CSI and NYDIG’s Partnership Aims to Provide Bitcoin Services to Financial Institutions

CSI | January 07, 2022

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) has announced its partnership with NYDIG to provide turnkey bitcoin services to the community of financial institutes. CSI is known for providing eminent end-to-end fintech and regtech solutions. And NYDIG is a leading bitcoin company.

The new bitcoin services are powered by NYDIG. The services will enable banking customers to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin directly through CSI’s digital banking platform. This platform will be a safe way for users to do bitcoin transactions efficiently and manage their transactions.

According to a 2021 survey commissioned by NYDIG, 81% of respondents said they would be interested in purchasing bitcoin from their bank if the service was available. In the same survey, 71% of respondents who already owned the digital asset said they would switch their primary bank to one that offered Bitcoin-related products and services.

In this venture. Gerald Reiter, president and CEO at Granite Bank, a CSI core banking customer shared, that “Bitcoin is one of the fastest-growing areas of consumer interest, and we feel strongly about giving customers the ability to buy, sell, and invest in it safely.”

NYDIG’s products are already renowned as they meet the industry’s highest regulations, governance standards, and audits. The products, therefore, enable financial organizations to uphold stringent compliance programs and keep enhancing the banking experience for their customers.

In addition to the new offering of bitcoins, Patrick Sells, NYDIG Chief Innovation Officer, also put in his comments. He says, “Community banks are excited about offering Bitcoin services to their customers, but they also know that they need to provide a secure and compliant environment to maintain the trust that their customers place in them. Therefore, by partnering with CSI, we can help community banks meet the growing demand for bitcoin while remaining compliant and secure with a seamless customer experience through the CSI digital banking platform.”

In the end, the new offering exhibits CSI’s full suite of digital banking technology. The technology provides a wide range of solutions for financial institutions, such as seamless mobile banking, web design and hosting, digital account opening, and digital payments.

At CSI, our top priority is helping our customers remain on the edge of innovation. We must enable community financial institutions to grow their assets and reach new customers by integrating Bitcoin along with our suite of innovative digital banking products.”

Giovanni Mastronardi, CSI’s group president of Enterprise Banking


When hiring employees, chances are you’re take the time to review resumes, assess skills and ensure that potential applicants have the right experience for the specific job. But do you also take the time to ensure you are hiring the right people for your specific company culture? If not, it could cost you.


When hiring employees, chances are you’re take the time to review resumes, assess skills and ensure that potential applicants have the right experience for the specific job. But do you also take the time to ensure you are hiring the right people for your specific company culture? If not, it could cost you.

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TIFIN's Wealth division announces the industry's first AI platform for client personalization

TIFIN | November 02, 2022

TIFIN, the fintech platform known for its highly engaging products fueled by advanced data science and machine learning, has launched a first of its kind platform for client personalization. The platform to facilitate modern personalization will be offered by its TIFIN Wealth division to financial intermediaries in the world of wealth. The announcement marks a significant step in providing access to the type of AI-powered personalization typically seen in major consumer/e-commerce platforms to financial advisory firms of all sizes. In response to the growing demands of today's wired investors and their heightened expectation for frictionless, personalized experiences, advisors and their enterprises are searching for personalization at scale that is outcome oriented. TIFIN Wealth integrates over a dozen market-proven capabilities focused on personalizing client engagement, and providing actionable recommendations to advisory firms fueled by real-time business intelligence. The platform answers key questions for wealth managers such as: "Who among my clients or prospects should I focus on?" and "How should I personalize?" Advisors using TIFIN Wealth can build their client's holistic personas enriched with assessments and data from behaviors, holdings, vendors and CRM. Investment algorithms provide actionable recommendations across various wealth journeys. The platform also facilitates execution and ongoing client engagement. This complete arc enables better matching of clients with investment solutions to drive conversion, retention, and ultimately growth. Designed with modularity, TIFIN Wealth can be customized for the individual needs of an advisory firm. These capabilities are also available in a suite of APIs that can plug into the existing wealthtech stacks or as practice management capabilities for wealth and asset management firms. "We are delighted to bring TIFIN Wealth to the market, The wealth management industry can now harness the power of personalization and real-time intelligence to drive growth similar to consumer-oriented platforms. We believe this platform is a huge step in advancing the industry's heightened focus on client-centricity in a modern way." -Niharika Shah, Chief Growth Officer, TIFIN Wealth Modern personalization is a proven approach to engage users and drive growth outcomes. We know this from e-commerce platforms. TIFIN Wealth is now bringing this to the world of wealth management. We invite firms to partner with us and leverage our expertise in wealth, investments and AI for better client outcomes,said Dr. Vinay Nair, Founder & CEO of TIFIN. About TIFIN TIFIN is an AI-powered fintech that leverages data science, investment intelligence, and technology to deliver engaging and personalized investor experiences. By connecting individuals to advice and investments, TIFIN bridges the gap between investors, their trusted intermediaries, and asset managers. Founded in 2018 by Dr. Vinay Nair, a former Wharton Professor and successful entrepreneur, TIFIN was created to help make investing a powerful driver of financial well-being by eliminating frictions investors face. TIFIN manages Magnifi, an intelligent search-powered marketplace for investments; TIFIN Wealth, a platform for advisors, wealth managers, and other intermediaries to deliver better individual outcomes; Magnifi Communities, a digital platform of specialized investors; all powered through a central digital distribution and insights engine using TIFIN's data platform.

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ClearScore launches in Canada

ClearScore | November 10, 2022

ClearScore, one of the United Kingdom's leading credit marketplaces, today announces its launch in Canada, offering greater transparency in credit scores and reports to the market through its innovative, free-to-use app. With over 17 million users worldwide, ClearScore is already a market leader in the UK and South Africa, as well as gaining significant traction in Australia. Canada is ClearScore's fourth market, going live in September and already attracting over 30k users. ClearScore gives people free access to their credit report to help them understand and improve their financial situation, as well as monitor for fraudulent activity through 'ClearScore Protect', a free ID monitoring report that allows people to check that their passwords are not compromised on the dark web. Over and above understanding their data, ClearScore helps people access, and save money on, credit cards, loans and mortgages by presenting them with a personalized recommendation on the best rates and rewards. Users can sign up and monitor their credit score directly on the website,, and can also download the app on their phone for an easier way to track both their score and relevant offers. "We're a business that is dedicated to helping our users improve their financial wellbeing, and we do that through transparency in credit reports and data-driven, personalized offers on credit cards, loans and mortgages to save people money. As a user-first organization, the financial products that people see on our site are not influenced by commission from our partners; the offers are presented in a clear, straightforward manner with the user's best interest in mind. -Tassie Milne, General Manager of ClearScore Canada We achieved phenomenal success in the UK and other markets, and now is a great time for us to help Canadians, with the cost of living posing a big issue for many Canadians, coast to coast. ClearScore Canada is based in downtown Toronto with global headquarters in London, UK. The company has partnered to offer exclusive offers with many leading Canadian financial services providers. ClearScore also partners with TransUnion to provide credit scores and report data, adding its unique analysis of the factors which could boost or damage an individual's credit score. ClearScore educates users on how to understand and improve their credit score, which in turn can benefit people by allowing them to access more credit offers and improve their chances of approval. Justin Basini, CEO and Co-founder of The ClearScore Group, said More and more people around the world are turning to ClearScore to help manage their finances. As the cost-of-living crisis deepens, ClearScore has a critical role to play in assisting people to make smarter financial decisions. We are very excited to come to Canada at this time and bring our data-driven marketplace to a very dynamic and fast-moving credit market. Having already established extensive partnerships with major banks and credit card providers, we anticipate a growth rate very similar to what we have seen in the UK, South Africa and Australia. Toronto Mayor John Tory, said I am very pleased that ClearScore has chosen to locate its new office in our city, which will allow them to take advantage of our unmatched talent pipeline. A strong technology sector, resilient financial system and quality pool of talent puts the Toronto Region on the global fintech map and I'm thrilled to welcome ClearScore to be a part of this dynamic ecosystem. One of the first companies to partner with ClearScore in Canada is Capital One Canada. Kevin Chan, Acquisitions Marketing Lead for Capital One Canada, said: Capital One Canada believes that with the right resources, tools and support, financial wellbeing is possible for everyone, regardless of where they are on their journey. Working with partners that have similar values, such as ClearScore, allows us to further extend that support and level the playing field when it comes to credit. About ClearScore ClearScore launched in July 2015 to help everyone, no matter their circumstances, achieve greater financial wellbeing. This started with greater transparency in credit reports and scores and has since expanded to include increased visibility of affordability, using current account spending patterns via Open Banking. As a leading financial marketplace, ClearScore helps people access, and save money on, credit cards, loans and car finance. ClearScore has grown rapidly to serve 17 million users across the UK, South Africa, Australia and Canada. The Group now partners with over 150 financial institutions around the world to ensure that the right product, gets to the right user at the right time.

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Copper Introduces Investment Product for Teenagers to Promote Financial Literacy!

Copper | December 28, 2022

Copper, the premier banking app that teaches teens and children about money and prepares them for future financial success, has expanded to include Copper Investing, a teen-centric Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Copper Investing provides easy-to-use, automated portfolios for kids to learn about (and begin) creating wealth in a secure environment. Its goal is to give teens long-term financial power by offering them real-world learning experiences that would enable them to become better investors and not just make money. Copper goes beyond banking with Copper Investing, the first-of-its-kind platform for teen investing based on education. This comes after Copper held free workshops on money management in over 5,000 high schools across the country. The product gives teens easy-to-use, automated portfolios for investing. This helps them learn about money at a young age and use what they've learned to safely build wealth. Copper thinks that with inflation going up, teens need to learn more than just how to save money. Spending time in the market and being willing to take risks are two of the best ways for teens to build wealth. The company wants to teach them about money so that they can become smart investors. This way, parents can feel safe knowing that their teen's financial future comes first. Copper Investing uses a unique questionnaire based on best practices in the industry to find out how much risk its users are willing to take. Then, it matches them with a finely crafted portfolio that fits within their comfort zone while also taking into account what their parents want. All three of Copper's global equity portfolios don't have any exposure to bonds or cryptocurrencies. Instead, they use a diverse group of low-cost ETFs to offer a good balance between risk and long-term return. Copper has also given about $1 million to over 200,000 people on the Copper Investing waitlist. Copper will invest over $1 million into the first investment and wealth-building accounts of teenagers as soon as the investing product becomes operational. AboutCopper Copper Banking was developed to enable teenagers to obtain real-world financial experience by granting them access to their funds in a way that regular banks cannot. Copper's app and debit card help parents and teens talk about money while also teaching teens how to make smart financial decisions. The company was started with the idea that all teenagers should have equal access to financial education and be able to learn by doing, because it's never too early to be financially responsible.

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