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Credit Human and Lumin Digital Agree to Offer Enhanced Digital Solutions

Lumin Digital and Credit Human Federal Credit Union (Credit Human) announced that they had signed an agreement for Lumin Digital's cloud-native platform as an initiative to enhance its online and mobile digital banking services. Lumin Digital will support Credit Human's more than 200,000 members through the initiative once I will go live on its platform in September 2022.

Lumin Digital is a PSCU company, whereas Credit Human is headquartered in San Antonio. Credit Human is one of the 100 largest credit unions in the U.S. and is one of the largest in Texas. Founded in 2935, Credit Union has been into banking, investment planning and loan services.

Lumin Digital is a cloud-native digital banking platform that provides a highly integrated and customized experience similar to larger financial institutions' offerings to credit union members. Lumin Digital aids credit unions and financial institutions drive better engagement with their customers/users. Lumin uses personalized recommendations and communications to engage with users with financial bits of advice, fraud alerts and saving services. With Credit Unions, Lumin will provide users with real-time updates and new & valuable features and simplify everyday banking.

For more than 85 years, our focus has been to provide the best possible service to our members. With the help of investing in Lumin Digital's platform and offerings, we can create a more personalized and empower the experience for our members, so that they can rely. Thus, the process will help customers better manage their finances and become financially healthier."

Laurie Thomas, Member Services and Deposits Senior Manager at Credit Human.

Credit Human's continuing success reflects its commitment to exceptional member experiences that seamlessly integrate in-person and digital interactions. We look forward to partnering with Credit Human to build highly engaging digital experiences for their members that simplify their financial lives, with minimal friction and effort, for years to come."

Jeff Chambers, founder and CEO of Lumin Digital.

Lumin Digital endures driving innovation in the digital banking space differentiating through technology built for human connection. With the help of Lumin Digital's seamless integration and a wide array of PSCU and other platform tools and capabilities, including card services, rewards management, and data analytics, we are best known to provide a member-centric experience.


Cloud (Saas) technology is known for being a cost-effective solution with quicker implementations, minimal use of hardware, and low maintenance costs. For your indirect tax function, regardless of whether you use native ERP functionality or an integrated on-premise tax engine to calculate tax, there are both external and interna


Cloud (Saas) technology is known for being a cost-effective solution with quicker implementations, minimal use of hardware, and low maintenance costs. For your indirect tax function, regardless of whether you use native ERP functionality or an integrated on-premise tax engine to calculate tax, there are both external and interna

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Security and Compliance

New Pega Accelerator Helps Financial Institutions Streamline Financial Crimes Investigations

PR Newswire | October 16, 2023

Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), the low-code platform provider empowering the world's leading enterprises to Build for Change®, today announced the Pega Financial Crime and Alerts Investigation Management Accelerator, a new solution that helps financial institutions manage the rising number of risk alerts and more efficiently orchestrate investigations. By leveraging Pega's proven intelligent automation and case management capabilities along with its groundbreaking generative AI-powered capabilities, financial institutions can break through operational silos and speed investigations for what is traditionally a time-intensive and manual process. Financial crimes – such as fraud, money laundering, structuring, and sanctions violations –are rapidly rising, putting increasing strain on financial institutions' risk teams to investigate each potential incident. While detection and monitoring systems have matured, financial institutions still struggle to manage the increasing volume of these alerts and investigations, which have been further exacerbated by global economic sanctions. Compounding this problem, risk teams from different departments often work in silos and use different monitoring and case management tools, making it difficult to get a consolidated picture of all risks related to each customer. This can lead to inefficient and duplicative processes, unnecessary manual work, and inconsistent outcomes. The Pega Financial Crime and Alerts Investigation Management Accelerator provides financial institutions with a unified solution to manage alerts and drive investigations for all types of risk detection systems across all departments, jurisdictions, and lines of business. The accelerator provides a holistic, transparent, and actionable view of each customer's risk profile in a single application, helping drive more collaboration for even the largest and most complex financial institutions. And with Pega's leading intelligent automation and AI, financial institutions can streamline their investigations, resulting in faster resolutions, lower costs, and better outcomes for their customers. Available today for download on Pega Marketplace, Pega Financial Crime and Alerts Investigation Management Accelerator provides any financial institution the following key features and benefits: Smarter process orchestration with case management and intelligent automation: Pega enables all types of alerts across different monitoring systems to be captured and triaged in a consistent manner so investigators can spend their time examining the case rather than gathering and managing information. The accelerator digests and enriches alerts, deduplicates redundant alerts, and merges new alerts into existing investigation cases when applicable. Cases are assigned with skill-based routing to the most appropriate risk investigator, who is guided through the right stages and steps to efficiently and accurately handle each case. Reduced time and costs with automation and AI: By using automation and AI to reduce manual labor, Pega helps drive investigations faster and more accurately. For example, the accelerator eliminates the time-consuming and cumbersome process of developing a Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) by using generative AI to analyze all data associated with a case and then automatically draft the SAR. Automation is applied throughout the process, helping staff drive more efficient and effective investigations. Increased flexibility with configurable system options: The accelerator is highly configurable, allowing financial institutions to leverage pre-built process templates out of the box and easily adjust and extend them to fit their unique needs. The accelerator can be integrated with existing alert monitoring and detection systems as well as Pega's Know Your Customer and Client Lifecycle Management solutions and other third-party systems and services. Pega's low-code platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation is trusted by the majority of the world's largest financial institutions. For more than 30 years, Pega has provided global financial institutions with case management, workflow automation, and customer risk solutions across KYC, AML, alert management, fraud, account opening, and client lifecycle management. Pega supports all types of financial institutions with pre-defined industry best practices across jurisdictions and lines of business.

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Silicon Valley Bank Bolsters Payment Platform for Robust Performance

Silicon Valley Bank | October 11, 2023

A Silicon Valley Bank sign, coinciding with a government-assisted sale in mid-March, prompts enhancements to its resilient payment platforms. Responsible for SVB's client-oriented payment solutions, Gagan Kanjlia pinpointed real-time payments and integrated payments as critical areas of emphasis on SVB's agenda. SVB joined the Clearing House's real-time payment network in October 2022, enabling instant receipt of payments. By late 2023, clients can also send payments through RTP. Following its acquisition by First Citizens BancShares Inc. after a crisis in March that saw it as the 19th-largest U.S. bank by assets, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is now gearing up to enhance the capabilities of its payment platform. According to Gagan Kanjlia, the bank's Chief Product Officer, SVB's digital payment system has successfully handled a surge in payment inquiries during the crisis by scaling up to meet the increased demand. Under its new parent company's direction, SVB aims to strengthen and expand the platform's features, underscoring its commitment to delivering robust financial services. Customers withdrew $42 billion recently, equivalent to 25.3% of Silicon Valley Bank's total deposits. The Federal Reserve reported that the anticipated withdrawal rate increased to 60.2% a day later, surpassing one-day withdrawal rates in other significant bank failures. These deposit outflows severely impacted SVB's financial position. Consequently, the bank initiated measures to reinforce its payment systems and ensure its technology infrastructure and vendor capabilities were equipped to handle the substantial volume of fund transfers. Gagan Kanjlia affirmed that while the action did contribute to the outflow of funds, it was a decision made in the best interests of their clients. The swift outflow of funds at SVB raised industry-wide concerns, leading banks to re-examine their risk control procedures in the digital banking era. However, SVB remains undeterred and continues to advance its payment platform. Gagan Kanjlia said, "Real-time payments is going to be more inexpensive on a fully loaded cost basis. Because it results in less inquiry, less confusion between multiple parties." He added, "That's actually a good thing for both sides." [Source – S&P Global Market Intelligence] Responsible for SVB's client-facing payment solutions, Gagan Kanjlia pinpointed real-time payments and embedded payments as critical priorities for SVB. It has been active on Clearing House's real-time payment network (RTP) since October 2022, enabling its customers to receive instant payments. He further noted that by the end of 2023, customers will also be able to initiate payments on RTP. In August, SVB took a strategic step by appointing Martin Murrell as Head of Global Payments and Milton Santiago as Head of Global Digital Solutions, marking the beginning of a collaborative roadmap with First Citizens. Real-time payments are a central focus of this initiative, with plans for seamless integration into SVB's digital system. The bank has established a substantial capital buffer to ensure robust liquidity and capital levels. By the first quarter of 2024, SVB customers can initiate instantaneous payouts through RTP via the bank's API banking channel. Furthermore, SVB is poised to provide instant settlement services for merchants working with payment facilitators, prompt loan funding, and disbursements, including early wage access. The bank remains steadfast in its commitment to implementing FedNow, the Federal Reserve's real-time payment network launched in July.

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Finastra's Compliance as a Service Battles Instant Payment Crimes

Finastra | September 20, 2023

Finastra's new solution merges real-time sanctions screening and AI-powered anti-money laundering for FedNow in the US and TIPS in Europe. Initiatives are underway to integrate Finastra Compliance as a Service with Finastra Global PAYplus soon. This comprehensive solution automates compliance for US and European banks by leveraging proven technology to facilitate instant payments. Finastra, a global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, has officially unveiled its latest payment solution, Finastra Compliance as a Service, hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. It will incorporate real-time anti-money laundering (AML) transaction screening from Fincom and AI-powered transaction monitoring by ThetaRay, presenting a pre-integrated packaged solution alongside Finastra Payments To Go. Mike Vigue, Chief Product Officer for Payments at Finastra, underscored the increased risks associated with introducing a new payment rail, mainly when it operates in real-time. He articulated Finastra's commitment to leveraging the successful track record of 'Payments To Go' for instant payments. He emphasized that the company's objective is to provide financial institutions with precise and efficient compliance capabilities, ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership. Finastra Compliance as a Service will facilitate banks in capitalizing on and adhering to various instant payment infrastructures, such as the FedNow service in the United States and TIPS in Europe while mitigating the elevated risks associated with financial crime. Through the integration of real-time compliance screening by Fincom and AI-driven transaction monitoring by ThetaRay, this service will empower financial institutions to expedite their business expansion, broaden risk management coverage, and curtail operational expenses. Mike Vigue further added that through the seamless integration of Fincom and ThetaRay into their solutions, Finastra's clients can expedite the launch of instant payment services while enhancing security, scalability, and flexibility. He concluded that the company remains committed to supporting banks in keeping pace with evolving customer, industry, and regulatory demands through ongoing payment innovation and collaboration with partner ecosystems to provide top-tier services. Radha Suvarna, Head of BaaS and Value-Added Payment Solutions at Finastra added, By delivering relevant value-added payment risk solutions as a service, we will help banks to improve speed-to-market and ensure our customers stand to benefit from the ongoing evolution in enabling capabilities like AI and Machine Learning. [Source - Cision PR Newswire] 'Payments To Go' represents a comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) payment processing solution, empowering banks to expedite the delivery of flexible digital payments with enhanced efficiency. Financial institutions can easily subscribe to this solution via Microsoft Azure Marketplace, streamlining billing under a single invoice.

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