, “Community banks are excited about offering Bitcoin services to their customers, but they also know that they need to provide a secure and compliant environment to maintain the trust that their customers place in them. Therefore, by partnering with CSI, we can help community banks meet the growing demand for bitcoin while remaining compliant and secure with a seamless customer experience through the CSI digital banking platform.”

In the end, the new offering exhibits CSI’s full suite of digital banking technology. The technology provides a wide range of solutions for financial institutions, such as seamless mobile banking, web design and hosting, digital account opening, and digital payments.

At CSI, our top priority is helping our customers remain on the edge of innovation. We must enable community financial institutions to grow their assets and reach new customers by integrating Bitcoin along with our suite of innovative digital banking products.”

Giovanni Mastronardi, CSI’s group president of Enterprise Banking


To say that the past three years have been transformative would be an exercise in understatement. From the initial shock waves of the pandemic to persistent economic uncertainty, businesses around the world have been forced to radically change nearly every facet of their operations — and no area has seen more turbulence than cus


To say that the past three years have been transformative would be an exercise in understatement. From the initial shock waves of the pandemic to persistent economic uncertainty, businesses around the world have been forced to radically change nearly every facet of their operations — and no area has seen more turbulence than cus

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Qorbis and Mbanq Create Personalized FinTech Solutions for Any Brand

Businesswire | June 09, 2023

Qorbis, a leading innovator in end-to-end embedded finance and FinTech personalization, today announces its partnership with top Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, Mbanq, to create a unique financial control and brand enhancement platform for clients. Already live at the alpha-testing stage, the solution is unique in its flexibility for brands: Each brand can have an unlimited number of cards and accounts, suitable for employees, fans or customers. Each brand has full balance control and can tailor expenses from airport transfer to superyacht purchase, in real time. Brand financial controllers have ultimate spend management oversight to streamline massive events, like film productions, sports and entertainment events and corporate travel. Previously such use-case scenarios were completely inaccessible to smaller businesses. Qorbis enables any organization to create new revenue streams, enhance brand loyalty and simplify corporate spend management with flexible, customizable, and scalable financial solutions. Qorbis offers branded corporate cards, smart money management tools with real-time reporting, accounting integration and a global concierge service in one easy-to-use solution. It allows any brand to build branded banking and payment services, such as current and savings accounts, payments solutions, and debit cards. Additionally, Qorbis is a very different type of FinTech platform due to its level of customer personalization. Key features of the platform include the ability to: Implement comprehensive and robust corporate financial controls with real-time visibility into spending, and expense reporting with total flexibility from a single device. Unlock new digital revenue streams to share income from customer purchases and interchange. Provide a powerful promotional tool to enhance brand loyalty and seamlessly add value to customers. Organizations can deliver simple, smart and secure financial services as well as bespoke reward and loyalty programs under their own brand. Stephen Williams, CEO of Qorbis, says, “Embedded finance works best through a personalized approach. Qorbis’ platform allows brands to treat each user as an individual.” “In addition, Mbanq has enhanced our financial solutions so brands can integrate regular banking services across the international financial system with full regulatory compliance. Mbanq’s proprietary technology allows Qorbis’ clients to gain an increasingly important competitive advantage.” Vlad Lounegov, CEO of Mbanq, says, “Qorbis leads the way towards unique and personalized digital financial services for any brand and its customers. Qorbis’ solutions provide a multitude of benefits, including uniquely flexible expense management and increased customer engagement, while at the same time opening new FinTech income revenue streams.” About Mbanq Mbanq is a world-leading Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider with a comprehensive ‘as-a-service’ portfolio, including compliance, lending, back office and disputes. Mbanq is a fully compliant, vertically integrated technology and services solution that covers the entire range of banking products for retail and corporate clients, with front-to-back office functionality. Its white-label mobile apps and open banking APIs enable access to best of breed FinTech innovators while offering a modern digital experience to banking customers. About Qorbis Qorbis helps businesses across the US take control of spending and take advantage of the benefits of embedded finance. Its secure and scalable platform embeds customized financial and concierge solutions into a company's own product and services, creating new revenue streams, enhancing its brand, and saving time and money. Through partnerships with best-in-class providers of banking and technology, any size business can then offer a range of branded and licensed services to end users, including corporate cards, accounts, P2P payments, and a global travel and lifestyle concierge.

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Abrigo unveils new AI-driven banking intelligence capabilities at ThinkBIG conference

PRnewswire | May 17, 2023

Abrigo, a leading provider of growth and risk management software for U.S. banks and credit unions, recently announced significant improvements to Abrigo Connect, the company's banking intelligence solution. Abrigo Connect now includes new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for ease of use and new role-based products to help leaders make strategic and operational decisions. The functionality was revealed at Abrigo's ThinkBIG conference in Miami last week, where 600 attendees convened for thought leadership and Abrigo product innovation. Introduced in 2020, the Abrigo Connect platform curates relevant information to quickly deliver intuitive and actionable dashboards across lending, credit risk, financial crime management, enterprise risk, and banking operations. These dashboards give financial leaders insights into institutional performance, opportunities for growth, and employee efficiency. "Banking leaders have to do more with less given the economy, and they need real-time information to optimize decisions around resources, loan growth, and risks. Abrigo Connect can close that information gap quickly, without months' long implementations or complex data stacks," explained Ravi Nemalikanti, Abrigo Chief Technology Officer. Abrigo Connect features a new user interface powered by ThoughtSpot Everywhere. It uses AI, GPT-3.5, and natural language search capabilities so bankers can find their data using the words they speak everyday – improving the speed and quality of results. "Companies that are building their businesses on data, both internally and in their offerings for customers, will realize unprecedented competitive advantages. It makes us immensely proud to be empowering a global community of data-driven companies, like Abrigo, that are using ThoughtSpot to build sticky products that deliver business impact and extend analytics to their customers that deliver a modern data experience," said Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer at ThoughtSpot. "Abrigo is driving innovation in the banking sector with AI-Powered analytics, and we're thrilled to be an innovation partner in differentiating their platform with a bespoke analytics experience and in delighting their end users." Abrigo supports 2,400 financial institutions through lending, portfolio risk, and financial crime management automation. Leveraging its customer network, the company has built a proprietary database of banking data for exclusive benchmarking within Abrigo Connect. While many financial institutions grapple with a talent shortage, they may also struggle to source or fund an in-house data science team. Similarly, many community institutions lack resources dedicated to data warehousing to power general business intelligence systems. Abrigo Connect uses information already flowing through the Abrigo Platform to sidestep lengthy, expensive data integration projects and yield immediate access to curated data. Later this year, Abrigo will also integrate additional data sources for richer analysis. The Abrigo Platform, including Connect, provides unlimited user access, allowing financial institutions to add users as their usage of data analytics expands. Bankers can have confidence in the security and expediency of data flows through Abrigo, knowing the company has integrated to more than 50 unique core systems across thousands of successful technology implementations. About Abrigo Abrigo is a leading provider of compliance, credit risk, lending, and asset/liability management solutions and services that help financial institutions thrive. Abrigo accelerates growth, increases client efficiency, and improves customer experience with an easy-to-use and expansive platform. We ensure customer success with our award-winning client service team, advisory expertise, and innovative technology. With a network of 2,400+ FIs, Abrigo offers unique opportunities for insightful peer benchmarks and best practices. Visit to learn more.

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PRnewswire | May 18, 2023

PNC Bank, N.A. today announced an expansion of its financial wellness offerings for clients through the introduction of PNC Student Debt Solution, powered by Candidly™, a student debt and savings optimization platform. PNC Student Debt Solution offers client company workforces access to a holistic platform to help them reduce and manage the impact of their student loans. Amid a rapidly changing and competitive employment market, companies are exploring differentiated benefit offerings to attract and retain talent. With the Federal Reserve estimating that 50% of employees between the ages of 22 and 44 carry some amount of student loan debt, student debt benefits are growing in popularity among financial wellness incentives. Studies show that employees who use student debt management tools are more likely to show strengthened engagement in their jobs, have an increased rate of retention and are less likely to experience burnout. "When it comes to attracting and retaining a talented workforce, our business clients of all sizes are looking for new and innovative ways to set themselves apart to prospective employees," said Matthew Evans, executive vice president at PNC Bank, overseeing Organizational Financial Wellness. "At PNC, we understand the labor market has changed greatly in the past few years and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. It is our goal to introduce products and services to our clients that help them and their employees reach their financial goals." PNC Student Debt Solution is a customizable offering that provides employees with decision tools and actionable tasks to develop and execute debt reduction plans, identify forgiveness opportunities, set repayment schedules and compare refinancing options. The platform guides employees through each stage of the student debt journey: Plan: Professionally designed resources help users create a realistic, informed plan for covering the expense of student debt and steps for putting it into action. Fund: Leveraging a network of lenders through the multi-lender marketplace, users can easily find competitive rates on private student loans. Repay: Personalized guidance is paired with student debt optimization tools to help lower monthly bills, pay down debt or even identify eligibility to have debt forgiven. Build: Save on student loans and better allocate resources toward other beneficial uses like HSA and 401(k) programs. "The PNC Student Debt Solution, powered by Candidly, will enable Americans, across all ages and wages, to make meaningful progress on their journey from debt to wellness to wealth," said Laurel Taylor, founder and CEO of Candidly. "It is an honor to work with PNC in service of our shared mission of financial wellness for all." PNC Student Debt Solution is powered by Candidly, whose mission is to unlock student debt savings to empower individuals to go beyond debt and into financial wellness. Candidly partners with leading employers, 401(k) and 403(b) recordkeepers, financial institutions and more to offer solutions for those planning for college, repaying student debt or saving for the future. About PNC PNC Bank, National Association, is a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC). PNC is one of the largest diversified financial services institutions in the United States, organized around its customers and communities for strong relationships and local delivery of retail and business banking including a full range of lending products; specialized services for corporations and government entities, including corporate banking, real estate finance and asset-based lending; wealth management and asset management.

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