CSI and NYDIG’s Partnership Aims to Provide Bitcoin Services to Financial Institutions

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) has announced its partnership with NYDIG to provide turnkey bitcoin services to the community of financial institutes. CSI is known for providing eminent end-to-end fintech and regtech solutions. And NYDIG is a leading bitcoin company.

The new bitcoin services are powered by NYDIG. The services will enable banking customers to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin directly through CSI’s digital banking platform. This platform will be a safe way for users to do bitcoin transactions efficiently and manage their transactions.

According to a 2021 survey commissioned by NYDIG, 81% of respondents said they would be interested in purchasing bitcoin from their bank if the service was available. In the same survey, 71% of respondents who already owned the digital asset said they would switch their primary bank to one that offered Bitcoin-related products and services.

In this venture. Gerald Reiter, president and CEO at Granite Bank, a CSI core banking customer shared, that “Bitcoin is one of the fastest-growing areas of consumer interest, and we feel strongly about giving customers the ability to buy, sell, and invest in it safely.”

NYDIG’s products are already renowned as they meet the industry’s highest regulations, governance standards, and audits. The products, therefore, enable financial organizations to uphold stringent compliance programs and keep enhancing the banking experience for their customers.

In addition to the new offering of bitcoins, Patrick Sells, NYDIG Chief Innovation Officer, also put in his comments. He says, “Community banks are excited about offering Bitcoin services to their customers, but they also know that they need to provide a secure and compliant environment to maintain the trust that their customers place in them. Therefore, by partnering with CSI, we can help community banks meet the growing demand for bitcoin while remaining compliant and secure with a seamless customer experience through the CSI digital banking platform.”

In the end, the new offering exhibits CSI’s full suite of digital banking technology. The technology provides a wide range of solutions for financial institutions, such as seamless mobile banking, web design and hosting, digital account opening, and digital payments.

At CSI, our top priority is helping our customers remain on the edge of innovation. We must enable community financial institutions to grow their assets and reach new customers by integrating Bitcoin along with our suite of innovative digital banking products.”

Giovanni Mastronardi, CSI’s group president of Enterprise Banking


Experts predict record sales for US brands and retailers this holiday season. Unfortunately, with return rates at an all-time high and supply chain breakdowns fresh in our memory, it's hard to forecast just how much stock to produce or buy—and your business may well find itself with a surplus of unsold and returned merchandise a


Experts predict record sales for US brands and retailers this holiday season. Unfortunately, with return rates at an all-time high and supply chain breakdowns fresh in our memory, it's hard to forecast just how much stock to produce or buy—and your business may well find itself with a surplus of unsold and returned merchandise a

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Global Fintech leader Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR), today announced that UBS successfully went live on Broadridge's newly launched sponsored repo solution built on the DLT enabled Distributed Ledger Repo (DLR) platform. This sponsored repo solution marks the launch of the next phase in the rollout of Broadridge's DLR platform. Continuing to build on the initial success of the platform and leveraging the growing expansion of the network across the global repo community, this is a major step forward to providing clients with significant settlement cost savings, process simplification, scalability, and reduction of operational risks via distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. By digitizing our existing sponsored repo trade flow and incorporating those trade flows into our DLR tech stack on Broadridge's platform, we can increase efficiencies while reducing the risk of fails and lowering our settlement costs, said Christian Rasmussen, Head of Investment and Execution, Group Treasury UBS. We are always looking for innovative ways to reduce operational risks and believe this platform will help us accomplish our goals. "We are thrilled to announce the go live of BR's new sponsored repo solution, which leverages distributed ledger technology to help clients gain operational efficiencies and drive settlement cost reduction. This is the latest milestone in executing on our vision of transforming global repo market infrastructure and further demonstrating the power and value creation of DLR," said Horacio Barakat, Head of Digital Innovation at Broadridge. "We are empowering leading financial institutions with the ability to dramatically lower risk and operating costs and see enhanced liquidity." The global expansion of the DLR platform across both sell-side and buy-side firms enables a network effect of increased benefits and additional transaction types. Broadridge is a leader in bringing the benefits of distributed ledger capabilities to transform the global repo market, capturing $1 trillion dollars in monthly volume.

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Finastra and ELCY partner to bring Corporate Trade Finance Portal to market

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Finastra, a global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, is partnering with ELCY, a specialist in e-commerce solutions for the processing of international trade finance, to provide a trade finance solution for corporates. The Corporate Trade Finance Portal from Finastra and ELCY will enable corporates to communicate in a secure and authenticated manner with all their banks through one centralized platform. As a result, corporates will benefit from greater visibility and real-time control of all trade finance exposures across their organizations. The transition away from the complexity of connecting to multiple bank proprietary systems and the removal of inefficient paper-based processes will also deliver significant cost and efficiency savings. Finastra is thrilled to build on our long-term relationship with ELCY through a global collaboration that creates immediate value for both parties, said Jaime Lynn, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Finastra. ELCY brings a wealth of expertise in meeting the trade finance needs of corporates, while Finastra meets the end-to-end digitization needs of banks focused on international trade and supply chain finance. Our close collaboration with ELCY expands our suite of solutions for corporates, enabling them to connect to all banks supplying them trade finance through a single portal. Corporate users benefit from much greater visibility and control in managing their cash flow and trade finance exposures and in reducing risk. Robin Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, ELCY added: "Our partnership with Finastra will further increase our visibility and reach in the market, helping us deliver the benefits of our multi-bank portal solution to corporates globally. Customers using our joint Corporate Trade Finance Portal will be equipped to communicate seamlessly, both on the import and export side, with any SWIFT-enabled bank in the world to manage their day-to-day trade finance processing. All instructions or messages sent through the portal can be tailored to conform with the message type preferred by the bank in question. Furthermore, the portal includes extensive modular functionality enabling corporates to monitor counterparty and bank exposure, manage global bank limits and provide reports for credit and treasury departments all in real time." The Corporate Trade Finance Portal is available as a cloud-based, multi-tenant SaaS solution meaning no software installation is required on site and all users benefit from the ability to adapt quickly to new market requirements through centrally-managed software upgrades.

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LTX by Broadridge Launches BondGPT+ To Empower Enterprise Financial Services Clients with Custom Generative AI Solutions

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LTX, a subsidiary of global Fintech leader, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR), today announced the launch of BondGPT+, the enterprise version of its award-winning BondGPT application, which incorporates Broadridge's unique patent-pending technology and OpenAI GPT-4 to answer complex bond-related questions and rapidly assist users in their identification of corporate bonds on the LTX platform. BondGPT+ contains a range of new capabilities focused on the needs of its most sophisticated enterprise clients. Since the successful launch of BondGPT in June 2023, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback and thoughtful suggestions from our clients, said Jim Kwiatkowski, CEO of LTX. Based on that feedback, we have moved quickly to incorporate clients' own data as well as a range of new features in the second generation of BondGPT. The result is that BondGPT+ not only meets our clients' enterprise requirements, but also sets a new standard for generative AI solutions in the financial industry by providing a single natural language interface for seamless access to much of the data used by busy fixed income professionals. Enterprise data and workflow integration BondGPT+ allows clients to securely integrate their own data and other third-party datasets, providing easier access to critical information. Offering multiple implementation options and a robust API suite, BondGPT+ seamlessly integrates into clients' enterprise applications, including trading workflows. This means businesses can harness the full spectrum of BondGPT+'s natural language capabilities to receive quick answers to complex questions, which can help clients optimize portfolio strategies and make better-informed trading decisions when time is of the essence. User-level customization and premium features The personalized BondGPT+ dashboard with resizable answer panels allows users to take up as much or as little screen real estate as required. Critical questions can be saved as "favorites" on the dashboard and scheduled to run at a desired frequency, time of day, or when key data changes. Users can tailor BondGPT+ to their requirements by adding preferences that should be considered when generating responses. For example, if a user or firm has a policy where they only trade high yield bonds that are above a certain credit rating, BondGPT+ can be instructed to only include those types of bonds in its responses. Accuracy, security, and control From the first instance, BondGPT was created with architectural design patterns that ensure accuracy, data security, and privacy. These principles are equally central to BondGPT+ enterprise implementations, and they are especially critical given the capabilities within BondGPT+ to integrate with proprietary client data and systems. Because it was purpose-built for institutional fixed income users, accuracy is paramount in BondGPT, and BondGPT+ continues this heritage. The application relies on verified, curated data sources, which mitigates hallucination risk and eliminates the need to pass sensitive data through the LLM. Further, explainable AI capabilities allow users and administrators to understand how BondGPT+ arrives at its responses. The patent-pending technology behind the "Show your work" feature offers transparency by showing, step-by-step, how each response was created. Another key differentiator of BondGPT+ is its focus on enterprise control and governance. With its Admin Center, system administrators gain the ability to configure various levels of data access through user and firm level entitlements. BondGPT+ builds on BondGPT's AI-powered compliance layer, allowing compliance officers at client firms to add custom rules based on their firm's unique compliance and risk management processes. AI-powered usage analysis provides invaluable insights into user interactions with BondGPT, offering businesses a powerful tool for improving user engagement. "Generative AI has the potential to transform the financial services industry by bringing unparalleled efficiencies to core operations," said Jean Sullivan of Celent. "BondGPT is a transformative industry-first use case that enables streamlined pre-trade fixed income workflows. By integrating BondGPT+'s natural language capabilities and curated data sources with clients' own data in their own systems, LTX is helping market participants make smarter, more streamlined decisions through easier access to the mountains of disparate data they deal with every day."

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