Credit Human and Lumin Digital Agree to Offer Enhanced Digital Solutions

Credit Human | March 28, 2022

Lumin Digital and Credit Human Federal Credit Union (Credit Human) announced that they had signed an agreement for Lumin Digital's cloud-native platform as an initiative to enhance its online and mobile digital banking services. Lumin Digital will support Credit Human's more than 200,000 members through the initiative once I will go live on its platform in September 2022.

Lumin Digital is a PSCU company, whereas Credit Human is headquartered in San Antonio. Credit Human is one of the 100 largest credit unions in the U.S. and is one of the largest in Texas. Founded in 2935, Credit Union has been into banking, investment planning and loan services.

Lumin Digital is a cloud-native digital banking platform that provides a highly integrated and customized experience similar to larger financial institutions' offerings to credit union members. Lumin Digital aids credit unions and financial institutions drive better engagement with their customers/users. Lumin uses personalized recommendations and communications to engage with users with financial bits of advice, fraud alerts and saving services. With Credit Unions, Lumin will provide users with real-time updates and new & valuable features and simplify everyday banking.

For more than 85 years, our focus has been to provide the best possible service to our members. With the help of investing in Lumin Digital's platform and offerings, we can create a more personalized and empower the experience for our members, so that they can rely. Thus, the process will help customers better manage their finances and become financially healthier."

Laurie Thomas, Member Services and Deposits Senior Manager at Credit Human.

Credit Human's continuing success reflects its commitment to exceptional member experiences that seamlessly integrate in-person and digital interactions. We look forward to partnering with Credit Human to build highly engaging digital experiences for their members that simplify their financial lives, with minimal friction and effort, for years to come."

Jeff Chambers, founder and CEO of Lumin Digital.

Lumin Digital endures driving innovation in the digital banking space differentiating through technology built for human connection. With the help of Lumin Digital's seamless integration and a wide array of PSCU and other platform tools and capabilities, including card services, rewards management, and data analytics, we are best known to provide a member-centric experience.


Developing products and services to match the changing preferences of cost-conscious customers is hard and getting harder. Meanwhile, a proliferation of digital banking channels is making the technical infrastructure increasingly complex and difficult to grasp. And keeping up with evolving technologies is no easier.


Developing products and services to match the changing preferences of cost-conscious customers is hard and getting harder. Meanwhile, a proliferation of digital banking channels is making the technical infrastructure increasingly complex and difficult to grasp. And keeping up with evolving technologies is no easier.

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Peach Begins International Expansion with Canada Launch

Businesswire | May 11, 2023

Peach Finance, the leading modern loan management and servicing technology platform, today announced that its international expansion has begun with a launch in Canada. The company, which enables fintechs and traditional financial institutions to quickly launch and confidently scale lending programs, shared the news alongside an announcement that it had partnered with Snaplii, a leading Canadian digital wallet and mobile payment fintech. “We have already built the industry’s most flexible servicing platform—one that can support virtually any asset class and can easily adapt as lending programs, regulations and borrower preferences change,” Peach CEO Eddie Oistacher said. “Our platform was designed from day one to support country-specific constructs, making it possible for us to scale to other markets with relative ease. We have also assembled a team that brings significant experience running lending programs in Canada, Australia and the UK. We are very happy to be partnering with Snaplii as we begin our journey of international expansion.” “At Snaplii, we’re focused on driving the North American fintech industry forward,” said Snaplii’s CEO, Spencer Xu. “We’re aggressively pursuing initiatives that unlock mutual value for consumers and merchants. We offer consumers a convenient payment system along with one-stop membership benefits, while giving merchants ways to increase loyalty and engagement.” According to Xu, innovative products like those created by Snaplii require a servicing platform that’s flexible and modern. “We needed a servicing platform with robust virtual credit card functionality, as well as the flexibility to work with both open loop and closed loop constructs. We also needed a solution that could integrate with our credit card issuer of choice. With Peach, we found a partner that’s invested in our success, and that won’t be a limiting factor for us as we continue to evolve our product offerings.” Earlier this year, Peach announced the launch of its Self-Service Portfolio Migration™ capability. A first of its kind in the lending industry, the capability streamlines the migration process and gives lenders the ability to manage migrations themselves, reducing the time, effort, risk and cost associated with migrating their existing lending portfolio. The tool is suitable for both installment loans and lines of credit, and is offered at no cost to lenders migrating their portfolio onto Peach’s platform. About Peach Peach is a cloud-native lending technology platform that helps fintechs and traditional financial institutions quickly launch and confidently scale lending programs. Peach is the only lending platform built on an Adaptive Core™, a new paradigm in loan management offering complete configurability and support for virtually any asset class. For lenders with existing portfolios, Peach provides the industry’s first Self-Service Portfolio Migration capability. The company’s fully integrated suite of API-first products includes a loan management system with 200+ configuration variables; a suite of proprietary servicing tools, including a lending-specific CRM, borrower portal, agent portal, payment processing, communications, reporting and first-party collections tools; and Compliance Guard™, a proprietary compliance monitoring system. Peach was built by leaders from top fintechs like Affirm, Avant and Prosper, who set out to create the most configurable, robust, compliance-forward and future-proof lending platform in the market. Peach’s mission is to improve lives by giving every lender the power to innovate. Learn more at

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Papaya Global Introduces First Embedded Payments Platform

Papaya Global | March 08, 2023

Papaya Global announced the launch of its latest offering - Papaya Global Payroll Payments on March 7, 2023. It is a fully automated, embedded payments platform that allows clients to process global payroll and make mass payments to employees, authorities, benefits vendors, and other beneficiaries. Most payroll suppliers outsource payroll payments to third-party vendors, who often need to prepare to handle them. The company now offers a fast, affordable payroll and worker-related payment platform. This first-of-its-kind service lets customers pay faster because Papaya has global money transfer licenses and, hence, made way for payroll payments. Some payment providers think that distributing payments is the primary goal, but Papaya knows that the goal is to get cash on time, which is what payroll is supposed to do. Using the Papaya platform, payments are received within 72 hours, a first in the industry. This payment solution provides everyone with the 'final mile of the payroll process'. It may be linked to Papaya's payroll or any payroll provider for labor payouts. Payment accuracy and visibility are provided through in-house transfer rails. Mismanaging payroll with other suppliers might cause delays and fines for employees. Nonetheless, Papaya's payroll payment infrastructure ensures employees receive the total transfer value. Clients must handle issues with third-party payment providers' customer support. Papaya clients have a monitoring crew that can help with any case, even when banks are closed, and an employee-guaranteed compensation plan for technological errors that delay or fail payments. Funding in numerous currencies allows clients to pay out in 160 countries. JP Morgan backs all of this, so clients' money is always safe and controlled. Papaya's software replicates all money transfers to discover the best delivery path and the correct payment amount. It accommodates currency volatility as late as possible. Customers have full access to and control over their accounts, and they can see their current balances in many different currencies and track any payment at any point in the process. They can also mark payments as salary, service, tax, or other designations with Payroll Payments, which helps banks screen the money. For example, employees' credit ratings won't be affected because the money is labeled 'salary'. About Papaya Global Papaya Global is a SaaS fintech firm offering worldwide payroll technology with an integrated payments platform for global enterprises' workforce needs. Papaya Payroll OS automates, complies, adapts, and secures worldwide payroll. Finance teams may track and manage labor expenditures and payments with full responsibility on the platform. The company integrates HCM and ERP data as well as procedures to offer a single source of truth for global payroll. As a result, payroll, any company's most significant expense and liability becomes a strategic asset, enabling growth at scale.

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ConnexPay Partners With Payouts Network to Launch Push-to-Card Technology

Businesswire | April 27, 2023

ConnexPay, the first and only payments technology company that integrates payments acceptance and issuance inside a single platform, announces a partnership with Payouts Network, an industry leader in financial technology. Through this partnership, ConnexPay has launched new functionality that will enable payouts via Push-to-Card modalities. Push-to-Card Payouts are initiated by the payer, who “pushes” funds in real time to a payee’s account through their eligible Visa or Mastercard debit or reloadable prepaid card. Unlike traditional bank-to-bank transfers, Push-to-Card Payouts are settled in real time and need only the payee’s name and email to set up. The payee’s card information is then captured on the initial payment through a quick and easy white-labeled flow and stored for future payments; there is no need to collect banking information. Push-to-Card Payouts can be made anytime, 24/7/365. With Push-to-Card technology, payments are easy, quick, safe and transparent for businesses looking to pay other businesses or individuals, such as gig workers. ConnexPay's primary payment modality is virtual cards, which provide an alternative to traditional cash, check, and ACH payments. Push to Card provides value where virtual card acceptance is unavailable. For example, Push to Card allows businesses to pay gig-economy delivery drivers (DoorDash, Grubhub, etc.) in real time directly to their eligible card account rather than having them wait several days to receive a payment via check or ACH. Powered by Payouts Network, this Push-to-Card solution complements ConnexPay's existing offering by enabling real-time settlements* and visibility into transactions via a new modality. Commenting on the partnership, Bob Kaufman, Founder & CEO of ConnexPay, stated: "ConnexPay's partnership with Payouts Network demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. With Push to Card, ConnexPay is poised to offer a new payment process to our customers that is efficient and secure, further enhancing our position as a leading payments provider." The new functionality will benefit businesses by eliminating the need for traditional payment methods like checks and ACH, which can take days to clear and have limited settlement visibility. With Push to Card, settlements to the recipient occur in real time, and businesses have full visibility into all transactions. "This partnership is a natural fit for us, as both companies are committed to providing innovative and reliable payment solutions," said Payouts Network CEO Keith Smith. "We look forward to working with ConnexPay to bring our Push-to-Card solution to businesses across various verticals." “Providing secure and transparent digital payment capabilities is at the core of Visa’s efforts to help enhance how individuals and small businesses move money,” said Yanilsa Gonzalez-Ore, SVP, North America, Head of Visa Direct. “We are excited to extend the benefits of Visa Direct to ConnexPay’s customers across a variety of industries and use cases.” The new functionality will be available to all ConnexPay customers and will also help accelerate the company’s expansion to reach more customers across the gig economy, insurance industry, as well as other dimensions of the travel industry. ConnexPay and Payouts Network are also exploring opportunities to expand their partnership to other markets and geographies in the near future. "We’re excited about the growth and retention opportunities that this partnership will bring to our business," added Kaufman. "Our customers are already using technology that is at the forefront of PayTech, and this new addition will make their payments much faster, while helping us serve more companies." About ConnexPay ConnexPay is the first and only company to bring together the two sides of the payment process — payments acceptance and virtual payments issuing — into a single platform with one contract and one reconciliation. The flexibility of this technology allows clients to adopt the full end-to-end acquiring and issuing solution or leverage ConnexPay’s innovative intelligent routing issuing-only platform. The company’s technology simplifies an antiquated workflow, eliminates the need for pre-funded accounts, reduces supplier risk and the cost of accepting card payments while safeguarding consumer spend. Founded in 2017, ConnexPay is an industry leader in payments for industries historically viewed as high risk to payment providers. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn. About Payouts Network, Inc. Payouts Network is innovating the next generation of payments by enabling businesses to originate, approve and issue payments in near real-time to consumers, employees and businesses. Their industry-leading intelligent platform transforms the complexity of payments into an economical, highly secure and fully transparent process that delivers the speed, security and control required by businesses and consumers. Headquartered in Bozeman, MT, Payouts Network enables businesses to streamline their payment processes across multiple industries, including travel, hospitality, insurance, financial institutions, large employers and more.

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